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Daily Update: Day- Friday Date-11/11/05

Today's Auxiliary Blog Post
...Because there's more to life than politics.

Charles and Camilla came to America but nobody noticed.

Except we have the scoop in this Gossip Post.
How about Condi and her boyfriend? And Jenna Bush!

Also, pervert Woody Allen speaks out, and we celebrate Kermit's birthday.
What the hell is going on with Delaware's Department of Transportation? Hey, it's a small state yet DelDot can't even control Route 1.

And you're never gonna believe this Biden quote.
In honor of Kermit's 50th birthday, frogs are featured predominantly in this Pic of the Week.


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The President's Speech-11/11/05

As always, I give him a "C" for delivery. Today, the speech gets an "A" for content.

He needs to go further. I'll do it for him.

Below, the immortal three paragraphs. Text of Entire speech at USNEWSWIRE:

As President and Commander-in-Chief, I accept the responsibilities, and the criticisms, and the consequences that come with such a solemn decision.
While it's perfectly legitimate to criticize my decision or the conduct of the war, it is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began. (Applause.) Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and misled the American people about why we went to war. These critics are fully aware that a bipartisan Senate investigation found no evidence of political pressure to change the intelligence community's judgments related to Iraq's weapons programs.
They also know that intelligence agencies from around the world agreed with our assessment of Saddam Hussein. They know the United Nations passed more than a dozen resolutions citing his development and possession of weapons of mass destruction. And many of these critics supported my opponent during the last election, who explained his position to support the resolution in the Congress this way: "When I vote to give the President of the United States the authority to use force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam Hussein, it is because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a threat, and a grave threat, to our security." That's why more than a hundred Democrats in the House and the Senate -- who had access to the same intelligence -- voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power. (Applause.)
The stakes in the global war on terror are too high, and the national interest is too important, for politicians to throw out false charges. (Applause.) These baseless attacks send the wrong signal to our troops and to an enemy that is questioning America's will. As our troops fight a ruthless enemy determined to destroy our way of life, they deserve to know that their elected leaders who voted to send them to war continue to stand behind them. (Applause.) Our troops deserve to know that this support will remain firm when the going gets tough. (Applause.) And our troops deserve to know that whatever our differences in Washington, our will is strong, our nation is united, and we will settle for nothing less than victory.

It's a pure and pristine truth that our elected representatives, both in that chamber filled with representatives whose number is based on the population numbers, and in that chamber that allows two representatives per state, voted to give the President authority to go to war in Iraq.

Whether it was a bad decision can be argued. What is NOT permissible is for those who voted affirmative to suddenly whine and cry and change history.

Carrying the President's unspoken sentiment forward a bit, here's the message to the dissenters of the Iraqi war, to those who would pull out, leave the Iraqis to the terrorists, perhaps restore the lovely Saddam to power.

Our system of government is designed to give each citizen as much a vote and as much an input as possible into the system. We are a nation of 285 million people. We cannot base national policy in a manner to please every citizen. Thus we have a system of electing leaders.

In essence, the majority rules.

Yea many would wail about the pitfalls of that system. Failing the presence of an actual and mighty God residing right here on earth to tell us the right path, there's no better system and, (paraphrasing the first Bush) "read my lips", it's the system we've all lived under for the past 200 years and barring overthrowing the government, it's the system we live under now.

The criticism, the barbs, the whining, the wailing, the blatant opportunism, are all perfectly allowed.

The truth cannot be changed or should those trying to change it get away with it.

Bush did not invent that problem over in Iraq. For decades the Clinton administration, indeed even Bush the father, have dealt with Saddam and have found reasons to have this man removed from power.

For many years we had airplanes flying in the north and south of Iraq just to keep the man from massacring his own citizens! Those soldiers' lives were often in jeopardy not to mention the expense of American taxpayers who assumed most of this burden. All to keep a nasty man in power who was vomiting money to those vandals at the UN and to the thugs and thieves across the planet.

The elected representatives of this country voted to overthrow the dictator of Iraq. I think it was a good decision but had the majority voted it down, then I would respect the wishes of the majority. If I didn't like it, then I must wait until another election or move, no?

The elected representatives of this country, based on their political opportunism and their endless quest to re-elect THEMSELVES, do NOT get to change how it went down.

It was but a small insertion in a far greater speech with excellent background and analysis about terrorism and why we fight it.

The President's correct. Our soldiers deserve better than to hear that clubby group called congress all gadding about and denying how they voted, thereby casting aspersions on their military mission.

If the lawfully elected representatives of this country feel they made a mistake, than be a damn man about it and step up to the podium and admit it.

You DON'T get to play on both sides of the fence.

Image hosted by

Daily Update: 11/11/05

It's the GOP gone wild folks
...and John McCain's fingers are in the pie knuckle deep.

France, heh...
...France is FIRING the very defenders of the riots.

Day- Friday Date- 11/11/05


What the Hell's Going On With the Gop?

If it's not RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) in the senate, now the Northeast RINOS are bringing the party agenda down.

Yesterday, funding for Anwar drilling was removed from the budget.

However, there's an under story to it all.

The first being that this action on Anwar drilling was a "cover" for the New Hampshire and Vermont RINOs so that their campaign contributions from the environmentalist Moonbats would keep pouring in. Scuttlebutt has it that Anwar drilling will be permitted when a House/Senate conference on the bill takes place.

Then over in the senate, we have the Man Who WILL Be President, Mr. John McCain, alleged war hero and fawning media sycophant, out and about bad-mouthing the war in Iraq.

They're getting brave folks. Because Bush is not running again. Many of them are from states with a mixed populace. They need to show how big and brave they are by bucking the President that THEY may be re-elected. Because they are, after all, way more important than us idiots out in la-la land who have an agenda and expect it to be followed through. Our votes in 2004 don't really matter. What the hell do WE know?

So how many of those folks opposed to drilling in Anwar plan to visit this fine pristine place in the next few years? Given the pressure on gasoline prices and such, take it to the bank. Americans will vote to drill in Anwar in a NY minute.

The RINOs don't care. It's important folks, that they be re-elected. They NEED the money of the anti-American environmentalist Moonbats to that end. Thus they betray thou and I because it is all for the betterment of the country. THEY are smarter than you and I yon ladies and gem. We are the idiots. The country will be better WITH them.

As for McCain, well it gets better.

This past week Rush Limbaugh featured an interesting segment on his show. He mentioned the joint Hastert/Frist letter to demand an investigation on the recent CIA leak on "black" prisons used to interrogate terrorist prisoners.

Rush then went on to explain that Trent Lott pooh-poohed the notion of an investigation, stating it was a Republican Senator or Senator staffer who released the information and that such talks go on every day.

Limbaugh did, of course, lambaste Lott's nonchalance. Today we have the Chairman of the Committee that would investigate this, Roberts, also toning it down.

Right after the Limbaugh segment about the leaker and the background, Rush took a call. The caller was from Arizona and complained that it was HIS senator that did the leak.

Well of course it was John McCain! This sort of leak is right up his alley. And Trent Lott is still bitter from his demotion so of course again, he downplays the leak.

Now Rush immediately denied that the leaker had been identified as McCain. BUT, ladies and gems, Rush took the call. His call screeners know what the caller is going to say. I'd already pegged McCain right from the minute a Republican senator was accused.

The country, ladies and gems, will be much better off with John McCain, he of the very bad temperament and mysterious past, the RINO who dines with Chris Matthews and any other media presence that will have him, with HIM as President. It's no mind that he's out and about and leaking classified information to shore up his run for the top office. Us idiots out here in la-la land just don't understand such nuance.

Pay no mind, please, that by leaking such classified information they might be putting our sons and daughters fighting the War on Terror in jeopardy. It's for John McCain, folks! The darling of the media, played as Senator Vinnick on West Wing for God's sake! What's a dead soldier or two for the greater good of America? The media will never beat on President John McCain like they do on President Bush. This can only be a good thing, right?

And the vaunted and elite senators crowd around McCain, protecting their own clubby club.

Yessiree, ladies and gems. It's the GOP gone wild.

They are running for office and in the end, it's all about THEM.


- Short of votes and running out of time, House GOP leaders may drop a hotly contested plan to open an Alaskan wilderness area to oil drilling as they try to secure passage of a sweeping budget bill Thursday.

Image hosted by

Such a move would be a big setback for President Bush and other advocates of permitting oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which has repeatedly passed the House with bipartisan support when considered as part of broader energy legislation. It's always been dropped in the face of promised filibusters by Senate Democrats.

Now that the ANWR drilling proposal is part of a budget bill immune to Senate filibusters, it is the House that's having difficulty advancing the drilling plan. That's because Democrats oppose the overall budget bill, giving House GOP opponents of drilling in the Arctic great leverage to try and force it out of the bill.

Twenty-five Republicans, led by Rep. Charles Bass (news, bio, voting record) of New Hampshire, have signed a letter asking GOP leaders to strike the Alaskan drilling provision from the broader $54 billion budget cut bill.


France Fires the Good Guys!

Heh. Dare to harm the hair on the head of a rioter in France and see how it goes down.

From the AP:

A French police spokeswoman says eight officers have been suspended after a young man was beaten in a Paris suburb.

Image hosted by


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TV Events of Note

Three Wishes (New)
NBC: Friday, November 11 9:00 PM

New Philadelphia-Dover, Ohio
A waterboy becomes the homecoming game hero; a young girl wishes for a library; students try to save a music teacher's job; singer Brandi Carlile; NFL player Phil Dawson.

Cast: Amy Grant, Carter Oosterhouse, Eric Stromer, Amanda Miller Executive Producer(s): Andrew Glassman, Jason Raff
NBA Basketball
ESPN: Friday, November 11 8:00 PM
Sports event, Basketball

Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers


Daily Update: 11/10/05

Yesterday's Vote...NOT just the status quo
...but no Dem blow out either

France surrenders! should see what that country is giving these rioting brats.

Jordan hotels, all American, hit by suicide blasts.

Today's Auxiliary Blog Post
...Because there's more to life than politics.

Thinking of retiring to one of those fancy "retirement villages"? Here's the lowdown on one in Massachusetts. With pic of Mother in Law only don't tell her.

Also, litany of Clinton crimes and avian flu update.
It happens on once a year.

Yet the indoor plants have been moved inside.

In this Garden post we have pics detailing their origins and progress.

Oh, and there's the story of the mouse in the ivy.
There was a skunk and a penguin.

Tune in to this week's Fishgiggles for the ending.

Everyone needs a smile.


Day- Thursday Date- 11/10/05


France Surrenders!

Look at what the French are giving these punks!


- All the young people of less than 25 years, applicants for work or not, living one of the 750 significant zones, will be received in the three next months for a "maintenance deepened" by the ANPE, in the local missions or the Houses of employment. A "specific solution" will be proposed to them in the three months (formation, training course or contract).

- the social recipients of minimas will be incited to find an employment by the creation of a premium of 1 000 euros and of a monthly contractual premium of 150 euros for 12 months.

- 20 000 contracts of accompaniment for employment and Contrats with a future reserved for the underprivileged districts will be created to develop uses of proximity.

- 15 new urban free zones will be founded, in addition to 85 what exists.

- the number of "adult-relay" ensuring the bond between the public families and institutions will be doubled.

Image hosted by


The means of the Agency of urban restoration will be increased by 25 % over two years.


- Creation of 5 000 stations of teaching assistants in the 1200 colleges of the sensitive districts.

- Doubly of the number of teams of educational success envisaged by the plan of social cohesion (1 000 at the end of 2007).

- Possibility of entry in training as of 14 years, instead of 16 currently.

- 100 000 purses with the merit will be granted to the re-entry 2006, against 30 000 currently.

- Opening of ten boarding schools of educational success additional, "for the most justified most promising pupils and" .


- Development of the workshops health-city to put in network the actors of health.

- Amplification of the device of the psychosocial mobile teams.


- Creation of an agency of social cohesion and equal opportunity which will be "the interlocutor of the mayors" .

- Creation of prefects delegated to the equal opportunity.


100 additional million euros will be allocated into 2006 to the 14 000 associations subsidized by the State.


The ministry for the interior will recruit 2000 additional agents for the disadvantaged districts, within the framework of the device of the contracts of access to employment, as from January 2006.
from babelfish


Elections and California Propositions

There are those who will tell you that yesterday's victories for Democratic Governors in New Jersey and Virginia means the tide is turning in favorite of the donkey party. There are those who will assert firmly that yesterday's vote does naught but maintain the status quo.

The Wise I will tell you that neither of those popular lines or thought is correct.

For Arnold Schwarzenegger got creamed on those propositions out in California big time. There's no way to color it.

The California electorate voted no on parental abortion notification. Something that frankly shocks me. If my teenaged daughter was getting an abortion I'd sure want to know.

On the other hand, trying to see that distant point of view, more likely MOST daughters tell their parents if they are pregnant and if abortion is the solution, then most parents know that as well. I could be wrong here. It's not like any statistics on the matter are readily available. Those adolescent females who seek a surreptitious abortion might have a damn good reason.

Which is exactly the argument of those who oppose parental notification.

Whatever the case, California voters are against it.

Make no mistake, however. This vote was a crushing defeat for Schwarzenegger.

His problem? The Moonbats in California want everything paid for but do not want to pay for it themselves.

Arnie, they SAY they want California fixed. Neither your legislature or citizenry want to put any effort into it.

Schwarzenegger put in $7.2 million of his own money. That brings his total personal spending on political endeavors to $25 million since he ran for governor in the 2003 recall race.

Proposition 73 Abortion Notification for underage abortion-NO

...would bar abortions for minors without parental notification.
Proposition 74 Teacher Probation

Reform of Teacher Tenure-NO
California Teachers Assn. President Barbara Kerr told several hundred activists in the ballroom: "This governor wasted $50 million, and he does not have the courage to apologize to all of you for the trash he talked about you. He doesn't have the courage to say he was wrong, that we're the real heroes of California."

Proposition 75 Union Political Contributions

It would have required unions for public workers to get written consent from members before spending their dues money on politics. NO

Dogging the governor, as it has for months, was the California Nurses Assn., which organized a luau at the Trader Vic's in the same hotel. As Schwarzenegger's defeats mounted, giddy nurses formed a conga line and danced around the room, singing, "We're the mighty, mighty nurses."

Proposition 76 State Spending Limit - NO

Image hosted by

Proposition 77 Redistricting -NO
Away from legislature-NO
Proposition 78 Discounts on Prescription Drugs-NO
Proposition 79 Prescription Drug Discounts - NO

State-Negotiated Rebates
The pharmaceutical industry spent $80 million on a campaign to defeat

Proposition 79, a labor and consumer-group proposal, and pass its own alternative, Proposition 78.
Proposition 80: State Electricity Regulation NO

a complex measure to revamp rules governing the electricity industry. The initiative, sponsored by consumer advocates, tried to draw on public anger from the state's 2000 energy crisis, but polls suggested that it confused voters.


Suicide Bombers in Jordan

Three hotels-53 dead first report. Raddison and Days Inn also hit.

From Sky News:

UPDATE1: 5 were killed, many wounded (Source Yahoo News).
UPDATE2: Explosion happened in 8:50pm, in Radisson-Sas, wedding hall. Special forces were deployed in the area 15-20 minutes after it. Evacuation is in place now for the near-by Hyatt.
UPDATE3: There was 3 explosions in Amman at Radisson SAS, Al Hyatt, and Days Inn. Jordan Television reported 20 killed.
UPDATE4: Petra News Agency (The official state news Agency) reported that the explosions could be caused by by suicide bombers. (Source Petra News
UPDATE5: Latest count, 32 dead, 200 wounded.
UPDATE6: Jordan announces tomorrow off for all public and private sector. One of the dead is the Manager of Cairo Amman Bank.


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TV Events of Note

The Apprentice (New)
10 WCAU: Thursday, November 10 9:00 PM

Store Wars
When the candidates compete in the film industry, one of them turns to the dark side, while another abandons the team.

Cast: Donald Trump, Carolyn Kepcher, George Ross Executive Producer(s): Mark Burnett
College Football

ESPN: Thursday, November 10 8:00 PM
Sports event, Football

Boise State at Fresno State



Daily Update: 11/9/05

Investigate the CIA!
...for they are our enemies as much as the most deadly Iraqi insurgent.

Two lawyers in Saddam trial murdered

Those 11/8/05 elections
...New Jersey being the most interesting. Will Corzine buy the NY Governorship this time?

Today's Auxiliary Blog Post
...Because there's more to life than politics.

Time for this week's Ads We'd Like to See.

Sign up now for enrollment in a course on how to Obstruct, Protest and Prosecute when honest debate doesn't win the day.
Folks, we've got a Guest Writer this week who owes every insight in her life to Jimmy Buffet.

It's cute, witty, insightful and who knows, maybe even true.
Here's a TV review of "The Ghost Whisperer", a Friday night "family hour" series.

I point out one glaring ommission in that show's premise.


Day- Wednesday Date- 11/9/05


Investigating the CIA
The following was all over the Blogosphere yesterday afternoon.

I softly suggest it's about time.

For we are not only at war with the "insurgents" in Iraq, we are at war WITH OUR OWN CIA!

How about the Senate stops pointing the fingers and going wa-wa-wa? How about we stop indicting member of the administration for small farts ? How about we knock Joe Wilson, liar and traitor and his "spy" wife off the covers of Vanity magazine?

How about we do the logical thing and go over to that CIA nest of bureaucrats, moles and spies and clean house?

Because everything, EVERYTHING, is coming out of that organization like bile from a diseased liver.

How come Joe Wilson's report from Niger wasn't classified as would any other CIA report under the same circumstances? Allowing him to essentially report said classified information in the NY Times? How come the CIA got everything wrong it's ever investigated regarding terrorism? How come the CIA completely missed 9-11?

Folks, we are at war with the Iraqi insurgents, yes. But we are also at war with our own media and Intelligence agencies!

For many are part and parcel of this disinformation campaign and our taxpayer funded agencies are undermining our war efforts. There's moles riddles throughout the CIA.

It's a difficult thing to admit in a world forum that our major intelligence agency is diseased and mole-ridden. But enough, folks, is enough. A bunch of cushy bureaucrats want to keep their job for life and they want to keep it on the backs of we who carry this country on our backs.

Yes. Indeed. Let us investigate that CIA why don't we?

From The American Spectator:

BREAKING NEWS: Formal Leak Investigation - Tuesday, November 08, 2005 @ 11:25:25 AM

Look for a formal announcement from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert within the next couple of hours on a joint House and Senate Intelligence investigation into leaks to the media and special interest groups related to the CIA imprisonment of al Qaeda terrorists overseas.

Posted By: The Washington Prowler


Below from DRUDGE:
Tue Nov 08 2005 11:36:31 ET


Sources tell Drudge that early this afternoon House Speaker Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Frist will announce a bicameral investigation into the leak of classified information to the WASHINGTON POST regarding the "black sites" where high value al Qaeda terrorists are being held and interrogated.


Said one Hill source: "Talk about a leak that damaged national security! How will we ever get our allies to cooperate if they fear that their people will be targeted by al Qaeda."

According to sources, the WASHINGTON POST story by Dana Priest (Wednesday November 2), revealed highly classified information that has already done significant damage to US efforts in the War on Terror.

Image hosted by


Saddam Trial Lawyers Murdered

The lawyers killed were two for OTHER defendants in Saddam's trial. A month ago another lawyer was also murdered.


Could this be somehow the handiwork of Saddam? Is it an attempt to delay his trial, hence his death. Is it an attempt to get this trial moved to the Hague. Where they've had Slobodan Milosevek on trial for the last ten years?

Could be the Iraqis who are killing what they perceive to be defenders of their former tormenter?

Most important, will these tactics work?

From Sky News:

Two lawyers representing a co-defendant of the deposed Iraq leader Saddam Hussein have been shot in Baghdad.

Iraqi police say one was killed in the attack on their car in the west of the city.

Police and defence team sources said Adil al Zubeidi was killed in the attack while Thamer Hamoud al Khuzaie was wounded.

Both men were said to be in the team defending Saddam's brother Barzan al Tikriti and former vice president Taha Yassin Ramadan.

The attack followed the murder of another defence lawyer in the team, Saadoun al Janabi, who was shot the day after the trial of Saddam and seven others started in Baghdad last month.

More follows...



Kaine (D) Wins Governor of Virginia

Corzine (D) Wins Governor of New Jersey


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W/E 11/6/05


TV Events of Note

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (New)
10 WCAU: Wednesday, November 9 9:00 PM

Don't Touch That Dial
Tasked to sell outdoor products on TV, some candidates bicker over screen time while another gets cold feet.

Cast: Martha Stewart, Alexis Stewart, Charles Koppelman Executive Producer(s): Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Jay Bienstock
NBA Basketball

ESPN: Wednesday, November 9 8:00 PM
Sports event, Basketball

Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers



Daily Update: 11/8/05

Escaped Death Row Captured…
…who helped him escape?

France…still under siege.

Today's Auxiliary Blog Post
...Because there's more to life than politics.

She's a former beauty queen with a former cop as an estranged beau.

And she's gone missing.

More on Tara Grinstead in this week's True Crime post. Also, an American soldier commits murder in a war zone, a Good Samaritan ends up dead and what's this about bull semen?
A hoard of robins strip my Mountain Ash in this Birding post.

And a new bird comes to Delaware's Serendipity Shore.
If you don't tune into this week's Comments for anything else, check out the text of an email I received from New Orleans' "neighbor" of William Jefferson, indicted thief.

Not a word of it is true.


Day- Tuesday Date- 11/8/05


Escaped Death Row Inmate re-Captured

It was a sophisticated escape with culminated in an under-whelming capture.

For the great prison escapee, a death row inmate who murdered his estranged girlfriend and her new boyfriend, something they don't let you do in Texas, was re-captured rather unceremoniously.

The criminal was drunk, riding a bicycle and chatting on a pay phone in, of all places, Shreveport, Louisiana.

For his escape it is alleged he managed to get out of his handcuffs, find some street clothes and proper identification. He then foiled the rubes in the holding cell where he was at before being moved to the penitentiary that he was really an attorney then visiting his client.


Well scuttlebutt now has it that he was visited by some German anti-death activists right before his escape. Now that bit about being German is a bit confusing in that, were they of German origin or were they actually from Germany? Suspicion is being cast upon these Moonbat Europeans who may have helped this retard with an escape that, given his lackluster capture, might not be capable of.

If they find out that these foreign creeps were over here messing around with our death penalized criminals, helping them escape and such, this should become an international incident.


Condemned killer Charles Victor Thompson's three-day run to freedom ended on a bicycle Sunday night in front of a liquor store in Shreveport, La., police said.

The Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force got a tip Sunday that led Shreveport police and the U.S. Marshals Service to the 200 block of 70th Street, where Image hosted by
officers saw a man they thought to be Thompson on a bicycle talking on a pay phone in front of the liquor store about 8:02 p.m. When asked to identify himself, the man replied, "You know who I am."

Asked again, he responded, "My name is Charles Thompson."



Chiract is getting tough, folks. Today we hear he's threatened to institute a curfew "whenever it is necessary".


So far estimates are that almost 5,000 cars have been torched.

My, my. 5,000 cars. Although hey, not that anybody complains about churches being torched or anything, but we hear some churches and police stations have also been burned. There's also been at least one death, or at least by the lying French press. And lots of injuries.

Oh, now they've started in Belgium and reports are coming in from Germany.

Damn I hate to say we tole them so.

But we did tell them so. Europe cast its lot with the wrong guy. Now they're paying the price.

From CNN.Com:

Among the worst incidents reported -- rocks thrown at two buses hit a 13-month-old child in Colombe, an official with the Interior Ministry said. The child was in serious condition.

In the northern city of Rouen, a police barricade was set afire and a burning car was pushed into the police station; and in Strasbourg, near the German border, a school was torched.

Image hosted by

A church was set ablaze in the southern fishing town of Sete and another in nearby Lens, Pas de Calais; two schools in the southeastern town of Saint-Etienne and a police station in the central France town of Clermont-Ferrand were torched, as was a social center in Seine-Saint-Denis, near the border with Switzerland.


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TV Events of Note

Commander In Chief (New)
ABC: Tuesday, November 8 9:00 PM
Drama, Politics

First Scandal
MacKenzie's people suspect someone in the inner circle of leaking confidential information about her; events from Warren Keaton's past come to light and jeopardize his confirmation as vice president.

Cast: Geena Davis, Donald Sutherland, Harry J. Lennix, Kyle Secor, Ever Carradine, Caitlin Wachs, Matt Lanter, Jasmine Anthony Director(s): Dan Attias Executive Producer(s): Rod Lurie, Marc Frydman, Dee Johnson
Bones (New)
FOX: Tuesday, November 8 8:00 PM
Crime drama, Medical

A Boy in a Bush
Brennan identifies remains of a 6-year-old boy who went missing from a local park and determines that he was sexually assaulted before being murdered.

Cast: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Eric Millegan, T.J. Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Jonathan Adams Executive Producer(s): Barry Josephson, Hart Hanson



Daily Update: 11/7/05

French riots reach unbelievable level.
...French authorities ask for "peace and calm."

Horrific tornados hit Midwest
...21 dead at last report.

Today's Auxiliary Blog Post
...Because there's more to life than politics.

Here's a Week Just Passed post summarized with pics and helpful links.

Alito nominated, France riots, Libby pleads not guilty, Vioxx case settled...much more.
It's this week's Quotable/Notables. Click in to read what the "liberals" are saying about Maryland's Michael Steele.

Joe Wilson blows up, Biden threatens strangulation and the quote this week that says it all gives the REAL lowdown on Iraq.
It's a continuation of a very old war.

In this Web Site of the Week, the information will astound.

Truth is a dangerous thing.


Day- Monday Date- 11/7/05


French Riots Rage On
It doesn't seem to stop. Each night the burning and looting gets closer to Paris.

As for the French, well some of them have taken to the street. What are they doing? Well they're having a silent candlelight protest.

Imagine a city near you is being burned and torched every night, personal property such as schools and cars are blown up, innocent citizens are set on fire. Can you imagine an American reaction that would have us carrying candles and marching soundlessly?

The French authorities are urging "peace" and "understanding".

Again, imagine if your Governor or even the President, calling for peace and understanding of the hoodlums who are systematically burning the country down.

It eludes me, folks.

Image hosted by

Below, a big reason why Americans should be very interested in these unfettered French riots. What happens if they take over?

Source: The Nuclear Club - UCSD

French riots defy crackdown
05/11/2005 20:50 - (SA)

Paris - French authorities on Saturday stepped up police action against youths responsible for more than a week of urban riots as suspicions grew that the gangs were becoming increasingly organised.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy called a meeting of police chiefs to discuss tactics as they braced for another night of violence that has so far defied all efforts to stamp it out.

In a sign of the government's resolve, police said more than 250 people were arrested during Friday night alone - doubling at once the number of detentions recorded since the troubles first erupted on October 27.

Nearly 900 vehicles were torched that same night, making it the worst in terms of the arson attacks that have come to characterise the rampages.

France won't fall into anarchy because the world cannot permit her nuclear weapons to fall into Islamic hands. It is estimated that France has 350 nuclear warheads (5,300 km range) as of January, 2004.

Below, Sunday's update from Reuters. Get that bit about being "serious".

From Reuters:

PARIS (Reuters) - Gangs of youths torched 1,300 vehicles overnight in the 10th consecutive night of violence in Paris's poor suburbs and major French towns, despite the deployment of thousands of extra police.

Cars were burnt out in the historic centre of Paris for the first time on Saturday night. In the normally quiet Normandy town of Evreux, a shopping mall, 50 vehicles, a post office and two schools went up in flames.

Authorities have so far found no way beyond appeals and more police to address a problem with complex social, economic and racial causes.

Evreux mayor Jean-Louis Debre, a confidant of President Jacques Chirac and speaker of the lower house of parliament, told France Info radio:

"To those responsible for the violence, I want to say: Be serious ... If you want to live in a fairer, more fraternal society, this is not how to go about it."

Well we couldn't resist.

Because America rightfully and justifiably likes to make fun of France. Because they deserve it.

Below a parody from Sure to make you smile.


President Bush May Send Up To 5 Marines For French Assistance

President Bush has authorized the Joint Chiefs to begin drawing up a battle plan to pull France's ass out of the fire again. Facing an apparent overwhelming force of up to 400 pissed off teenagers Mr. Bush doubts France's ability to hold off the little pissants. "Hell, if the last two world wars are any indication, I would expect France to surrender any day now", said Bush.

Joint Chiefs head, Gen. Peter Pace, warned the President that it might be necessary to send up to 5 marines to get things under control. The general admitted that 5 marines may be overkill but he wanted to get this thing under control within 24 hours of arriving on scene. He stated he was having a hard time finding even one marine to help those ungrateful bastards out for a third time but thought that he could persuade a few women marines to do the job before they went on pregnancy leave.

President Bush asked Gen. Pace to get our marines out of there as soon as possible after order was restored. He also reminded Gen. Pace to make sure the marines did not take soap, razors, or deodorant with them. The least they stand out the better.

In an unrelated matter, President Bush told reporters that he was considering a "Flu for Oil" Program to ease our country's energy problem and prevent the upcoming pandemic. Nobody had a clue as to what the hell he was talking about.


Tornados Hit Midwest

The bigger surprise being that this is not normally tornado season.

Way I figure, time for middle America to get theirs. What with the hurricane season almost over and everything.

No it's not funny. The horrific pictures of the devastation in Indiana is unbelievable.

But if you really think about it, factoring in the riots in France, one might think that God is reminding us that He's in charge.

CNN) -- An overnight tornado ripped a 20-mile path through southwestern Indiana, killing at least 11 people and injuring 160 others, officials said Sunday.

Adam Groupey, deputy director of emergency management for Evansville and Vanderburgh County, said the tornado touched down about 2 a.m. in Henderson County, Kentucky, then hit the Evansville mobile home park before moving into Warrick County.

One resident of the trailer park told WFIE of Evansville she saw a tornado pick up a car with members of her family in it and toss the vehicle into a tree. Brandi Crawley said no one was seriously injured.

Image hosted by

"The damage is very, very extensive," said Chad Bennett, an assistant fire chief in Newburgh in Warrick County. He said the area hardest hit was just north of the city limits.

"Now that daylight has come, it is making it a little more easy to see the scope of the damage, and it is very shocking."

Bennett estimated the damage path was about 3/4 of a mile wide and 20 miles long.


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