Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition, 2016, second episode, I Dream of Genie Sent Home.

One might think that I Dream of Genie, Barbara Eden, could just snap her head and cut the onions but not so much. Gossip, snark and tidbits on Worst Cook in America Celebrity Edition.

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Unlike Master Chef, the amateur chefs on Worst Cooks in America are not asked to make dishes with strange names and ingredients. Instead they are asked to make a porkchop, slice some vegetables and prepare a weird soup.

I Dream of Genie's Barbara Eden was put up for elimination by the show's mentor Rachel Ray, in charge of the blue-aproned team.

Mike Serrantino, "The Situation" was put up for elimination by mentor Anne Burrell, in charge of the red-aproned team.

The mentors did appoint winners of the pork chop and strange soup challenge with Anne Burrell declaring Nicole Sullivan winner for her team while Rachel Ray chose John Henson as her winner.

The two contenders ending up on the bottom had to challenge it out in a duel that had them slicing onions, preparing a chiffonade of basil and slicing green onion on the bias.

See, that's how you do amateur chefs, you treat them how to cut stuff!

Barbara Eden got sent home and 7 remain:

Nicole Sullivan
John Henson
Mike Sarrentino-"The Situation"
Loni Love
Mindy Cohn
Tommy Davidson
Matt Dallas

Come back next week and we'll see who survives and who screws up as the Worst Cook in America Celebrity Edition.


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