Delaware-the RINOS in Delaware Are As Vicious As a Nest of Vipers; Guest Writer Murder Mystery

The political arena heats up and I've been busy with local politics.

Except here in Delaware we've got a mess of RINO(Republican in Name Only)'s and they're nastier than a nest full of vipers.

An inside look at Delaware politics and a first impression of two Republican contenders for Governor.

Plus Guest Writer Michelle pens us a little murder mystery.

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Delaware RINOS More Vicious Than a Pack of Vipers

I know Delaware is a blue state although I’ve argued that it’s more sky blue than navy blue. For at the south of Delaware the populace is older, more conservative while up north near mighty Wilmington you’ve got liberals galore.

With the upcoming elections, both presidential and here in Delaware, gubernatorial, I’ve been dabbling in the local political scene.

As yon readers might know, I’m a bit of a political junkee on the national level. At the local level…not so much.

I joined the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club and have been active in that. All in all this has been a positive experience. Women are, ahem, usually kinder and more gentle in their approach to the world than males. Save possibly liberal women and even then I’m betting that the tender restraint of femininity keeps even liberal females kinder than the male counterparts.

I’d always thought of Republican men as a bit on the wimpy side. Of course if one wants America to win wars and get tough when tough is required, one would choose a Republican fellow over a Democrat one. But in the game of politics, it is usually the GOP fellows who are gracious and polite. Democrats are the vicious ankle-biters of the two parties.

The Democrats in all their viciousness can’t hold a candle to the RINOs(Republican in Name Only)’s that have taken over so much of the Republican party.

The chairman of my county’s (Sussex)’s GOP has a Blog, HERE. Obviously myself thinks this is cool as all get out. In August of this year, while taking a brain break from this Blog, I began to read Dave Burris’ Blog and in due course, as my fingers trembled and my mind ached, I began to post.

Yon reader will note that the sidebar to the left of this page, scroll down a bit, is a list of Delaware Blogs. Even though many of those Bloggers are part and parcel of those vicious viperous RINOS of whom I complain, I leave them there for yon reader to visit, read and decide.

Now understand here that myself can dish it out as I’ve been both a Blogger and Internet denizen for too many years to mention. I understand the wild, wooly and unchecked world of the Internet.

But the way those commenters on Dave Burris’ blog attacked me was beyond anything I’ve experienced all across even the most untamed parts of the Internet. And I am a regular poster and commenter on, one of the toughest places on the Internet for conservatives as you’ll find.

Those Delaware RINOS make the toughest Freepers look like fashion designers.

Why do I call them RINOs? Damn. They think a woman should have a right to choose and any discussion about it is a waste of time. Unborn babies should be allowed to be pulled from their mother’s womb crying until the knitting needle in their skull stops their infant cries. These RINOS love unions of any kind and Delaware is a state almost paralyzed by the teacher’s union. Delaware has the worst schools of all the states and everyone knows it.

The GOP in Delaware is grid-locked by political elites who haven’t had an original thought since Christ was a kid. A factoid I dared to mention oncit and those same formerly polite political elites attacked me as a lazy do-nothing fat slob who probably never attended a political event in her life.

Now if that reaction isn’t the perfect example of a political elite than there is no such thing.

What’s really sad is some of those nasty-assed RINOS are TEACHERS! My daughter is thinking of moving to Delaware. At the top of this page is a picture of my precious granddaughter and namesake of this Blog, Kaitlyn Mae. I shudder at the thought that Delaware schools are populated with such rude, nasty teachers.

Today I will tell my daughter not to even THINK about moving to Delaware.

Reading on I will provide links to various Delaware subjects now under discussion. Yon readers are welcome to visit the links and read some of the nasty commentary by so-called Republicans. Perhaps some of my own fine comments will be there, heh, and one can note that I was never vicious or a name-caller until I myself was attacked. Then…well hey, I can give it back handily, let’s not fool ourselves.

If this reads like a rant, well yes, in fact, it is. Hey, I’ve got my own Blog and I can write what I want. But to clarify, let me state that the Sussex GOP chair, Dave Burris, is most definitely NOT a RINO and by my limited dealings with him, he seems like a polite and fair individual to me. And frankly I’d never want to see him go censoring comments on his Blog except on a limited basis. If you are a Blogger or post comments to a Blog, be prepared for the nasties.

When the RINOS of our country decide to start their own political party, look out! They’ll make the Democrats look positively angelic.

Speaking of Freepers …

In response to a post I made on FreeRepublic I received a very nice email from a fellow Delawarian Freepeer. He included a link to his page and darn if this isn’t just the coolest.

Cool Dog Concerts HERE

Check it out.

Mike Protack-Always a Candidate, Never a Victor

Mike ProtackI’ve always had a special place in my heart for the rebel, that individual who can’t be tamed, an independent sort of person that catches my admiration.

I’d first heard of Mike Protack when I moved to Delaware almost five years ago. He was running for Governor at the time and when the occasion presented itself I’d listen to him speak over the local radio air waves. My initial opinion was that he seemed lucid and plain-spoken.

With my recent foray into local politics, back before the teachers and political elites beat me up with a vengeance, I chanced to get to know Mr. Protack a bit more and folks, it’s not pretty. That picture of Protack above was taken by me at a SCRWC meeting when Protack announced that once again he was running for Governor.

Protack has never been nominated by the Delaware Republican party to run for anything so far as I know. Yet he’s always out there, always running, always a bit of a pain to the local GOP. But hey, there’s individuals like Protack everywhere and hey again, sometimes they win. I remember such a fellow in my former county home of Anne Arundel county Merryland. That fellow ran in every election that it became almost a joke but now that same guy is now Anne Arundel county executive. And to think I actually caught this guy in my early days as a citizen journalist with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter but hey, that’s another story for another day.

So I had nothing personal against Mike Protack save a minor irritation that he seemed a constant spoiler to the local GOP.

That is until the, insert dramatic drum roll here, the saga of the Pink Postcards .

It would seem that Mr. Protack, with evident malice and forethought, began a campaign to undermine the candidate who appeared headed to nomination for Governor by the Delaware GOP. As an aside, this candidate has already announced his intention to seek the Delaware Republican nomination for Governor. He is Alan Levin, owner of drug chain “Happy Harrys”. Read down for more on Mr. Levin.

The saga of the pink postcards involved Protack mailing postcards to GOP delegates, all of them casting rather nasty aspersions on Mr. Levin, some of them quite anti-Semitic, some questioning Levin’s support for Delaware’s famous native son, Joe Biden.

Who knows, perhaps some of Protack’s attacks were legit but he sent those pink postcards anonymously and if one doesn’t believe the righteousness of the attack it’s a bit cowardly to do it under cover of anonymity I would think.

It was Sussex County GOP chair Dave Burris who, via investigation into Protack’s ISP address from posts on his own Blog and with the help of some other posters, who identified Protack as the source of the nasty pink post cards.

Understand here that Mike Protack vehemently denies having anything to do with those pink post cards.

I don’t believe him. By me, Burris presented enough evidence to convince this jury of one.

Now that Alan Levin has put his feet into the Delaware Governor race, look for Mike Protack to get even more desperate.

Is Delaware’s NRG Plant Causing Cancer to Local Residents?

For years, residents in the small towns around the Indian River power plant have noticed friends and relatives falling sick in greater numbers than they thought normal.

Years after citizen activists first asked the state for data to establish a pattern, the Division of Public Health has finally confirmed what they suspected: There's a cluster of cancer cases near the coal burning plant -- the state's worst polluter.

According to the state's own study, the rate of cancer cases in the area is 17 percent higher than the national average.

It seems that Delaware itself has a higher than average cancer rate at about 501.3 cancers per 100,000 population. The area around the NRG plant comes in at 553.9 per 100,000 population. The US in general comes in with 473.6 cancers per 100,000 population.

At first glance it certainly looks like Delaware has a problem with a higher cancer rate per 100,000 population than the rest of the country.

But is there another reason for this?

Further, is this higher cancer rate caused by the NRG plant?

The answer is…no one knows.

Reading further into the article, some interesting facts emerge. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) regularly monitors what is called “cancer clusters”. And although there has been found pockets of these cancer clusters, the cause is rarely linked to any environmental cause.
NRG's spokeswoman, Lori Neuman, said in an e-mail that the company "is fully committed to reducing emissions from our Indian River plant and our entire fleet. We are supportive of the Department of Health's effort to pinpoint particular causes of health issues for the citizens of Delaware in an effort to identify at-risk populations and to develop programs and initiatives that can mitigate or eliminate the risk factors they face."

That little tidbit above is a bit of a falsehood in that the state of Delaware has adapted greater air pollution standards that NRG is expected to meet by the year 2009. NRG, however, says it cannot meet those standards and now what? This company is allowed to flip us the bird and get away with it?

Another major factor in these studies is the inconvenient fact that the part of Delaware that has this cancer cluster is also, ahem, populated in a large degree by older people. Older people have way higher cancer rates than the general population. In fact, in studying the kinds of cancers around the NRG plant in detail, it was determined that it was lung cancer showing the highest rate. An older population is more likely to have spent some of their lives smoking and as we all know by the Smoking Police, smokers get cancer after their first cigarette.

I don’t know the answer to this question. I do know that it seems to me that more people in my surround have or have had cancer than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. This very unscientific observation is, of course, anecdotal.

If nothing else, NRG should adapt to the pollution standards the state and citizens of Delaware have set. Time has been granted for this mighty power plant to comply. The fact that well before the 2009 deadline this business is balking…that factoid speaks volumes to how much they care.

Alan Levin’s First Interview

I listened to the potential candidate for Delaware Governor, Alan Levin, on 9/6/07, WGMD TRANSCRIPT HERE .

I thought Mr. Levin did a fine job. He was calm, clear, concise. I didn’t sense any nervousness. He handled both call in and email questions handily. If he didn’t know an answer he said so but promised to find out.

Leaders need the ability to communicate with the electorate and this is a characteristic I look for in the Governor or my state. Our current governor, an awful woman I call Nanny Minner, speaks only to belittle the citizens of Sussex county, her enemies as she calls us.

I have high hopes for Mr. Levin and will be watching him closely over the next few months.

As an aside, I could not find a picture of this man anywhere.

If seeking information about Delaware politics or Delaware restaurants, look no further. Below just a few of the informative Delaware posts that can be found on this Blog.

John Atkins couldn't keep his mouth shut. This once up and coming local politician also couldn't stop drinking and driving. This detailed story of how one Delaware county's GOP got rid of he who took up all the political action and replaced him with a decent Republican has lessons that the national RNC could learn.

The Possom Point Players are a Sussex county specialty but beach faring tourists can enjoy the talent as well. Here's a review of this organization's 2006 featured Christmas presentation.

Rehoboth Beach's "Big Fish Grill" has a lot to offer in terms of seafood but ambience...not so much. Here's a review of this Delaware eatery.

Jake's "Seafood House" in Rehoboth Beach... it's kinda like a Ruby Tuesday with emphasis on fish. Here's a review on an anniversary trip to this restaurant.

Delaware needed a new slogan and asked its citizens for suggestions. Which I did. Heh. This post had them all rolling in the aisles.

It's not ALL about Rehoboth. The "Bethany Blues" restaurant is a great place with fine food. I consider one of the better restaurant reviews I've ever written.

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The Murder Plot

You've all seen the movie. It doesn't even matter which one, since there are so many out there with a murder plot. You can picture it, right?

The family house/mansion/cabin. The living room, after the reception. The weeping widow, dressed somberly in black. Perhaps a few lingering guests, also in black. Enter the detective, in a business suit. Grey, if he's thoughtful. Rumpled, if he's Columbo.

The policeman has a notebook, and writes in it each time the widow speaks. Everyone is sympathetic.

Two hours of movie go by, and the ending matches the beginning – The family house/mansion/cabin. The living room, after the investigation. The weeping widow, still dressed somberly in black. Perhaps a few lingering boyfriends, also in black. Enter the detective, in a
business suit. Grey, if he's thoughtful. Rumpled, if he's Columbo.

The policeman has a notebook, but this time he reads from it. With each word, the widow's tears flow faster, her eyes widen, and with the last word, she crumples to the couch/divan/loveseat.

The policeman pulls out handcuffs, if he's a hands-on kind of guy. He motions to the other policeman in the shadows, if he isn't.

It was the perfect crime, until that grey suit showed up. The widow insured her husband for several million dollars, and then hired someone to knock the old boy off. Perfect.

Murder mysteries graphic for guest post 9/07

Until she got caught.

The papers laying next to me on the little table cry out. "Murder," they call. "Conspirator," they whisper. For years, I thought only people who were rich or scheming needed life insurance. Before putting all our debt in an Excel spreadsheet, I thought I'd never be one of those folk.

Today, I know if anything happened to Harry, I'd be in lots of trouble. I'd lose the house, for one thing. My annual salary is decent, but it wouldn't be enough to keep up the payments on alaHouse.
And now that we've done our remodeling, and the road outside is almost done, I really want to stay here.

Enter the paperwork.

I've gotten the process started for insuring my husband, for enough to pay off our debts and give me some extra money for any expenses. I feel like the woman dressed in black in those movies, plotting that perfect crime.

"Murder," the papers cry. "Conspirator," they whisper. Excuse me for a moment while I cover them with something. There.

For the record, I'd much rather the 20-year term on this policy ran out without being used.

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