A review of the new JD Shuckers in Georgetown Delaware.

A review of JD Shuckers, new to Georgetown, Delaware. They need to fix a few things, especially their breaded oysters.

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So I was driving through Georgetown, Delaware one day and lo and behold there was a brand new JD Shuckers sitting on Rt. 404 across the road from Deltech.

Say what?

Now there is a JD Shuckers down on Route 24, not close to me but now there's one right up the road.

I had a brother coming into town, he and his wife being from North Carolina which is, the day of this writing, a hot state in the upcoming election. I figured, well okay, let us go to the new JD Shuckers in Georgetown and have some seafood.

It was a Thursday night so I figure maybe it wouldn't be as crowded as a Friday night. But the restaurant was packed and the workers seemed overwhelmed. This will improve as time goes on I must imagine.

My brother got a crab cake, which looked good to me. Sister-in-law got a nice plate of scallops.

It was my meal that was a bit of a disappointment though hang in there, I got nice things to say too.

I ordered fried oysters with a side of mac and cheese and stewed tomatoes. Believe it or not, the stewed tomatoes were amazingly good. The mac and cheese was okay, not the best, but a pretty good side with seafood of most any kind.

The fried oysters had issues.

Let us state right now that the oysters used to prepare the dish were great. They were huge, not gritty with a soothing briny taste that I savored.

I just don't know what the hell they did with that breading.

Understand, again, that this was only a week after the place opened and all things considered they put out pretty good food. Understand one more time that there is already another JD Shuckers so they should have come to the show with an experience that should benefit them.

The breading on the oysters was awful.

In fact, instead of eating mighty fine oysters stuck in gooey breading, I ate a couple and took the rest home. At home I took off the breading and ate the oysters and thought I was in heaven.

My brother liked the crab cake but he said he wasn't digging the bread used.

Insert smile here, for as odd as it might seem, JD Shuckers in Georgetown seems to have a bigger problem with their bread and breading than their seafood.

Give them time. I suspect they'll work out the kinks.

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