Bachelor in Paradise episode aired 8/29/16-8/30…new couples formed, some go home and NEXT BACHELOR ANNOUNCED.

So the next Bachelor is announced and it couldn't be any odder. Bachelor in Paradise plows on with some of the most unlikeliest romantic match-ups ever.

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There's lots of confusion on Bachelor in Paradise this year. Connections are being made and connections are being broken. Couple of interesting notes.

First, come on with this Ashley I. drama mama. Yes she's a virgin and yes she's pretty and yes she's allegedly crazy about Jared. Let the record show that Jared must have something big he's trying to hide cause all the ladies seem to like him.

But Jared wants Caila, who is quite beautiful and we have drama and more drama and more drama as Caila and Ashley confront each other, then Caila leaves then Jared leaves and then Wells comes into the picture.

Wells is the cute little guy who was in Jojo's season and he was thrown off right quick. But in Paradise Wells has become quite the catch with first Ashley wanting his attention. Below a pic of Ashley and Wells as they get to know each other.

But Wells gets a bit full of himself and wants to a new female arrival, Jamie. After this we have yet another new arrival, Shoshanna. Well Wells wants to take a shot at that as well. So now we have drama mama between Ashley and Jamie.

Another female newcomer comes along, a Lauren H., who begins to date Brett. Which means not much except Izzy gave up her love for Brett and it looks like now they will have nothing.

Some unusual match-ups include the erection enhancer and Carley and Amanda and Josh.

The romance between Lace and Grant seems to be dying. The twins, Emily and Hayley went home because they didn't want to give out their rose.

On Bachelor in Paradise After the Rose we had Ashley, Jared and Caila make a return visit, all on the same couch. It was obvious to this viewer that there is no love lost between Caila and Ashley.

It was on this show that the next Bachelor was announced and what the hell were they thinking?

The next Bachelor will be Nick Viall, the first runner up to two Bachelorettes: Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe.


The joke is will the third time be a charm?

Are you telling me that out of all the men, beginning with some 26 plus at times, signing up for the Bachelorette, times some five Bachelorettes in the past year, they had to get a repeat like this?

Nick is a handsome guy but why can't he find a woman and keep her?

Next week marks a two night finale of Bachelor in Paradise and it looks like Nick sends somebody home. But of course he will.



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