Dancing With the Stars Season 23-Second episode and the contenders compete against each other.

One is sent home as the dancing contenders compete against each other on this episode of Dancing With the Stars.

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I am not at all sure how the teams were picked to compete but here's how it went down.

Laurie Hernandez versus Marilu Henner doing the Tango. Laurie won thus was saved from elimination. Marilu, on the other hand, was in danger of being voted off.

Below Laurie Hernandez dances.

Ryan Lochte versus James Hinchcliffe doing the cha-cha and Hinchcliffe won. Lochte, per the rules detailed above, was in danger of elimination while Hinchcliffe was safe.

Rick Perry versus Vanilla Ice doing the Paso Doble and of course the guy from Texas should do this larger-than-life dance. But Vanilla Ice won, imagine that, a white rapper beats the Governor of Texas doing a Hispanic dance.

Below is Vanilla Ice doing his dance.

Maureen McCormick, known formerly as Marsha Brady, went up against Amber Rose doing the salsa and Maureen, now in her 60's, won!

Below Amber Rose dances.

Terra Jole, the "little" woman, did a Viennese Waltz against football player Calvin Johnson. Calvin beat Terra.

Kenny Edmunds went up against country music sensation, Jana Kramer, doing the Jive and Jana Kramer won.

The following night was elimination night and the bottom three as determined by judge's scores and America's votes, were Governor Rick Perry, Terra Jole, and Amber Rose.

Alas it was time for the Governor to go and so he did.

The three highest scores for this night when the contenders went up against each other were Calvin Johnson at 32, Laurie Hernandez at 31 andTerra Jole at 30 .

The bottom three scores for this night included Vanilla Ice and Rick Perry at 23, with Ryan Lochte and Kenny Edmunds at 25 each.

The three highest scores so far include Laurie Hernandez at 94, James Hinchcliffe at 89 with Terra Jole and Calvin Johnson tied at 86.

The lowest three scores so far include Rick Perry at 65, with Ryan Lochte and Amber Rose at 63.


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