There are virgins in Bachelor in Paradise, lots of tears, maybe some love in this 2016 BIP Series.

The identical twins play a particularly unfair trick on he who would have one of them. And a virgin returns to paradise.

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We have two episodes of this series that aired this past week and as of now I am a bit confused.

bach8.17.16evanarguesjoshLet us begin with the feud between Josh and Evan for Amanda. Now Amanda is pretty and everything but she's got two young kids. I know, I know, it's probably not nice to point this out but it sure is something to consider.

On the episode aired 8/15/16 there was a rose ceremony. Roses were given to the males by the females as follows:
Lace to Grant the fireman.

Izzy to Vinny and these two do seem to be an item that will go somewhere.

Emily to Jared….Jared has become quite the hot item on this show.

Amanda gave her rose to Josh, Evan be damned

Sarah with the missing arm gave her rose to Daniel.

Carly gave her rose to Evan, not that Carly especially likes Evan but I think it was just to keep him around.

Hayley gave her rose to Nick because Nick was also in love with Amanda with all the kids.

Brandon, a newcomer who left as soon as he came in was sent home because of a particularly cruel and unfair trick by the identical twins.

Christian, another newcomer, was also sent home.

So newcomer Brandon, who I still don't know who he is, went out of a date with Emily, one of the identical twins. The twins cooked up a plan that in the middle of Emily and Brandon's date they would switch places. And, indeed, Emily excuses herself from the table and in the ladies' room she and her twin Hayley switch places.

Brandon, to add to the serendipity, was bragging to Emily that he could tell she and her twin apart, no problem.

Only that was not the case. Brandon never noticed that Hayley had replaced his date and for that Brandon did not get a rose.

On the episode aired a day later we have beautiful Calia showing up and Jerod, the hot male on Bachelor in Paradise this year, is smitten.

Meanwhile the contenders on BIP participate in a foam party which is damn near x-rated.

There was one scene that had one of the guys dropping cream on his crotch-he was clothed but still-than scooping it up with his finger and eating it joyfully. It was not cute, not cute at all.

Meanwhile Evan, the erectile dysfunction specialist….who has THREE kids may I remind?-keeps having medical issues which are very suspect. One minute he is passed out unable to be wakened, the next he is up, fine and declaring happiness.

bach8.17.16ashleyFinally who should turn up but Ashley, a veteran of Bachelor in Paradise and one who loves to emote. She is quite pretty and on the last episode of BIP it would seem she was smitten with Jarod.

Jared is totally taken by beautiful Caila. Ashley does not have a chance to get him back and so we have endless tears.

Daniel insinuates himself with Ashley, asking questions about the status of her virginity, does she want to have sex? It was a creepy scene and Daniel came off as very creepy.

Meanwhile we have identical twin Hayley also sobbing her heart out as she was smitten with Jared, who is loved by Ashley and Hayley but who loves Caila.

Lord I hope I got all this right.

For now, Evan with the three kids gets involved with someone named Jenna, who is a new returnee but again, I never heard of her.

Come back next week and I will get any confusion above straightened. For now I see a couple of romances, I see Ashley crying forever and ever and those twins are a real waste of time.

And Daniel is not such a nice guy.

Next episode the guys will be giving roses to the girls. Should be interesting.
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