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Day- Thursday Date-10/13/05

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Daily update:
The Sunnis salvage pride and urge followers to vote for the Iraqi constitution.

And a rant, a blistering rant, on a Darth Vader in a black robe currently sitting on our Supreme court. He's a moron. Folks, morons can be Supreme Court justices too.
A little Miscellany.

Including a picture montage titled "You Named It What". Which includes real names of real persons, places or things. Names that will shock you.

Also, info on a very important upcoming Texas vote.
Here's a Restaurant Review.

The name of the place, we're not making this up, is Crabby Dicks.

Their specialty? Crabs, of course. And dirty billboards.
It's a short Fishgiggles this week.

In fact, it's The World's Shortest Fairy Tale.

It's a guaranteed snort.


Good Luck on Constitution Day-Iraq!

10/15/05. Write it down.

For Iraq votes on their new constitution. I watched sight bites of copies of the constitution being distributed into eager Iraqi hands. I smiled with muse. How many Americans would be eagerly scarfing up copies of our constitution like those Iraqis were?

To insure, heh, passage of the new Iraqi constitution, the Sunnis, who foolishly boycotted the first Iraqi election, came up with some sort of "compromise" that would allow Sunni leaders to urge their followers to vote YEA on the new constitution.


It's was a way to salvage their pride. The Sunnis know they blew it by boycotting the infamous purple finger election. They see the handwriting on the wall. The Sunni sect, by the way, was the Muslim sect in control of Iraq before the fall of Saddam. Saddam was a Sunni.

We're winning in Iraq yon readers. No matter how excited Chris Matthews et al desire failure.

We're winning!


BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi leaders reached a breakthrough deal on last minute changes in the constitution Tuesday, and at least one Sunni Arab party said it would reverse its rejection of the document and urge its supporters to approve it in next weekend's referendum.

The deal boosts the chances for a constitution that Shiite and Kurdish leaders support and the United States has been eager to see approved in Saturday's vote to avert months more of political turmoil, delaying plans to start a withdrawal of U.S. forces.

U.S. officials have pushed the three days of negotiations between Shiite and Kurdish leaders in the government and Sunni Arab officials, that concluded with marathon talks at the house of President Jalal Talabani late Tuesday.

The sides agreed to a measure stating that if the draft constitution is passed, the next parliament will be able to consider amendments to it that would then be put to a new referendum next year, Shiite and Sunni officials said.


Heard it on Rush-Scares the Hell Out of Me

I rarely use stuff I heard on Rush Limbaugh on this Blog. Mostly because Rush is in a league by himself and I am but a humble Grandma Blogger.

But the sound bites played on Limbaugh's show on Weds, 10/12/05, of Justice Breyer, scared the living hell out of me.

I have never paid much attention to Breyer. Never listened to him talk, never read a word he wrote. I know he's a liberal. Maybe that's why.

When Rush played those sound bites of Breyer giving a speech somewhere, something on international law, I was so shocked I could only sit with my jaw somewhere on the floor.

First, well I'll say it, the man speaks terribly. He effects some sort of speech that, yon readers I can't even describe it. He sounds like a metrosexual meets a DC elite coached by Kathy Hilton. He doesn't sound even remotely human.

The sound bites include bits justifying the Supreme court using the laws of other countries to make decisions on cases before the mighty court.

Of course Rush tore the man apart. I can add no more to Rush's analysis.

Except to note that, well I had no damn idea this moonbat, who can't talk properly and sounds like a ten year old, somehow ended up on our Supreme court.

He tries to justify the usage of other countries' laws in US Supreme court decisions and of course the premise of that argument is RIDICULOUS.

A quote from Rush's show is below. Note that bit about the decisions of other countries' are, after all, WRITTEN BY JUDGES!

Which, inferred by Breyer, means that the wisest of the wise, no matter the nationality, have SPOKEN. JUDGES, after all, know more than us idiots out here in la-la land.

Every one of those Darth Vaders can go to hell, right to hell, right to hell and not collect $200.

If this Breyer idiot thinks it's okay to use France's laws to base decisions on American law he's not only nuts, he can take it to the bank, normal Americans who carry this country on their backs would NEVER agree with his idiotic self.

Rush surmised that the reason Breyer is even out and about and speaking is all the attention focused recently on the Supreme court. Which, as Rush always is, is probably correct.

I say let's make fun of these black-robed Darth Vaders in every possible way.

Hey, Judge Breyer, this fine American Grandmother Blogger thinks you are more full of yourself than anyone else on this planet will ever be of you. You talk like a moron, you ARE a moron, and know now that Judges, yea even SUPREME court judges, are quite capable of being morons.

Thanks Rush for giving me the chance to hear this. I am more confident than ever that just because someone wears a black robe and claims a job on the Supreme court, it does NOT mean they know anything.

They were appointed by political hacks one might argue. They did not ascend to that mightiest of judicial benches through any great intelligence or scholarship.

This idiot out here in la-la land is NOT fooled.

Breyer, go straight to hell for delivering MY country to the vagaries of foreign law. Then trying to justify it through speech that is prissy and fake.

We're on to you, guy. Us idiots who carry this country on our backs, we're on to you, all of you. Darth Vaders who think they know what's best for us dummies.


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From Mighty Rush

BREYER: Nations all over the world have followed our lead or the lead of other places, adopted constitutions that basically assure democracy, that are protective of human rights, and that try to do so in part by relying upon independent judiciaries. Well, if that is the world, we can learning something perhaps by looking at how they, in a few cases anyway, that raise comparable problems, interpret comparable documents, comparable provisions, protective let's say of human liberty. I'm not saying we follow them. We might learn what not to do. But let's read them. After all, they're written by judges.


Tomorrow's Blog Post

It's a Friday Gossip post.

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