America's Got Talent 2016-Season 11-WINNERS!

It was a surprise but the winner of Season 11 is the picture of America's Got Talent as an American with Amazing Talent. Plus Nick Canon's awful headwear.

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Let us get the snark out of the way here.

For Nick Cannon, the host of America's Got Talent, is truly a male fashion icon. But NO, see the pic below, that thing on his head is just ugly.


We move on to the final winner of this season's America's Got Talent, Grace Vanderwaal, a 12 year old future Taylor Swift only with way more talent than Taylor.


We've move on with a video of the top three, below Jon Dorenbos.

Next the act that I was for sure was going to win, The Clairvoyants.

Finally, the little sweetheart who won this year's competition, Grace Vanderwaal.

It's been a truly great year for America's Got Talent.

No way can they top this next year.

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