Dancing With the Stars Season 23-First elimination

He might be Governor, don't mean he can dance. And the most surprising BAD dancer on season 23 of Dancing with the Stars.

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I suppose it's not a bad thing to get some free publicity. The old saying is NO publicity is BAD publicity.

But Governor Rick Perry of Texas is hopefully seeking free publicity and not winning mirror balls.

He does look cute dancing to the theme song of Green Acres, yes he does.

Which reminds that the theme song on this first elimination night of 9/20/16 was TV. Since quite a few of the contenders are from TV backgrounds, the playground was wide open for the dance.

The top two dancers on this TV night were little Terra Jole who danced a fetching Quickstep to the Bewitched theme for a score of 31 out of 40. Coming in at the top, with 32 points for a Jive, was Olympian Laurie Hernandez.

Laurie Hernandez is also hailing in as the top two in the competition so far with a total of 63 points. Racecar driver James Hinchcliffe comes in second place so far, with a total of 60 points.

The bottom two scores for TV night consisted of Rick Perry who only got 22 points. It was a 3 way tie for next to last place including Amber Rose, Jake T. Austin and Ryan Lochte-all with 24 points.

Below a video of a Rick Perry dance.

The bottom two scores so far include Rick Perry, of course, with 42 combined score. Second to last in the combined scores includes Jake T. Austin with a two night combined score of 46.

So far it looks like Laurie Hernandez is running away with this thing. James Hinchcliffe looks to be a contender and keep close eyeball on little Terra Jole. She quite a BIG dancer!

dws9-21-16marshamccormickOf note, tonight we had former Marsha of the Brady Bunch dance to that show's theme song.

Kenny Edmundson danced an Argentine Tango to get a score of 56..dws9-21-16happyface

Below a video of Calvin Johnson doing a Foxtrot to gain a score of 28.

Finally, country song sensation Jana Kramer dances a Viennesse Waltz to gain a score of 29 out of 40.

One of the biggest surprises of this competition so far is how not so good some contenders who you would think would be the best. Jake T. Austin, for example, has the second lowest combined score and this guy is young!

Ryan Lochte, Olympian of ill-repute, is only two points ahead of Austin in the combined score. Ryan Lochte is an Olympian for God's sake!

Practice does make perfect so in time they might get better.

The bottom four contenders, as voted on by America, included Maureen McCormick (MARSHA BRADY!), Ryan Lochte, Jake T. Austin, along with Amber and Maksim.

Alas there are eliminations and sent home during the elimination round was Jake T. Austin.

He was pretty bad.


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