Political Tidbits-An American Al-Queda, Barney Frank and His "Boys", Why Is This Blog Banned?

Welcome Gates of Vienna readers. One of my all time favorite Blogs.

Some most amazing Political Tidbits, many of them about nuts and kooks.

Like Ted Turner, who can't decide which side he's on. Then there's the American Al-Queda going up for treason, heh.

Also, why is my Blog banned by the Department of Interior.

Tune in for an incredible pic of Massachusetts' congress critter Barney Frank and wait till you see how he treats his Pages.

Some videos of a new anti-Clinton ad and one on airport security that will amuse.

Finally, a teacher lambasted for using common sense and a trashcan as a toilet.

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"Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want bread."

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical."

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  • Political Tidbits

    First American Charged With Treason In 50 Years

    You don't have to love this country. Indeed many argue that the accident of birth shouldn't bind one to a country he or she did not choose. Although hey, there's other countries on this planet that would welcome a disenchanted individual born in America. There are also mechanisms in this country to handle such disgruntled citizens; it's called Freedom of Speech.

    But to go out and BETRAY your country, for no reason whatsoever save to be a "somebody" when acting right leaves the traitor a nobody, well that's just plain freaking mean. Especially in view of the fact that the enemy enjoined in this betrayal had already attacked this country and killed 3,000 of its citizens. Sounds to me like someone doesn't know right from wrong.

    The indictment of Adam Gadahn was greeted by outright joy by many Americans because what right, what possible right, did this fat creep nothing-head have to risk the lives of his fellow Americans for some attention?

    Adam Gadahn, formerly Adam Pearlman, was the sort of fellow the girls in school ignored and the jocks liked to beat on. He was a loser and hey, this country's full of adolescent angst. What you don't want to do when the cheerleaders ignore your sorry butt is join up with this country's enemy and help spread their propaganda. If you do, then note right now that Adam Gadahn has been indicted for treason. Let the idiots try it.

    Gadahm-American Al Queda

    Who Is Adam Gadahn?
    The grandson of a Jewish doctor, the young man was raised as Adam Pearlman on a goat farm in the hills of southwestern Riverside County by parents who had eclectic religious tastes and shunned the modern world.
    At 14, his spiritual journey took him to the Islamic Center of Orange County, where he fell under the influence of two radical Muslims, Khalil Deek and Hisham Diab, both naturalized U.S. citizens

    The Law Regarding Treason

    Minority Leader Reid As Crooked As They Come

    It's tough to be a politician. You have, by the very nature of the position, to be a hypocrite. Harry Reid takes the cake when it comes to hypocrisy.

    WASHINGTON - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

    In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.

    The Lamestream media is too lazy to help dissect Reid's audacious Nevada land deal for the American public. The story, it is whispered, is not "sexy" enough. Well go on, we've still got Foley blanketing media coverage and the poor man quit eons ago!

    So Harry Reid buys a piece of land along with some other shyster. This piece of land will only become valuable if an adjoining piece of land is re-zoned commercial to allow all adjoining parcels thereby open to commercial development. Via a jumble of associates, family and corrupt Nevada officials, Reid manages, behind the scenes and un-provable save looking unethical, to get the land zoned just the way he wants.

    Right before the re-zoning, Reid handily sells his share of the property to his suspicious partner via a Limited Liability Corp. This is to keep his name far away from the questionable re-zoning as a Senator pushing for land use change for land that he owns looks, well, questionable. Reid knew what the hell he was doing.

    The property is re-zoned then boom, the Limited Liability Corporation, started ONLY on a handshake mind you (read: to keep Senator Reid's name off of any legal documentation), sells the property and Reid, boom, makes a profit of $700,000.

    This deal has many other facets but hey, if the Lamestream can't be bothered with reading nothing but the DNC talking points, I'll tell them how to do it.

    See, Americans understand such as signing legal documents when forming corporations. Many Americans, go with me here, even belong to such LLC's themselves, or run one. Right THERE is the story. All the other froufrou such as swapping federal land in Utah for land near Las Vegas can be glossed over. Tell us stupid Americans how Harry Reid started a company on a handshake, how he didn't sign a thing, how this LLC is supposed to file annual reports listing all officers/stockholders of the company, and heck, they'll understand this. America is the land of bureaucracies. We're used to having our picture taken just to charge a pair of pantyhose and plenty of us have to pay taxes on pass-through profits from LLC's our own stupid selves. The more industrious of the Lamestream could, just a suggestion, actually look up the records of this Limited Liability Corp their own selves. This sort of thing is a matter of public record.

    Now the man charged the annual Christmas gifts to the staff at his luxury hotel, sorry don't have a link now but I'm not lying, and Reid's been all around the bend with this one.

    He makes a $700,000 profit via a questionable LLC and he's too damn cheap to tip the help at his hotel? He has to use the money of the trusting souls who contributed to his campaign to tip the staff?

    Hey, Lamestream. Plenty of Americans are volunteers at this or that charitable organization. Lots of us serve as Treasurers for local homeowners' groups or even for our damn bowling leagues. We understand taking money from dues/contributions to give Christmas gifts to others is just not right, not right at all.

    At first Reid blared that such giving of money from his campaign contributors is perfectly legal. Then he declared, I am NOT making this up, that his "lawyer" said it was okay. Heh. There isn't a lawyer in American that would have okayed that penurious behavior. Reid just didn't care, he didn't care, it didn't matter, he does whatever he wants to because he is a coiffed member of the American House of Lords.

    Can't count on the Lamestream, folks. They used to tell the story but no more. The Bloggers are beating up on this story, however.

    Exorcism Muslim Style

    Just when I thought those Islamic nuts couldn't get any crazier, along comes this story. Featured on Lebanon TV, we have the story of how a young girl (this sort of thing never happens to ugly old ladies) was possessed by something called a "Jinn". I assume a Jinn is some sort of spirit and praise Allah, a Saudi Sheikh purged the 14-year-old girl of the Jinn by pulling cloths from her womb.

    Sure he did.

    These people are nuts, folks. Just plain nuts. Please know now that this was not some kook, the guy was a Saudi Sheikh and was interviewed during prime time.

    They get to be perverts and their religion condones it. Below is a picture of the miraculous Sheikh and the very pretty 14-year-old-girl that had cloths stuck up her vagina.



    From Little Green
    Munir 'Arab: Anything may happen. Sometimes the jinn talks in the voice of a man, and sometimes in the voice of a woman or a child. Sometimes it barks like a dog or brays like a donkey, God forbid. All these things do happen. ...

    Interviewer: There is a report about a piece of cloth, which you said you had taken out of a little girl, and you have many other stories.

    Munir 'Arab: I did not take it out. The cloth came out by itself.

    Interviewer: Explain this to us.

    Munir 'Arab: By the way, my friend, I can show it to you. I have it with me. If I showed it to all the doctors in the world, and told them that that had come out of the womb, or the vagina, of an ordinary, married woman, they would never believe it - let alone when it came out of a girl who is a virgin, at the blossoming age of 13 or 14. When such a thing comes out of her, it is considered unnatural, of course. This is something that cannot happen in a human body. Yet it did happen. ...

    Roger Clinton and Korea

    From no less a North Korean expert than Roger Clinton. Heh.

    From Korea-np:

    Here is an interview with Roger Clinton, U.S. President Clinton's brother, who visited north Korea from Dec. 2 to 8 with his band members to take part in a north-south joint concert. It was interviewed in Pyongyang.

    Q. How do you think of the meaning of your music concert at Pyongyang, be held in a situation that the country and the U.S. are in hostile relations?

    A. I have taken a means of music to promote better understanding and exchanges between the two countries. I think the Pyongyang concert was of great significance for restoring peace to the two Koreas and the United States.

    However, though the U.S. and north Korea have been in confrontation with each other, I could have an opportunity to pay homage to the late President Kim Il Sung, through my Pyongyang visit as well as the visit of my music concert. I think we have done what U.S. diplomats should do in north Korea.

    U.S.-north Korea relations are going well in view of recent developments. I think my Pyongyang visit this time will help expedite the bilateral relationships.

    Q. What is your impression of Pyongyang?

    A. I was much impressed by the warm reception of Pyongyangites. I am very proud of having performed in Pyongyang and I will keep it in mind that this was a great generosity that the Korean people and government granted to me. I would like to convey my gratitude to the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il for allowing me to perform in his country.

    During my Pyongyang visit, I could see Pyongyang people's life, tradition, their hopes for the future and their love for their compatriots. I had had my own image for north Korea once but the fact is different in many aspects. For instance, I did not perceive any threatening atmosphere that I heard of.

    Q. As you know, north Korea is a socialistic country that is based on ideological principles. The county has a lot of different points compared with America.

    A. I have no intention to objecting people who makes a living according to their belief. Any people can live in their own way that they think right.

    I think we can understand each other. Culture is a powerful means to realizing it. For example, the performance that I saw at Mangyongdae Students and Children Palace was very wonderful. I have never seen such talented children before. It was a great performance that you won't find in any other parts of the world.

    I have an idea that no oppressive means would lead a peaceful settlement of the Korean issue. Real human relationships do not require power.

    I have received a message of peace from Pyongyang, which I will correctly convey to our people.

    The Political Ad They Don’t Want Us To See

    This Blog Blocked by U.S. Government

    Okay, we’re sure the U.S. Department of Interior isn’t going after The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog specifically. We have nothing against the Department of Interior save that bureaucracy’s tendency to award federal lands to political pals. Heh.

    The Department of Interior has, however, put a block on all BLOGSPOT Blogs and many conservative political Blogs. Can’t have Department of the Interior employees reading conservative opinions on our taxpayer dime. None of the very liberal Blogs have been blocked, however, so we must assume that it’s okay to waste our taxpayer dimes reading that tripe.

    From Gates of
    blog banned by Dept of Interior Howdy,

    I’m a long-time reader, without ever actually commenting on anything. Yesterday the U.S. Department of the Interior installed blocking software on their entire network. Gates of Vienna is now blocked, as are all sites with a .blogspot URL. Also blocked are other conservative blogs, such as Wizbang. More than half the sites I check on a daily basis are now completely blocked. As of today, Little Green Footballs is not blocked, but that’s about the only one I’ve seen that isn’t.

    Barney Frank and Congressional Page

    The Foley nothing story continues on in that the House Ethics Committee is conducting hearings on the matter although, read my lips, Foley has resigned a long time ago.

    The Foley story covered on this Blog HERE and HERE.

    I figured while the vaunted do-nothing House Ethics Committee is wasting our tax dollars on this nothing story I’d post an interesting pic of Mass. Democrat Barney Frank and HIS relationship with a congressional Page.

    A picture, like they say, is worth a thousand words.

    Barney Frank with hand on boy's butt

    Another Political Ad the Libs Don’t Like. Heh.

    Political Correctness Run Amok

    Out here in la-la land we have an abundance of common sense. We’ve all had times, both our own fine selves and with our children, when nature called and a toilet was not available. At times we may stop alongside the road, at times an empty cup will do.

    Seems a school was put on lockdown in South Carolina. It’s not clear how long the lockdown was to last but a teacher was faced with the problem of several students whining about the need to pee. The teacher did call the administration and asked when the students would be allowed to use the bathrooms.

    The lockdown reportedly lasted an hour but the teacher allowed the students to use a trashcan to empty their straining bladders. These were 5th graders the teacher was dealing with and I imagine the students were getting impatient. This delicate matter appears to have been handled carefully, with the non-bladder-filled students facing the wall and jackets used to shield those emptying their bladders in the trash can.

    The teacher is in trouble for allowing the students to use the trashcan but it’s not as if the administration offered any solutions save being told that no one could leave their classroom, that the drill was not over.

    I think if I were that teacher I’d have done the same thing.

    A Charleston County fifth-grade teacher allowed five students to use a trash can as a toilet during a school lockdown drill when no one was supposed to leave the classroom.

    Philip Frandino gave the Charlestowne Academy students permission to use the trash can Tuesday. Three students held up jackets to shield the view while other students stood on the opposite wall with their backs turned.

    Associate Superintendent Patricia Yandle called the behavior unacceptable.

    Yandle says Frandino called the school office during the hour-long drill and said students needed to use the restroom.

    It's unclear what the he was told to do, but Yandle said he was not told to have students use the trash can.

    More Political Tidbits HERE

    1 comment:

    System_error@myspace said...

    Hi. Well I stumbled upon this page, started reading and was going to leave a comment.
    So I scrolled down a bit. and then some more. and then a little bit further, then I marveled at how many pages flew by at hyperspeed and then
    It stopped.

    So, here i am now and I’m ready to leave my message. So you understand the relevance of the info I’m going to leave here, id like to mention that you had asked
    (near the top of your page) why the Red Cross had released sealed documents regarding the Nazi's recently"[SIC](at the time you wrote it).

    Id also like to mention that the reference material I will be referring to was Realized by way of the Michael Savage radio show, and it is quite interesting indeed. if I am Jewish(I suppose I could be) I could find the current setting (2008 election) a little foreboding or maybe tinged with a little menace.

    I believe the progression of time is the only thing that could have revealed even a possible reason as to why, in 06 (if I read right) the red cross even brought the Nazis up.

    Did you know that Mein Kampf, the socialist manifesto by Adolph Hitler, has been printed in Arabic, more than the language it was inked in? Did you know that there was a whole sect of the "SS" that escaped incarceration during the Nuremburg trials?

    They (one specific person, i will mention in a few moments) escaped to the middle east. Sadly we had no way to track them and finish the job. So in a way, we are now continuing the resolution of the second world war.

    Before I hit send here I promise I will go through my notes and leave you the name of the book covering this topic and the name and date of death of the fascist I refer to.

    I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here and imagine me sitting around every night, playing with my HAM radio, and taking notes to worldwide political radio shows while screaming obscenities at my notepad.

    I don’t normally get to catch Mike Savage's show and it has a lot of commercials so i was keeping track of content time vs commercials... so i had a marker and a paper towel handy... I'm not a kook ;P heh, or am I? lol).

    Please don’t think I'm bashing of the islamic or arabic speaking peoples of Earth, I'm not. I don’t doubt that many of those whom I am dis-claiming now can't even read, let alone desire to read Mein Kampf.

    I know the world is a big place and I’ve seen the desolate sands, the checkpoints in Egypt, the high seas, and even majestic violet mountains covered in waves of amber grain, guarding as silent sentinels, the fruited plains of many cold and starving huddled masses.

    I haven’t seen it all though, and every time I think I have something catches my attention from the corner of my eye and i cant help but slap my forehead.

    well I’m back (didn’t know I had gone? Well I did, and I’m now back.)

    The mans name was Mohammad Amin al-Husayni(محمد أمين الحسيني‎, properly transliterated al-Husseini) and here are some more fun facts.
    Born in 1895 in Jerusalem, Ottoman Palestine.
    He died on the 4th of July 1974, 2 years shy of the American Bicentennial celebration of independence, in Beirut, Lebanon.
    He lead the Political party: Arab Higher Committee pertaining to religion, he was Sunni Islam.

    Well, it looks like wikipedia has all the info on him to get you started. Ahh there it is. ;P
    For those who wish to look at this in greater detail, a book has recently been written and published by Random-house by the name of "Icon of Evil- Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam." Written by David G. Dalin and John F. Rothmann.

    Ok, that’s all the time i have for homework. I’m glad I could share a little knowledge, and I hope it leads to broader understandings of the forces at play in geo-politics and if anything, a diversion. I’ve honored my promise and have other things to do so I bid you a good whatever it may be for you and an even better tomorrow.