Survivor Season 23-episode aired 10/26/16-the Shomance is broken up.

The shomance between Taylor and Figgy broken up for good. Anxiety attacks and sweet stuff mark this episode of Survivor Season 23.


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The teams are now divided into three with Millennials and Gen-x'ers intermixed.

The reward challenge consisted of a tray of savory sweets, some iced tea and milk. For second place, a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Hannah had a medico-requiring anxiety attack.

Vanlia won first price, Ikubula came in second with Takali coming in last.

This Takali tribe has some problems it would seem as they also lost the immunity challenge.

Taylor and Figgy, both from the Takali tribe and in the middle of a shomance, were a bit smug.

Figgy got voted out, the tribe has spoken.

Below the remaining contenders.

Zeke Smith-Vanlia
Will Wahl-Ikibula
Sunday Burquest-Ikabula
Adam Klein-Takali
Bret Labelle-Ikabula
Chris Hammons-Vanlia
David Wright-Vanlia
Hannah Shapiro-Ikabula
Jessica Lewis-Takali
Justin Starrett-JAY-Ikabula
Ken McNickle-Takali
Michaela Bradshaw-Ikabula
Michelle Schubert-Vanlia
Taylor Lee Stocker-Takali

Join us next week when we will begin speculating on who might win this.


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