Project Runway Season 15 Begins and the Designers are Nutty, as always.

Clothes made out of placemats, scotch tape, poloroids and confetti. Yes the first challenge on Project Runway was an "unconventional material" challenge and we got some pics to make you smile.

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Let's begin by discussing the contenders.

Alex Snyder is from San Francisco and loves vests. Cornelius Ortez is 24, from Massachusetts and is weak on plus sized clothing. Something that turns me off.

Jenni Riccetti is 22 years old, from San Francisco and admits to time management issues. Kimber Richardson is 42, from New York and doesn't like to sketch.

Laurence Basse is 41 years old from Los Angeles and admits to timing issues. Linda Marcus is 55, the oldest of the contenders, from Milwaukee and says she is not "traditionally trained".

Mah-Jing Wong, besides the unusual name, doesn't think he has any weaknesses as a designer. We shall see.

Nathalia Jmag, that name I don't believe she was born with, is from Massachusetts and admits to problems designing gowns.

Rik Villa admits to a tendency to over-design things.

Sarah Donofria hails from Oregon and admits to sometimes designing for the market and forgetting the "edginess" or design.

Now let us look at the three bottom designs from the episode aired 9/15/16.

Brik Allen is 26, from Louisiana and hates wrestling. He designed a pants outfit from baseball caps and glitter, below. The judges did not like this design.

Ian Hargrove is 30 years old, hails from Chicago and he designed the outfit below. An outfit which cost him a place as the judges sent him home on this silly design with no apparent appeal.

Robert Parra, 32, or Miami, designed this outfit of silly circles which landed him in the bottom three. Some of the judges defended this choice as being an avant-garde design of unconventional materials. Still it was one of the bottom three.

Now for the top three designs.

Dexter Simmons, 32, from Oakland California, designed the outfit below using throw rugs. The judges really admired his creativity and this design was a real contender for the win.

Erin Robertson, a cute little thing from Massachusetts, designed this dress out of feather boas and it was declared THE WINNER!

Tasha Henderson, 33, of Louisiana, designed the pants below. I thought they were ugly but it was one of the top three designs as chosen by the judges.

So there we have it, the first episode of Project Runway Season 15. I do quite enjoy this show so join back every week for updates and free opinions.


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