TRUE CRIME-Tim Hennis-Will He Finally Pay for His Three Murders?

Here's a True Crime Post and we've got the strange story of active church members supporting a known child molester.

And how about that Va Senator Jim Webb sneaking a gun into congress? Only Webb got his assistant to do the deed and now his loyal Aid faces jail time.

He molested a teenager only he wasn't a man, but a WOMAN!

Finally, an update on Timothy Hennis who brutally murdered a woman and her young daughters. He escaped justice a long time ago but newer DNA tests nail him as the Perp. Will the government really be able to use the military justice system to get around that pesky "double jeopardy" issue?

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Senator Webb Leaves Aide to Spend Night in Jail

But he didn't use the word "macaca"....

From The Stilettoblog.com:
Thompson - listed as Lockup No. 1 on a docket with people facing assorted charges, including weapons violations, panhandling, assault, domestic violence and possession of crack cocaine - spent the night in jail because the charges against him were not filed until after the deadline to get a same-day court appearance. When he finally faced a judge "in the foul-smelling arraignment room" at the courthouse some 28 hours later "he had a 5 o'clock shadow and a new pair of leg irons to accessorize his rumpled business suit," writes Milbank.

Jim Webb with gun

Indeed Webb's Republican opponent, former Senator Allen, spoke of a "macaca" in their midst and Allen was left sitting on the bench as the kind and nice Jim Webb took over the job of Senator from Virginia.

Only Jim Webb's first months as a Senator have been frought with nastiness, the latest of which is the gun flap.

Ever notice it is the political party that most dislikes guns that seems to carry them everywhere and most, thinks they should go through congressional check points with no bother of checking. I refer to the party of the Donkey-Democrats, as witnessed by Cynthia McKinney and now, Jim Webb's Aide.

The fellow was caught with not only a loaded gun but extra ammunition, both of which he was willy-nilly trying to get past the check point. It was Phillip Thompson's birthday when he was led, in leg irons, in front of a DC Judge to plead his case. Thompson, an aide of Jim Webb, and his attorney, had no comment about the matter.

The problem is certainly NOT carrying a registered gun, either by Senator Webb or his Aide. The problem is that Washington D.C. allows NO guns at all, for anyone, zero, zip, zilch, nada. And congress, in case one does not know, is located in, tada, Washington D.C.

Thus Jim Webb can certainly carry around a loaded gun and enough ammunition to take down the Alamo all over Virginia and no one would say a word. And for sure D.C.'s gun law is unconstitutional which the Supreme Court will likely rule soon. I would also add that if ever a locale desperately needed its citizens to be armed, it is Washington D.C. which does have some crime if anyone should notice.

So why was Jim Webb, or his poor beleaguered aide, carrying a weapon around D.C. that is so clearly illegal?

Webb's aide is being loyally quiet but the bloke did have to spend the night in jail. Thompson claims he had no idea the brief case he was carrying, on behalf of Jim Webb, mind you, had a loaded gun inside. Jim Webb knew he had a gun in that briefcase. Goodness, why on earth did he have his aide try to get that thing through the x-ray portal in the halls of congress for God's sake?

Could Jim Webb really have...? Naw....it couldn't be. Could Jim Webb really be carrying a loaded gun around Washington D.C. when such a thing is clearly against the law? A law the Democrats enacted?

Say it ain't so, Jim!

Church Gathers Round Child Molester; Shuns 3-year-old Victim

From Foxnews.com:
The family of a molested 3-year-old girl has left College Park Church in Carmel, Ind., after it embraced her attacker — a former church elder — with support and money.

The Indianapolis Star reported that the family of the girl wishes to remain anonymous, but the father spoke out, saying the church is acting inappropriately by forgiving the elder.

"It's a disgrace that the church would embrace a criminal and turn its back on the victim, especially one that's a young child," the father told The Indianapolis Star.

This odd little story should in no way reflect on the millions of church-goers across these fruited plains. It is, however, a sad tale and the Lamestream Media will use the news item to smear Christians in America.

Whatever the case, what the people in this church did will strike anyone with a child the wrong way, no matter what Jesus would say on the matter.

The child was a mere 3-years old when she was sexually molested by this church's office manager. The congregation of the church has gathered around the pervert whilst paying scant attention to the small victim of this crime. The sex offender readily admitted to the crime so it's not like there's any question of guilt.

I suppose there's a certain kind of admiration for a church which defends even heinous sinners such as child molesters but in this case, the fact that the College Partk Church in Carmel, Indiana had a child molester who was so in tight with the church elders and administration as to be its office manager, well that just looks bad. I must wonder if this toddler child molester was a mere passing parishioner who only showed up for Easter services if he would get such comfort, solace and support from this church.

True Crime Quote of Note

I recall the "breaking news" story referenced by the quote below. It was some escaped felon, a police dog was shot, the perp was found hiding in some shed or another. In fact I covered this story on this Blog but could not find a link.

At any rate, the following came through my e-box in-box and I chuckled.

Another case of underestimating the ammo requirements.

As reported earlier this week, some dirtbag who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop in Florida ended up "executing" the deputy who stopped him. The deputy including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed.

A statewide manhunt ensued. The low-life piece of human garbage was found hiding in a wooded area with his gun. SWAT team officers fired and hit said low-life 68 times.

Now here's the kicker: Asked why they shot the guy 68 times, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told the OrlandoSentinel...get this...

"That's all the bullets we had."

God bless Sheriff Judd!

Timothy Hennis Military Trial Delayed

The True Crime story of Tim Hennis is an intriguing one. I covered this story on this Blog HERE.

It seems that Timothy Hennis got two trials for allegedly raping Kathryn Eastburn then murdering her and two of her three children. This crime was committed in 1985, a time when sophisticated DNA tests were not available. At the first trial, Hennis was found guilty and sent to death row. The North Carolina Supreme Court overturned the conviction due to "severe" legal errors. Hennis was tried again and found not guilty by a new set of jurors.

One would think the constitutional protection of legal jeopardy would kick in here but this is the intrigue.

It seems that Hennis can be tried via a military court, or at least that's what's happening to Tim Hennis. After his second trial and subsequent acquittal, Hennis returned to the military and eventually retired.

Hennis was called BACK to active duty after new and modern DNA tests proved Hennis was the rapist of Kathryn Eastburn and/or was present in that house. He was called back to active duty, evidently a very legal thing for the military to do, for the specific purpose of finally trying him for the three free murders he got back in 1985.

Thus Hennis did not escape punishment via a constitutional clause meant to protect citizens from undue government harrassment. Hennis was tried by civilian courts, found not guilty, and can not, constitutionally, be tried in a civil court again. I didn't know that Hennis could still be tried by the military but am happy that this is the case. For Hennis probably, very, very probably, murdered three people who should be alive and happy today.

There are plenty of people watching this case closely. For now, Hennis' defense team has been given more time. I say give them plenty of time, let them defend this creep all the hell over the place. When the defense is ready, let the military do the deed. Remember please, the civil jury that found this fine fellow not guilty did NOT have the benefit of this DNA evidence.

From the Fay Observer.com:
The case against Master Sgt. Timothy Hennis for rape and three murders in 1985 has been delayed again, Fort Bragg said Wednesday evening.

His new date for an Article 32 hearing, which is a military judicial proceeding held to investigate whether the Army has cause to prosecute him, is May 16. It had been scheduled for April 2.

The Army granted the delay to allow Hennis’ defense team more time to prepare, Fort Bragg said in a statement.

Sex Offender Really a Woman! Sent to Male Prison Before Gender Discovered!

Wow. So this sex offender was born as "Elaine" Cross but legally changed her name to Alexander and lived her life disguised as a man. It would turn out that "Alexander" got involved with an adolescent of 15 years of age and was found guilty of a sex crime. The adolescent thought Cross was a man and was deeply in love with "him".

Only Alexander was a female and said fact was not discovered until she was actually IN jail.

From WRCBTV.com:
In court today, Prosecutors revealed that 42 year old Alexander Cross is actually a woman. Her given name is Elaine Cross, she legally changed it to Alexander. How did prosecutors find out Cross was a woman? After she had been in the Hamilton County jail for 10 days in January, someone noticed she was actually a female while she was taking a shower. She was immediately moved to female isolation.

More True Crime Updates HERE

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Anonymous said...

The Three Missing Women of Springfield, Missouri

Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, & Stacy McCall

Missing since June 7th, 1992

Have we found them?

Our videotaped ground penetrating radar scan of the Hulston Cancer Center Parking Garage suggests the presence of three graves under concrete.

For the whole story please visit www.airalex.com/missing.html

Anonymous said...

I was a 3rd grader at the same school as Kara when she was murdered. I remember it like it was yesterday. A year after the murders I was in the home, my mothers friend had been renting it to the Eastburns.It was very creepy and I think of this crime often. I hope Tim Hennis finally does his time for this horrific murder.