Survivor Season 23 Second Episode and almost a heart attack.

The oldest contender seems to be having a heart attack and a surprise eviction.


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It was a very uneventful, even boring, evening of Survivor Milennials versus Gen-x'ers on this Survivor Season 33 second episode aired 9/28/16.

surv9-29-16davepowerofvetoDavid, a contender mentioned for ousting quite often, finds an immunity idol and that was about the biggest excitement of the show.

No wait! The oldest contender, Gen-x'er Paul Wachter, collapses and it was feared he had a heart attack. It turned out to be a touch of dehydration but some on his team hoped he would be taken out.

The challenge for both immunity and reward was held and to everyone's surprise, the gen-x'ers won! This left the Millennials having to choose a team mate to kick out.surv9-29-16challenge

It is during these types of episodes that the viewer gets to know the contenders , gets to know who the other contenders like and dislike.

David, who found an immunity idol, waxes on about how he needs to align with someone he can "trust". He chooses Ken as his confidente and by then I am screaming at the screen.


But of course they don't really mean it. Any one contender, whether on Big Brother, Survivor or whatever the competition, will betray another for a million bucks, or whatever the prize.

Though that's the idea, that the viewer would really believe that David really trusts Ken because "trust" me, at some point at a later time, Ken will betray David's trust.

When the Millennials discuss among themselves who to nominate for elimination, the name "Figgy" keeps coming up.

And trust me that Figgy does have an attitude, this 23 year old bartender.

For some reason, the nominee is changed, AT THE ELIMINATION CEREMONY to Mari, it was not at all clear why.

So two have been eliminated thus far. Join us next week for updates, snark and free opinions.


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