Big Brother 2016 -, Season 18, episode, WE HAVE A WINNER!

It was a great season on Big Brother, #28. The winner deserved and the winner of the viewers' favorite REALLY deserved it!

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As is often the case, I guessed the wrong winner. The jury selecting the winner, below.

For sure, I thought, Bearded Paul would win this thing. Further, if he didn't win it outright someday this guy will be back. He's a great player in the competitions, he's great in the social game, he's great in manipulating people.

But Nicole won the day and she deserved it just as much some would say. This IS Nicole's second time on this show and she had great experience and a swell social game.

Even more worthy was the contender who won the fan favorite award.

For Viktor was evicted twice and both times managed to get back into the Big Brother house. He was voted fan favorite and hey, the guy was great. Alas Viktor was not a leader and that led to his downfall.

Big congrats to Nicole and Bearded Paul, we will see you again, we are sure of it!


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