Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition, 2016-the challenges begin.

It's I Dream of Genie, child stars from Facts of Life and The Situation as they try to cook. Throw spaghetti at the wall anyone?

Worst Cooks in America

Let us go over the contenders as best we can. Kenya Moore is from the cast of Real Housewives, is a former Miss USA.

worstcook9-18-16edenOf course we all know Barbara Eden of "I Dream of Genie" only she can't send magic to make her meals.


We might remember Mike Sarrentino, "The Situation" from Dancing with the Stars" and now he's cooking.


Nicole Sullivan appears in Blackish while John Henson is a funny guy, host of Talk Soup.

Loni Love stars in "The Real" a talk show and is not so good with a stove.


worstcook9-18-16cohnMindy Cohn was the former child star of Facts of Life, with Tommy Davidson a star of "In Living Color".

I have never heard of a show called "KylexY" and never met Matt Dallas, but he's competing for the title of Worst Cook in America.

Tommy Davidson is a former star of "Living Color" and he is married to a guy. He also has a son. Just stating the facts.

On the first night of this show's premiere the contenders, all assumed to be very inexperienced cooks by the very name of the show., they were charged with making a favorite recipe.

The celebrity contenders are playing for their own chosen charity.

Kenya Moore, who cooked in very high heels, prepared a meal of highly seasoned catfish. VERY HIGHLY seasoned.

Barbara Eden prepared a chicken curry concoction that Ann Burrell described as looking like something the cat threw up.

Nicole Sullivan, star of Mad TV and Blackish wears various floral leis to remind her that something is in the oven. Well it's just the dumbest thing. I always put on a timer that will go off at some point in time if for no other reason that I forgot and something might burn up. The leis did not help her at all.

John Henson had to shred very hot chicken for his dish and he carefully put the cooked chicken in an ice bath, an action that confused everybody.

Mike Sarrentino prepared some chicken dish that nobody liked.

worstcook9-18-16spaghettionwallLoni Love prepared a spaghetti dish with bacon. She wasn't sure how to test that the spaghetti was done so of course she threw it against the wall.

Mindi Cohn prepared linguini with sole and asparagus.

Tommy Davidson prepared what he called a peanut butter dream cake but which was so sweet nobody could eat.

Matt Dallas prepared chicken with brussels sprouts. The chicken was so overcooked it was too touch to chew.

At the end the two mentor chefs, Anne Burrell and Rachel Ray chose their teams of three each. Kenya Moore with the high heels did not get chosen and will be going home.


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