Second sent home on Project Runway Season 15. Maybe more than one should have been sent packing.

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Below, all runway entries this week with my opinions.

The challenge this week was to create a look for the JUST FAB clothing line and the winner will have their design featured in their next circular.

WINNER! Laurence Basse creates cool jumpsuit for modern day woman.

Brik Allen created this outfit. The judges did not like the pants using knit and thought it boring.

projrun9-25-16donofroSarah Donofro designed this simple affair and she's through to he next round.

Tasha Henderson got through to the next round by this design but I think it ugly.

This outfit fell into the bottom three for Kimber Richardson. The judges did not like the top which would not be suitable for many women.

This designer got through to the next round but I think this very ugly.

This cute little outfit will get Mah-Jing Wong through to the next round.

Linda Marcus, the oldest designer on the show this season, got sent home for this ugly thing.

I could not stand this outfit with its weird colors and pattern. But Cornelius Ortez got through to the next round with it.

I thought this outfit by Roberi Parra should have been one of the top three but the judges didn't agree. But Parra is through to the next round.

I thought this design was quite original by Jenni Riccetti even with that dropped crotch. Again, the designer is through to the next round but not in the top three.

Rik Villa goes through to next round with this outfit.

It was a close call on this dress made of neoprene of all things for Erin Robinson. But it was one of the top three although who wears neoprene as a dress?

I don't know Dexter Simmons got through on this plain design but so it is.

Alex Snyder got lots of praise for this design and that big, pretty bow. It was one of the top three.


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