Bachelor in Paradise- Got some romances going, some not so much. Check in for who's dating who.

Evan, the Erectile Dysfunctional Specialist, is rejected by she who does not like chili peppers. Or Evan. Lots more gossip on this somewhat silly show.

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So I am watching the people coming and going so let's get this out of the way.

Leah comes back, who I never heard of. She chose to go on a date with Nick, which made Amanda jealous because she like's Nick.

After going on a date with Leah, Nick too gets a date card. Odd. But there are no rules in Paradise, as host Chris Harrison explains.

So Nick immediately chooses Amanda and here we have the first heartbreak because Leah does not get her man.

Now I don't understand of one-armed Sarah and yes I know that Chad called her nasty names so maybe I shouldn't.

bip8.10.16christianBut she's really not all that cute though she went on a date with newcomer Christian which included ziplining and all sorts of activities and it seems Sarah did fine.

Vinnie liked Sarah but Izzy liked Vinnie. Vinnie finally succumbed to Izzy's charm and they, for the time being, an item.

But charming Daniel also is smitten with one-armed Sarah and what the hell does this woman have, or NOT have, that has the guys going crazy over her?

Let us move on to the saga of Evan, the Erectile Dysfunction Specialist, yes that's really his listed occupation.bip8.10.16evan

He is totally smitten with Carly but Carly cannot stand Evan's kiss.

In fact, in one scene, Carly and Evan, on a date, had to each chew on an habanero pepper then kiss each other and hold it for a minute and a half.

Well they one the challenge but Carly simply had to tell Evan that there was no romantic feeling she held for him.

Man I got to wonder what it must be like to be so totally rejected on nationwide television like that but I bet it's scripted and the contenders are forewarned.

Handsome fireman Grant seems to like Lace and goodness the sounds of romance could be heard coming from a bedroom suite in which those too were….well making love I am thinking.

The rose ceremony on the episode aired 8/9/16 ended as follows.
Grant Lace
Nick Amanda
Evan Carly
Jared Emily…..AND Hayley
Vinnie Izzy
Daniel Sarah….a surprise

Jubilee and Leah were sent home.

On the episode aired 8/10/16 we had more drama.

Another odd contender came in new., from Desiree's season, Brando.

Brando chooses to go out with the twins and there's a romantic fantasy, eh? Hayley and Emily were on the most recent bachelor season, Ben, and it was a hoot then.

So Brando chooses Hayley for his first date and the twins scheme up a surprise. While dining out, Hayley will switch places with her twin for Brando swears he can tell them apart as soon as he sees them.


Since two girls went home this week, the next episode will have fellows going home.

I think Evan might be one of them.


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