Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition, 2016, down to final two.

The final two contenders did surprise me. And making pasta is a waste of time, especially for the Worst Cooks in America, Celebrity or Not.

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This series is down to the final show and we have two finalists who are going to be preparing a world class meal.

These finalists are Nicole Sullivan and Loni Love.

Nicole's mentor is Anne Burrell, Loni's mentor is Rachel Ray.

This episode was fairly typical in that there was a skill drill that ultimately had the contenders making chicken marsala.

The contenders were given an example of the finished dish, pic below, and after guessing some ingredients, were charged with making the dish as a team of their mentor.

The main dish challenge has the contenders each making a pasta dish-with hand-made pasta-with filling as instructed by their mentors.

This episode featured two former contenders including Kendra and Jenni Farley.

Now is the time for me to complain about hand-made pasta.


There's all kinds of boxes of pasta on grocery shelves. It you time it right, you can get a bunch on sale.

Of course home-made pasta probably tastes better than store bought but way I figure, is the better taste worth the extra effort.

Cause by me, making home-made pasta is a lot of work, involving wells of flour, lots of eggs, kneading and running through a special machine, cutting little squares.

The contenders also had to make a filling, as instructed by their mentors, and a sauce.

Rachel's team, John Henson and Loni Love, made ravioli stuffed with crab with red onions and some kind of Mornay sauce.

Loni's dish above

Anne's team, Nicole Sullivan and Mike Serrentino made ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and other goodies.

Nicole's dish above.
The mentors had a difficult decision but in the end Anne chose Nicole and Rachel chose Loni.

I am surprised by Rachel's choice as I thought John Henson was a much better cook in the making then Loni but it was not my choice but Rachel Ray's.

So it's down to the finals.

We predict Nicole Sullivan will win this thing.

Check back next episode for snark, summary and sarcasm.

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