Big Brother 2016 -, Season 18, episodes week beginning 8/7/11. Down to eight left.

They're all about eliminating the weak females. When are the big, brave males on Big Brother, most of them named Paul, going to go after each other?

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It was an interesting past week on Big Brother, Season 18, with ten contenders left but as of this writing only eight are left.

It began on Sunday August 7, 2016, when a Head of Household competition was held.

And some weird troll showed up.

As yet another Big Brother sudden show change, viewers such as yon reader and I are allowed to vote weekly for one of the house guests to receive a "Care" package. This week James won such a package and along with some new socks he won the right to remove eviction voting rights of TWO members of the voting group. Quite a powerful reward.

Victor won Head of Household on that Sunday night and he nominated Zakiyah and Michelle for eviction.

It was a weird interaction between Zakiyah and Paulie. Zakiyah seems smitten with Paulie but Paulie let Zakiyah down on several steps aloong the way.

The house guests played something called "Hide and Go Veto" with contenders Nicole, James, Victor, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Paulie. The challenge was for each contender to hide their veto card somewhere in the house with the other players then allowed to search. Whichever house guest managed to squeak by withOUT having the veto card found would win power of veto. Paulie's veto card was not found so he had power of veto.

Now here we have Zakiyah up for elimination with her smitten with Paulie. And here is Paulie with power of veto so you'd think he'd use it on her?

Well he didn't so I must guess Zakiyah must know where she stands with Paulie. James used his two eliminations for eviction voting on Paul and Corey and somehow all this scheming saved Michelle.

Zakiyah was elimination and she told Julie after that she hopes to have contact with Paulie AFTER the show is over.

Heh. Good luck with that.

Moving on to the week end with all this drama squeezed in between Sunday and Saturday, we have a new HOH contest and Corey wins. And Corey also won the power of veto as he'd put up Bridgette and Michelle for eviction and he didn't want to change that.

It looked for sure that Michelle, who tends to cry a lot, would be evicted but by almost a unanimous vote, Bridgette was voted out.

Now they have to listen to Michelle cry for another week at least and damn if she didn't start crying with joy at having survived eviction.

There are now eight contenders left: James, Bearded Paul, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Natalie, Michelle, Victor.

Right now it seems like the guys are methodically eliminating the females so I don't expect Natalie and Michelle to be around long. Nicole might make it to the top three, maybe just to keep one female in the running.

The males on this season are really good, I must say. Bearded Paul looks like he might win this thing and kudos to him, being brand new to the game and up against former contenders' siblings and former contenders.

Paulie is another good chance and like I said, Nicole will be the last female standing.

Join us again as the season heats up cause we got gossip and free opinions.


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