Daily Update 9/28/05

Daily Update:
A pic montage of the Cindy Sheehan moonbats. Warning, some of the moonbats get naked.

And FINALLY, an explanation about those New Orleans cops. You're not going to believe this.

It's a Miscellany post. Including dust deviles, the Gettysburgaddress, and update on that Flight 93 memorial and a simply way to curb welfare fraud.
It's a Blast from the Past dating to early January 2005.

Remember the tsunami and all the missing Americans? And Ohio vote fraud?

And the horrific treatment to POW's at Gitmo? Tune in to put current events in perspective.
It's a Pampered Pets post.

With adorable pics of animal "friends".

Not friends with humans; Friends with EACH OTHER.

Daily Update Below.

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Moonbats March on Washington

Let the picture montage below tell the story.


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The FEMA Hearings and Those New Orleans' Cops

I listened to the hearings with former FEMA director Michael Brown.

First, some background.

The Democrats, ahem, are not participating in this hearing on what went wrong with Hurricane Katrina. While some Dems are involved in the hearings, such stalwarts as Moonbat Pelosi and Moonbat Reid state they will refuse to accept any conclusions from the hearings.

THEY want an independent commission to investigate this thing

Of course they want independent hearings such as the 9-11 Omission-Commission. Where the Democrats had one of the major sources of problems, Jamie Gorelick, on that commission. Any so-called "independent commission" in the mind of Democrats would include Ray Nagin and Catherine Blanco as part of the inquisitors.

I NEVER thought FEMA messed up in New Orleans, or if I was to acknowledge any screwup on that agency, it would be the typical bureaucratic nonsense that is so pervasive in government agencies across the land.

Requiring volunteer firefighters from other states to take a sexual harassment course before allowing them to enter Louisiana to help is one such silly bureaucratic rule that avoided common sense.

Like the rest of us idiots out here in la-la land, I SAW those buses under water with my own lying eyeballs.

The Senate Democrats evidently decided to stay the hell away from this one. They know that New Orleans was a cesspool of corruption.

More on this later.

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I thought Brown made some very good points and what he had to say was, well it seemed true enough. He pointed out that he headed emergencies for FOUR major hurricanes in Florida in 2004.

He said that FEMA does not have one fire truck or ambulance. He asserted that FEMA is not now, or ever has been, a first responder agency.

Then he pecked at the truth.

Which was...the state of Louisiana was totally dysfunctional. Brown says his main failure was not realizing this soon enough.

As it would turn out, and as of this writing currently percolating UNDER the radar, was that little matter of the New Orleans' cops.

Which was likely the reason Louisiana was dysfunctional.

Today, NO Chief of Police, Eddie Compass, resigned. Yes the SAME Eddie Compass who said the following lies about the situation in the Superdome:
"We have individuals who are getting raped; we have individuals who are getting beaten."

Five days later, he told Oprah Winfrey that babies were being raped.

Here's where it all gets interesting.

It would seem, as reported by Tony Snow today on Fox news, that, well remember all those cops who allegedly left their jobs the Monday after Katrina stuck?

Turns out these cops DO NOT EXIST!

Indeed, the New Orleans' police department appears to have quite a few ghosts on its payroll.

I've done payroll all my life.

It's a simple matter to put ghosts on the payroll.

I'm guessing here just yet, but I'm betting those police ghosts were the ones assigned to cover after Katrina hit. Which is why they abandoned their positions. Because they WERE NEVER THERE!

I've worked at companies that had ghosts on the payroll. It's not at all difficult to do. In fact, the only way to catch ghosts is to allocate one payday a year, stop direct deposit, and make each and every employee come in to pick up their paycheck in person.

Been there, done that.

It would also seem that Mayor Nagin sent a bunch of these ghosts to Las Vegas for rest and recuperation. Well he had to explain where they went somehow.

The FBI is about to hand down indictments.

It's all falling into place now.

For now I'm assuming Governor Blanco did not know about the ghosts. I'm thinking Nagin assigned many of the ghosts to hurricane duty because hey, think of the overtime!

So when Nagin was being pressured by Blanco to issue a mandatory evacuation for the city of New Orleans', Nagin wouldn't do it. He knew he didn't have enough cops to effect such a thing.

Also recall that two cops committed suicide inside the Superdome. One cop, as told in the parade of lies coming out of Louisiana, was supposedly so distraught because his wife had died. The same wife who attended his funeral after the suicide.

Those cops who pointed guns to their heads and pulled the triggers, they were probably knee deep in the ghost payroll. Once those flood waters poured into the city they knew their time was coming.

The payroll ghosts were also part of the reason that Louisiana did everything possible to keep the Feds out of the state. As well as the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

They were trying desperately to hide the ghosts.

All paychecks going to ghost employees have the money going some where. There's always a trail. As of now, and this could change, it appears that New Orleans had somewhere near 500 ghosts on the payroll. Who knows where their "paychecks" were deposited? It's easy enough to find.

And heads will roll. Compass' head has already rolled. Nagin can't be far behind. Perhaps even Blanco herself.

Meanwhile they defend themselves the only way they can. By beating the hell out of Brown, blaming it all on FEMA. The administration knew this was coming down. It's probably why they have not yet fired Brown from FEMA.

Let the FBI do their work then just the facts ma'am.

To add to the audacity of these thugs and thieves, didn't that William Jefferson asshole sit up at the podium and pound Brown with questions?

I quote my own fine post:
The lovely Congressman Jefferson, already under indictment for passing huge packages of pure cash on to a foreign country, tried every trick in the book to get the National Guard to fly out a box the size of a washing machine.
HERE- Full documentation on this thief's story.

It's not going to fly yon ladies and gems. The Dems have often been able to invent the truth.

Not this time. All of us have eyeballs. We SAW those buses under water. We SAW Ray Nagin act like a hoodlum instead of a leader. We SAW Catherine Blanco cry every time someone asked her a question.


We have eyeballs.


It's time for a Kaitlyn post. For Baby Girl teaches Grandmother the Blogging Scribe some lessons about the English language.
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