Another team challenge on Project Runway season 15. A possible winner emerges.

It was another team challenge on Project Runway and lots of cat fighting. A strong and likely winner emerges.

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It was a color challenge on Project Runway's episode aired 11/4/16 as the contenders teamed up for the second time.

They never like being on a team on this show as each one of the Project Runway contenders think they are better than any other. And team challenges always have squabbles and cat fights and this one was no different.

Contender Cornelius Ortiz and it was time for this guy to go. In the last fashion challenge he came up with some weird torn jeans outfit and landed on the bottom. Before that he did much of nothing of any note. And goodness was Cornelius a querulous one, no?

Dexter, Erin and Cornelius were assigned to design three outfits using "red/violet" as their main color. While Dexter and Erin jointly designed Cornelius smoldered and was very unfriendly.

Red/violet team outfits below.


First of note is that awful pleated skirt that, yeah Cornelius made. It is gathered very unflatteringly at the waist. Erin, who loves to design coats, was not considered for elimination as her design was the best for this team. At least as the judges saw it.

The judges also thought the team should have added another color and now that you think about it, some white accents would have been nice, maybe some navy blue.

Nathalia, Jenni and Man-Jong were on the "nude/neutral" team and this team got the most appreciative votes from the viewing public.

The teams' three designs were all lined up in a picture window on a busy street. The public was urged to view the offerings and put a token in the box of the team's designs they liked best.

But while the nude/neutral team was liked by the judges, it was not deemed to be the team winning the challenge.

Below is the offerings of the nude/neutral team.


Those big baggy pants look ugly to me, looks like a skirt but it's what we used to call "palazzo pants". The judges liked it. I thought it was ugly. Those yoga pants with the knees cut out make no sense at all to me.

Laurence, Rik and Roberi were on the "Hues of blue" team and by the judges THIS was the winning team.

Laurence, who I am not sure is a woman at all, designed yet another cropped jacket with smashing sleeves for which she is well known. "She" is picking up a lot of admiration from the judges and is, indeed, by this writer's limited fashion sense, a very good seamstress. And she seems like she's heading for top three at least, possibly the winner.

Roberi was named the winner of this challenge, pics of the hues of blue team below.


Heidi loves all of the hues of blue team's offerings. The judges loved Laurence's cute cropped jacket, far right, but pronounced her designs are starting to get repetitive.

Roberi was in the top three for the swim suit challenge and has regularly turned out designs that have him going through.

Thank the Lord that Cornelius is gone cause who needs that rotten attitude?

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