Big Brother 2016 -Heading to the Winner, Season 18. Who will win…Paul, Nicole and James?

We got who should, beyond all doubt, win the Big Brother Season 18 finale coming up this Wednesday. Click in for the details.

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It was a review of this season past as Big Brother Season 18 heads towards a winner. As of this writing it's down to Nicole, James and Bearded Paul.

It was an exciting, and different, season. We had several siblings of former contenders, we had actual former contenders, and we had contenders who got evicted THREE times!

Until Wednesday coming up we will not know who will be the final Head of Household.

The final Head of Household will get to appoint one of the remaining two to head to the jury for final vote.

If bearded Paul should win the final HOH contest, I suspect he'd nominate Nicole to go to the final with him.

Below is a scene from part 1 of the final Head of Household competition. The winner of this phase moves on to part 3 automatically. After that the two left will compete in phase 2 and the winner of that will be part of the final two to face a jury vote.

Bear in mind that when the jury votes, they're going to vote for someone they liked. Also, the composition of the jury must be taken into consideration.

Nicole and James seem to be fairly well liked; both became fan favorites. Both of these contenders also have former "showmance" partners to both vote and campaign for them.

However I'd go with James being just a bit more liked than Nicole.

Again, should bearded Paul win, who would be his weakest co-contender? I think Nicole is less liked than James and, thus, bearded Paul would keep Nicole.

If James were to win the upcoming HOH I would really doubt that he'd bring bearded Paul with him for the final jury vote.

By me, bearded Paul deserves to win this thing. He played a wonderful and entertaining game, sharp, glib and keen.

If either Nicole or James win the final HOH both of them should take down bearded Paul and compete against each other.

Again, that's not what I want to see. Bearded Paul was the best player this year by far.

If it does come down to Nicole or James I do believe it will be a close call but James has an edge in this thing.

And who knows, perhaps he will get to be with Natalie once again.

Come back later in the week to read the conclusions, gossip and get free opinions.

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