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On the International front, France wins for the continuing riots which, despite Le Monde’s refusal to cover, continues and grows worse. Thursday, Jordan was attacked in three American hotels by suicide bombers. Many Jordan’s suggest that Israel was responsible for the attack. Yes Jordan’s our friend but some are still sons of camels.

Back home is the USA, we had a couple of big elections. One Governator lost his pants on the deal. On Friday, President Bush made a speech in which he finally called those who would change history to task.

Indiana suffered a horrific tornado and a death-row inmate escaped only to be underwhelmingly re-captured. What foreigners visited this fellow the day before and did they help him?

The RINOs in the House helped defeat drilling in ANWAR, thus enslaving our children and grandchildren to dependence on foreign oil.

All subjects covered in the link below. Scroll down for specific Daily Updates and of course, the pics that often say more than the prose.

Daily Updates w/e 11/6/05

The President’s Speech/Anwar

Scroll to 11/11/05

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France, Heh.

Covered in Daily Updates 11/7/05 through 11/10/05

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Daily Updates 11/10/05 and 11/09/05
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Death Row Escapee
Daily Update 11/8/05
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Indiana Tornado

Daily Update 11/7/05
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Political Cartoon of the Week
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Sometimes the Truest Statements are the Shortest

A free society is a place where it's safe to be unpopular. -- Adlai Stevenson


Changing History

What they said “then”. Compare to what they are saying “now”.

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From the White House

Seems Ted Kennedy was the pathetic spokesperson assigned by the Democrats to respond to the President’s assertion in his speech on Friday, 11/11/05, that the entire congress voted to approve the U.S. invasion of Iraq. As opposed to that decision being made by George W. Bush alone as the Democrats would suddenly have you believe.

The White House issued a press release in response:

"It is regrettable that Senator Kennedy has chosen Veteran's Day to continue leveling baseless and false attacks that send the wrong signal to our troops and our enemy during a time of war. It is also regrettable that Senator Kennedy has found more time to say negative things about President Bush then he ever did about Saddam Hussein. If America were to follow Senator Kennedy's foreign policy, Saddam Hussein would not only still be in power, he would be oppressing and occupying Kuwait."
Sen. Kennedy Opposed Removing Saddam Hussein From Kuwait. (S.J.Res.2, CQ Vote #2: Adopted 52-47: R 42-2; D 10-45, 1/12/91, Kennedy Voted Nay)

Sen. Kennedy Opposed Removing Saddam Hussein From Power. (H. J. Res. 114, CQ Vote #237: Passed 77-23: R 48- 1; D 29-21; I 0-1, 10/11/02, Kennedy Voted Nay)


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They Call This Reporting at the Washington Post?

What’s the point, Milbank? The meeting took place in Johnson’s office as clearly stated. Was Milbank THERE? Did he see all this bad attire? Is Milbank carrying water for Johnson?

You’ll find much better writing on Blogcritics. Ordinary citizens stating their truth, beholden to no one.

"Alito, bespectacled, hair askew, suit rumpled and ill-fitting, walked into Sen. Tim Johnson's office this week to pay a courtesy call on the South Dakota Democrat. Sitting in an armchair in the senator's office, Alito forgot to unbutton his suit jacket, causing his tie to stick out and his jacket to bunch up. The judge's pant leg hiked up as he sat, revealing an untied shoelace."

- Washington Post liberal columnist Dana Milbank


Speaking of Biased Reporting

Let us suppose the following press bulletin were distributed by the Brownsville police department.

“Police encourage any citizen who sees Sharon Smith, a 5 year old missing from her home since last night. Call our Hotline at 555-5555 to snitch any information you might have. A reward is being offered to any citizen willing to call in and rat the identity of the person who abducted Sharon.

There’s something to be said about types of verbs chosen to describe the action taken. “Rat”, go with me here, could also be “report”. “Snitch” could be, going out on a limb here, “identify”, or even good old “report” would work.

Credit goes Little Green Footballs for noticing the anomaly. That fine example with Sharon Smith above is all mine own.

As reported by the French Press:

from LGF-
JERUSALEM (AFP) - A concerned Israeli has thwarted the army’s latest anti-militant initiative by hacking its ‘rocket hotline’ set up so that Palestinians in Gaza can rat on those firing projectiles at Israel, the Yediot Aharonot daily reported.

Following a week of multiple Israeli air strikes targeting rocket-firing militants in northern Gaza, the air force tried a new tactic: dropping leaflets encouraging locals to anonymously snitch on any rocket-toting militants.


The Quote This Week That Says It All

This is a sig line of a FreeRepublic user. Wow. Another simple truth.

The government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend upon the support of Paul.


Heh. And This is Dan Rather’s Replacement

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Web Site of the Week

Has anyone seen the commercials? Kurdistan Iraq thanks America!

The Moonbats are gonna hate this.

A click on the pic below will take you to the web site about “The Other Iraq”. Specifically the Kurdistan sections. They’ve been democratized for many years.

Like the song says…”the times they are a changing…”

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