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Week Ending 5/31/06

Memorial Day Pictoral

This Week- Only two posts this week. We have a combination garden and birding post featuring grackles, wrens and killer mockingbirds. Political Tidbits features a summary of the Haditha raid and the questionable sources telling the tale.
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Cartoon of the Week
Computer Dating Cartoon

Quote(s) of the Week
Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.
-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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Just in Time For Memorial Day
Honoring our Veterans

  • Tuesday 5/30/06
    It's been a busy bird spring and we catch up in this Bird post.

    A baby grackles refuses to leave the nest, house wrens eye up a pig planter and collect dog hair. A mockingbird takes on a crow.

    Oh, and don't forget the baby bunny.
    Here's a Garden post with some pics of the new container garden and garden evolution.

    It's been a beautiful spring here in Delmarva. So why was I so worried?
    Gardens, Birds 5/30/06

  • Wednesday 5/31/06

    Here's some very interesting Political Tidbits.

    We've got some scoop on Murtha and what might have happened in Haditha.

    Also, Chelsea chastises her mother, Hillary, the Senate gets snippy, and who's against the border fence.

    Oh, and the Top Five Reasons William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisiana, had $90,000 worth of cash in his freezer.

    Political Tidbits 5/31/06

    Week Ending 5/27/06

    This Week- A Memorial Day Fiction and a Kitchen Makeover Non-fiction. True Crime Update, Political Tidbits, American Idol Finale and Pop Culture Update.
    Day by day posts with a summary and links below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    Vultures at Dinner Cartoon

    Quote(s) of the Week
    "On the bright side, if President Bush's amnesty proposal for illegal immigrants ends up hurting Republicans and we lose Congress this November, maybe the Democrats will impeach him and we'll get Cheney as president."
    - Columnist Ann Coulter

  • Monday 5/22/06

    Just in time for the holiday, here's a Fiction entry titled "A Memorial Day Service for a Soldier Who Never Served".

    The protagonist returns to the home of her former fiance, a fiance she thought died in military action.

    Only her investigation reveals her former fiance was not killed in war time action and indeed, had never reported for military duty!

    So why did his mother throw a memorial service every year in his honor? A service attended by all the townspeople. They too think something's suspicious about the hometown hero's heroism.
    Here's the story of a kitchen makeover that effectively made use of every available space in a pretty but practical manner.

    Okay, so it's only the story of MY kitchen makeover, but I'm very pleased with the results.

    I would thank to HGTV for all their guidance. Also, my parents for making me possible....

    Memorial Day Fiction and Kitchen Makeover 5/22/06

  • Tuesday 5/23/06

    It's beginning to look ominous in that Duke rape probe. Ominous in that, could the prosecutor really be this far off?

    Updates on the Easter toddler shooting and that Virginia cop killing case.

    A stupid criminal story you'll never believe and a really strange tale involving Baltimore police and arrests for asking directions on a public street.

    True Crime Update 5/23/06

  • Wednesday 5/24/06

    Here's some Political Tidbits.

    Yes, folks, another Kennedy airplane mishap.

    Also Scott Ritter's new book, good news from Iraq, an imprisoned blogger.

    And for giggles and grins, check out who Nancy Pelosi was separated from birth. A real surprise, with pictures that can't be denied.

    Political Tidbits 5/24/06

  • Thursday 5/25/06

    American Idol 2006-the Winner and a Look Back

    The Winner of American Idol 2006

  • Friday 5/26/06

    Time for a Pop Culture Update.

    How about that Star Jones/Rosie O'Donnell flap?

    Plus lovely OJ's new TV show, you'll never believe this guy's lack of class.

    Also, canned oxygen and a picture of a genuine mirage.

    Pop Culture Update 5/26/06

    Week Ending 5/20/06

    This Week- Spring Gardens: Weeds and Spiders; True Crime Update; Political Tidbits; American Idol Review-Final Two; Pop Culture Update
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    Angray gas tank

    Quote(s) of the Week
    Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.
    --Phillips Brooks

  • Monday 5/15/06
    It's Spring 2006 and the new plantings are growing!

    Except…well..maybe they're weeds?

    The azaleas bloom and garden plans are ablaze.

    Guest Writer Michelle teaches us about spiders. The Black Widow Kind.

    Oh, and what does the name of your state mean?
    Garden and Guest Writer Post 5/15/06

  • Tuesday 5/16/06
    In this True Crime Update we welcome two comments by people involved in recent true crimes posted on this blog.

    Also, Virginia kid goes on shooting rampage and kills one cop, injures another.

    And poor little Sarah Ewing. Those who were supposed to protect her failed her.
    True Crime Update 5/16/06

  • Wednesday 5/17/06
    Here's some Political Tidbits and I apologize in advance about the rant.

    But that Kennedy family, with their cars that do not follow commands, airplanes that don't steer properly in fog, trees that kill on ski slopes…when will we ever have our fill of these people?

    Also, be a millionaire for only ten bucks and check in for Hill and Bill's newest campaign finance crime.
    Political Tidbits 5/17/06

  • Thursday 5/18/06

    It’s Down to Two.

    The Trifecta 5/16/06

  • Friday 5/19/06
    Time for a Pop Culture Update and first thing, what's going on in Rolling Stone's Keith Richards' brain?

    Some blind item fun, weird houses and travails of Tom Cruise.
    Pop Culture Update 5/19/06

    Week Ending 5/13/06

    This Week- Pop Culture, True Crime, American Idol Update, Political Tidbits, Katrina Update. Plus a peek into local government in action.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    Cartoon Couple Marriage Counseling

    Quote(s) of the Week
    Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy.
    --Cynthia Nelms

  • Monday 5/8/06

    Time to give a thorough Katrina update for Kaitlyn, that history not be re-written.

    The results of the New Orleans' mayoral race are in!

    It's not good.

    Also, Louisiana learns a new language and it ain't french.

    An interesting update on NO demographics and a Katrina cartoon for giggles and grins.

    Katrina Update

  • Monday 5/8/06

    At first blush this post might seem germane to only Delaware readers. Specifically, Sussex county Delaware readers.

    Not so!

    Click in and read how perhaps you too can tune in, across the mighty Internet, on YOUR local council meeting.

    My experience was interesting but I still don't know why I wasn't invited to that "Quick Chicks" thing.

    Local Government in Action

  • Tuesday 5/9/06

    There's tragedy everywhere in this True Crime Update.

    A soldier survives Iraq only to bleed to death in an air conditioner unit.

    A paraplegic is beaten to death for wetting the bed.

    Then there's the Limbaugh persecution and the Moussaoui verdict.

    A wedding ends with a stabbing, a St. Guillian update, the closet murderer and a bit of good news as a woman refuses to be a victim.

    True Crime Update 5/9/06

  • Wednesday 5/10/06

    Here's some Political Tidbits and there's smiles aplenty.

    Cynthia McKinney throws another hissy fit along with a CNN correspondent.

    Congress wants to re-design what they already re-designed wrong.

    Lots of info on press corps of all kinds and more on the Democratic Culture of Corruption.

    Oh, and an interesting update on that Cleveland election tampering case.

    Political Tidbits 5/10/06

  • Thursday 5/11/06

    There’s three left.

    The one sent home should have won.

    American Idol-Three Left

  • Friday 5/12/06

    Here's a Pop Culture Update and we're loaded for bear.

    We've got the top ten WORST movie blockbusters of all time, a quote from Stephen Colbert's awful comedy routine, a Dane royal who eats dogs, we're not making this up.

    Also, jewelry worn directly in your eyeballs. Again, not making this up and there's a pic to prove it.

    Pop Culture Update 5/12/06

    Week Ending 5/6/06

    This Week- a review of those fashion shows, the angst, the turmoil, the pain. Also, a True Crime update, Political Tidbits, American Idol Update, and a Pop Culture Update.
    Day by day posts with a summary below.

    Cartoon of the Week
    Internet versus Library Cartoon

    Quote(s) of the Week
    Thought for the day...

    Certainly it is important to put thought and care into decisions you make. Be sure to also put just as much energy into the living and fulfillment of those choices.


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  • Monday
    Let's talk about fashion.

    More specifically, those fashion shows such as "How Do I Look?" or "What Not to Wear" that would have an unfashionable schlep nominated by family and friends made over from dumpy to delicious.

    A review of the above shows plus a few others is given.

    The shows are not always so kind to the fashion-deprived.
    Fashion Show Review HERE

  • Tuesday
    True Crime Update time.

    There's a missing toddler and it doesn't look good.

    A very strange story of embezzlement, the tragedy of innocent dogs and horses shot for sport, a man targets sex offenders, murders them, then kills himself.

    A Duke update and a child dressed in Easter best killed in his own car by a stray bullet.
    True Crime Update 5/2/06

  • Wednesday
    Some Political Tidbits this week which would include a law giving apes all the rights of human beings, we're not making this up.

    A Chernobyl update, the real scoop on Hugo's Venezuela, a has-been reporter demands impeachment hearings.

    Oh, and a state Governor wants to issue a "pre-emptive" disaster declaration. Again, we're not making this up.
    Political Tidbits 5/3/06

  • Thursday
    American Idol Update

    It’s Down to Five.

    American Idol 5/3/06

  • Friday
    Time for a Pop Culture Update.

    A sexually segregated subway car? Some smashing Media Nuggets.

    How about Maury Povich's sexual harassment suit?

    Plus a new mental disorder, the eagerly awaited George Michael tour and yes, some Blind Item Fun.
    Pop Culture Update 5/5/06


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