First episode of Hell's Kitchen, Season 16, begins and guess what? There's all kinds of cussing going on!

Hell's Kitchen Season 16 begins and there's yelling and cussing, very little cooking, who knew?

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I love cooking shows. Except for this one.

And it's not Gordon Ramsay because I also quite like MasterChef, another Ramsay culinary TV series.

But Hell's Kitchen makes little sense to me.

I understand there is a restaurant called Hell's Kitchen and that rich and famous people are invited to taste the food of the competing Chefs.

The contenders to win this show will get some kind of head chef job in a world famous restaurant which, if you are a chef, is a good thing. As a home viewer it's a big shrug.

Further, there seems to be some kind of competition on this job for who can cuss the most. Chef Ramsay usually wins this contest.

I suppose it's part of the show's charm, this cussing and yelling and Ramsay throws at least one hissy fit per episode.

This first episode began with the contenders preparing their signature dish. Chef Ramsay tasted each dish and gave each a point from 1-5, with 5 being the best. The contenders were males against females.

And so who are these contenders this year?

Well there's sous chefs, event chefs, catering chefs, head chefs, a culinary instructor and something called a kitchen manager.

The best signature dishes as submitted and receiving a five included seared scallops with rice krispies, we're not making this up. This from Kimberly Ann Ryan, and event chef from Michigan.

Heather Williams, a sous chef from Pennsylvania got 5 points for a beautiful ribeye.

Paulie Giganti, an executive chef from NY cooked up biscotti encrusted scallops.

Chef Ramsay does like those scallops, don't he?

Matt Hearn, a saute chef from Los Angeles actually cooked a pigeon although he called it "breast of dove".

The women's signature dishes racked up most points and were rewarded with a night on the town and dinner with Chef Ramsay.

Between you and I I think Ramsay likes for the females to win.

Then Hell's Kitchen opens and the famous line up. We have Beef Wellington, of course, with sauteed scallops with a linguini and clams combination served tableside.

Pat Tortoriello, a culinary instructor from New Jersey, messed up the risotto and now tis time to bow our heads and pay proper homage to risotto.

I don't even know what risotto is except I think it includes rice of some kind. The culinary instructor from NJ made his risotto soupy and oily and one should not mess up Ramsay's precious risotto.

hellskit9-26-16burntseabassThe men lost the challenge, having been cussed at by Ramsay and thrown out of the blue kitchen. Two nominees were requested for elimination. And somebody served raw sea bass because there's always at least one raw dish on a Chef Ramsay cooking show.

The dove breast cooker, Matt, along with he who ruined the risotto were nominated.

Pat Tortoriello, the culinary instructor, was sent home by Chef Ramsay.

So the race is on. Come back every week and we will inform about the shape of the risotto each and every week.

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