TRUE CRIME-Nifong Bungles On, a Video of a Crime in Progress

It's time for a True Crime update and there's a few here involving crimes against canines. A black Labrador is shot for reasons unknown and a tiny chihuahua is dragged behind its owner's car, possibly on purpose!

A former baseball player burns in a fire under suspicious circumstances and plenty of Duke Nifong et al updates.

We've got a live video of a crime in progress and folks, it's teenagers run amok.

Some really stupid criminal alerts, a rapist in Houston targets MEN, and New Mexico residents fight back against those who would invade their homes. Three shot in the act so far.

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If the Sun stopped producing energy today, we wouldn't know about it for ten million years.

On a clear night in the autumn you can see two million years back in time.

The first living creature to orbit the Earth was a dog called Laika.

People in space are up to 5 centimeters taller than they are on Earth. Without the effect of gravity pressing them down, their vertebrae (sections of their spine) move a little further apart.

The footprints that Neil Armstrong and the other astronauts left on the surface of the Moon will still be there in a million years' time.

Jupiter is so big you could fit the Earth inside it 1300 times over.

On the Sun a person would be as heavy as an elephant is on Earth. The Sun is 330,000 times more massive than the Earth, so its gravity is very strong.

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Adolescent Stupidity

Check out this video of an actual crime being committed.

Seems a local mall had a tall Christmas tree decorated for the season, as malls are wont to do. This particular mall evidently was two stories and the top of the decorated tree reached almost to the balcony on the second story. Allowing, as one stupid and insane adolescent figured out, an individual to jump from that balcony directly onto the decorated tree.

Which he did.

I suppose that's supposed to be funny. A real snort; a belly laugh. For fun is nothing less than destroying holiday trees, toppling them over and causing mayhem and uproar, or so the hilarious adolescents consider.

You know what I would do with these teenagers? I'm talking about both the perpetrator AND those who conspired to do the deed? I'd deny that kid Christmas entirely.

I'm serious. Once those cops phoned me as the parent to inform me of the stunt this kid pulled I'd bail him out or do whatever is required. Then I'd not give that kid one single Christmas present, I'd make him stay home and be denied any holiday festivities, in fact, I'd have him spend the entire Christmas day in his room, no TV, no CD's, just silence and time to think about how idiotic his behavior was.

Nifong's Ditch He Dug Deepens

That joke of a "exotic dancer" rape at Duke University marches on and prosecutor Nifong is direct in the cross hairs of many angry people.

Of course the defense attorneys for the charged Lacrosse players have been pleading with the local congress critter to intervene in this mess. Our country's justice system does work on the notion that a fair trial will release the innocent and jail the guilty. The innocent shall walk free and the guilty shall be incarcerated. Everyone wins, right?


A charge like the one Nifong threw at those Duke Lacrosse players exacts a toll waaaaaay before the trial occurs.

The boys have to pay defense attorney fees, they have their reputation positively ruined, they risk being put on a sexual predators list.

All so that one prosecutor can enamor local voters and win an upcoming election. The concept that a fair trial will vindicate the innocent is not so clear-cut. A bogus charge by an unethical prosecutor is a form of punishment inflicted on the innocent in terms of terrible publicity and expense for defense. The innocent, if you follow my logic, SUFFER even if a subsequent trial jury finds them innocent.

Not to mention a very questionable use of taxpayer money for prosecutors so desirous of winning an election that all sense of judicial ethics flies out the window.

Now Nifong is under the gun via an ethics complaint against him by the North Carolina bar association. Said ethics complaint was filed way back when the initial charges were brought by Nifong. The complaint focuses on two actions by Nifong: a)he wrongly used his bully pulpit as prosecutor for pre-trial publicity to benefit his election campaign, NOT for the purpose of informing the public. And b)he withheld exculpatory evidence against those boys when he held back the results of the DNA test on the accuser, said DNA test finding NO DNA from any of the Lacrosse team whatsoever.

From WRAL.com:
Raleigh - The North Carolina State Bar has filed an ethics complaint against Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong.

The 17-page complaint accuses him of breaking four rules of professional conduct when speaking to reporters about the high-profile case. The complaint lists more than 100 examples of public statements Nifong made to the media, including WRAL, since March.
Among the rules, the bar complaint says Nifong violated is a prohibition on making "comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused."

It's time for Nifong to stop, pure and simple. Runaway prosecutors are a huge public problem of late, what with Fitzgerald running million dollar investigations when he knew from the very first who leaked the name of Valerie Plame, the spy who is not a spy.

I received another example of a runaway prosecutor in a comment recently:
You can add Ronnie Earl to the list of prosecutors abusing their power where Fitzgerald and Niffong sit. Ronnie Earle indicted Tom Delay so that the Marxist Democrats could steal a seat in congress and so that the the media could paint Republicans as being corrupt. Ironic that the law which Delay was indicted on is the unconstitutional campaign finance reform laws that take away our freedom of speech. Delay didn't even "violate" that unconstitutional monstrosity. This is injustice and the evil behind all this injustice and criminalizing of Republicans is the Democrat party.

Posted by Anonymous to The Kaitlyn Mae Book Blog at 12/19/2006 11:51:28 PM

Finally, in an effort at fair and balanced, we now expose the name of the accuser!


I figure if us little people have to suffer false prosecutions that elections may be won, then all rules are out the window. Including the secrecy of a rape victim who made a false charge.

Thus the four or five people who read this Blog a day are now informed.

Male Raping Males on the Loose in Houston

Okay, I can't believe I'm typing this but I'll continue on. My first thought when I heard about the serial rape predator on the loose in the Houston area and raping MALES, was that if more men were victims of rape perhaps there would be less rape of the female population in the country.

From YAHOO.com:
BAYTOWN, Texas - A rapist who has struck at least five times since April in and around Baytown has not only spread fear in this working-class community but also piqued the interest of those who study the criminal mind. The reason: He preys on other men.

That makes him something of a rarity in the world of crime.

"It's the least prevalent kind of serial rape, and largely underreported," said Jack Levin, a leading criminologist and director of the Brudnick Center on Violence at Northeastern University in Boston.

That renegade thought now written, I must deny that I have any desire to see innocent males raped any more than I wish innocent females to suffer that most degrading of crimes.

But just for the moment, consider the males in our society, constantly looking over their shoulder when walking down a public street. Consider a jury of males who too endured such a heinous violation of their bodies. Consider congress critters and local lawmakers with sons who have been so violated.

I'd softly suggest that the crime of rape would take on a whole new dynamic in public discourse.

Females are routinely date-raped or often drugged to unconscious submission. Too often cavalier males, having no experience with the fear of rape, toss off what is nothing else but a violation of a woman's freedom to choose and live her life by HER choices, toss off these various forms of rape as nonsense.

For sure there are few males living a peaceful life in their very own homes who are at danger of a rapist entering their house and subjecting them to such a degrading act.

That thought now expressed as is my God-given right as an American, hey, I think those guys who were raped deserved it. Likely they were wearing tight pants or walking alone on a dangerous street.

Yes I'm being sarcastic but think about the above paragraph.

This guy needs to be caught and thrown in jail for a long time. Soon he's going to end up killing someone.

Former Baseball Player Dies from Fire Under Mysterious Circumstances

Again from the Houston area, now we have a former baseball player, Chris Brown, who showed up at a local hospital burned badly enough to eventually die from his injuries almost a month later.

From Houston.com:
Chris Brown died in fire-pic HOUSTON -- Former major league third baseman Chris Brown died Tuesday, nearly a month after he apparently was burned in a fire at his home outside Houston.

Brown, 45, died at 1:15 a.m. CDT at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Authorities say their investigation is continuing into the circumstances surrounding the house fire and how Brown was burned.

For what it's worth, we have this little tidbitfrom Chron.com:
While he was praised as having a lot of talent, teammates and opponents alike called him the "Tin Man" because, like the character in The Wizard of Oz, he had no heart, they said.

An online biography said that, between 1984 and 1988, he missed more than 250 games for ailments such as a hurt shoulder and a bruised tooth.
Investigators considered the fire, reported at 1:26 a.m., to be suspicious,

Okay, so the house is but a shell, no furniture inside, no people living inside. Firefighters show up and find absolutely no one around. Investigators later discover that the owner of the house, Chris Brown, checked into a local hospital with severe burns. Due to the extent of his injuries, Brown was never interrogated before he died from his burns.

Anyone care to guess what probably happened here?

Of course! Brown evidently tried to burn down his own house and somehow set himself on fire! The house was a shell, probably a drain on his wallet. A quick fire, an insurance settlement and boom, problem gone.

Only it's Chris Brown who is now gone.

Albuquerque Fights Back

We're still in the Southwest here. If I were a house burglar I'd avoid Albuquerque like the dickens.

For in the past month three home burglars have been shot and killed in Albuquerque although local police says it's more of a coincidence then a trend.

From the ABQTRIB.com:
He was the third man in the past month shot and killed after reportedly breaking into an Albuquerque-area home. Authorities say that's more likely a coincidence than a trend.

"Hopefully this is going to send a message to people who are breaking into homes," Albuquerque police spokeswoman Trish Hoffman said Tuesday. "They're engaging in very dangerous behavior, not only to the people they're robbing, but to themselves."

None of the three homeowners involved in the shootings has been charged, though the cases are still under review by the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office.

The recent spate of homeowner shootings of burglars is probably a coincidence but it's a coincidence I like.

There is simply no excuse whatsoever for a human being to go breaking into a home that is not theirs. NONE.

Bleeding hearts might sob that perhaps the burglars were hungry or a desperate father trying to find food for his kids.


There's soup kitchens all the hell over the place and a family in such dire straits is not without resources, come on, this is America.

Who among us, if supplied with a firearm, wouldn't shoot a mid of night burglar who takes it upon himself to come into your home while your spouse and family sleeps? Myself, being such a fine human being, might consider giving the burglar a warning before shooting but as I understand it, all those homeowners who did the shooting are under no investigation and their actions are perfectly legal under New Mexico law.

I bet house burglaries go down dramatically in New Mexico this year.

Poor Little Chihuahua Dragged Almost to Death

It's not at all clear why Susan Baird dragged her helpless Chihuahua under her car for at least a mile. I'm thinking the dog was yelping and screaming while this was going on. In fact, Baird will not be allowed to have the helpless little thing back and other stories on this matter indicate that the woman might be charged with an animal cruelty charge.

Baird, as expected, denied knowing the pup was trapped under her car but I'm sticking to my assertion that any dog dragged for over a mile would be making SOME kind of noise.

I'm betting that this very nice lady was in a hurry to pick up her children after school, that she heard the dog yelping in pain and that she decided to keep going and release the dog from his torment AFTER she arrived at the school. I'm betting that someone saw or heard the tortured pup as Baird drove along ignoring her dog's yelps of pain and that someone turned this lovely lady in to the authorities.

There's something about a helpless animal that brings out the hearts in all of us. What did this little dog do to deserve this? His ears were completely torn off!

They're God's creatures and we are blessed with their care. Most kindly Americans know this and goodness knows Americans are the most exuberant pet-keepers on this planet.

This Baird woman got a whole lot of not-so-nice publicity on the matter and her children will forever know what kind of heartless bitch their mother is.

From WBIR.com:
pic of chihuahua dragged under car The 10-pound Chihuahua mix was a mess last week, after he was dragged a mile down the road, when his owner went to pick up her children from school.

Susan Baird faces a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. She has not returned phone calls from 10News.

Per the above article, the LaFollette Veterinary Clinic can be reached at (423)562-0060. This Vet is taking care of the hapless pup.

Another Dog Tale-This One Shot in Head For No Known Reason

Truman is a chocolate Labrador Retriever. For anyone who doesn’t know this dog breed, Labs are the calmest, sweetest dogs on the planet.

Which isn’t to say that the cop who shot Truman didn’t feel threatened, as he said, and felt a need to shoot the Lab in the head.

From the News Observer.com:
RALEIGH - The pop sounded like fireworks.
Then there was a loud whimper.

Jennifer Walker opened the front door at 3405 Edgemont Drive around 5:30 p.m. Monday hoping to find Truman, one of the family's dogs, frightened from the noise. Instead, he was covered in blood. A Raleigh police officer stood nearby.

"Did you shoot our dog?" she asked him.

"Yes. He was coming after me," she remembers him saying.

According to the above link, Truman was on a leash.

The story is a simple one, indicative of how a bureaucracy managed to cloud the picture.

A bunch of relatives were enjoying a Christmas get-together. As many Americans do, guests brought their dogs along on the visits and Truman was one such guest.

One individual in that merry household bent over to pet yet another dog (a Weimariner) that belonged to the homeowners. The dog, startled from its sleep by a stranger, at least as the Weimariner saw it, reacted by snapping at the kindly individual. The bite required three stitches to repair by a local emergency clinic which had to, by local law, report the incident.

No doubt a local cop got the report…”angry, biting dog on the loose” or some such. The cop reported to the address as indicated, said police officer already nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs what will mad frothing, human-biting dogs on the loose, saw an exuberant Truman heading at him and reacted with a nervous trigger finger.

There. Dangerous dog shot.

It was Christmas day, recall, and likely animal control officers weren’t readily available. Police officers might regularly deal with animal issues but it isn’t their job and they’re not particularly trained to handle these sorts of situations.

At any rate, Truman is going to live and should recover fully. The lesson learned here is whenever receiving medical treatment for an animal bite, be on alert that the incident might be reported to the local police and be prepared BEFORE misunderstandings cause the death of a beloved pet.

Tape of Truman HERE

right to be stupid

”Officer, Somebody Done Sole Me Some Bad Crack”

From Miami Herald.com:
HAWTHORNE - (AP) -- A North Carolina woman was arrested after complaining to a police officer that the crack cocaine she had just purchased wasn't very good, authorities said.

Christmas Church Caper Cancelled

This story involves such as shooting oneself in the leg, stealing church money, and reporting an SUV as stolen even as the cash from the church sits in a home readily accessible.

From the NY TIMES:
A quiz for aspiring burglars: You’ve just stolen $25,000 or so from a church safe during Christmas morning Mass. There is a witness, a man who asked you what you were doing lugging a heavy metal box containing the money to your Lincoln Navigator, the one with the Vermont plates.

The crime is a sensation, all over the news. An entire city is searching for you.

What should you do?

Perhaps it would be wise to lie very, very low for a while.

Or you could call the police, report your S.U.V. stolen, and wait around at home.

This, the police say, is what a 25-year-old Brooklyn man named Daniel Morales did. He is now under arrest. Last night, Dennis Almodovar, 25, the brother of a former assistant caretaker at the church, was arrested, too, the police said.

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