True Crime- That Hsu Fellow-He Runs on Two Million Bail Then Disappears? Then Shows Back Up on Amtrack?

True Crime continues on and in my home town of Baltimore a repeat sex offender strikes again.

Also a look at that weirdo Hsu who contributes millions to Democratic campaign coffers yet he up a disappears on two million dollars bail. This is an interesting one, folks.

A man rapes his own daughter then releases a proud video of the event on the Internet.

Most Bizarre Methods of Contraception

Back in 23-70 AD, Roman nobleman Pliny the Elder believed that if you took two small worms from the body of a certain species of spider and attached them -- wrapped in deer skin, mind you, to a woman's body before sunrise, she would not conceive.

It was believed in ancient times that if a woman spat three times into a frog's mouth she would not conceive for a year.
Frogs and contraception?

Supposedly, a pebble clasped in the hand during coitus would also stop conception.

St. Albert the Great (1193-1280) advised women to eat bees as an effective contraception procedure.

Aetios of Amida (fl. 527-565) suggested that a man should wash his penis in vinegar or brine before having sex and that a woman should wear a cat's testicle in a tube across her navel to avoid contraception.

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The McCann Case Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

It was only but a few days ago that I covered the McCann case on this Blog. I'd been, as is my wont, following the story of the missing child, Madeleine, since she went missing in May of this year (2007).

This past weekend all hell broke loose as the media reported that Maddie's parents were under suspicion for her death.

My surprise was palpable for as a self-professed True Crime aficionado, I almost always cast a suspicious eye to the parents when children go missing. Much like police investigators I'd suggest because statistics prove this is often the case.

A couple of things with this Madeleine case kept any notion that her physician parents might have been involved with her disappearance from my mind.

First, the parents were on vacation. Generally kids go missing somewhere around their own home although I shrug, there's no reason why a child couldn't go missing away from their homes. The commonality in both scenarios is that the children are WITH their parents. Second, yes I'll admit it, Madeleine's parents seemed so "perfect", both in terms of their physical appearances and their education and career backgrounds. Well goodness, Patsy and John Ramsey were right up there with both of those human characteristics and I've no doubt Patsy killed Jonbenet with an accidental blow to her head with a very heavy flashlight.

Missing Madeiline McCann

Another thing that led me away from the parents as perps was how both of the McCann parents went to great lengths to keep this case in the news. THIS was new in that guilty people tend to try to direct the glare of publicity away from their own selves. Goodness the McCanns even went before the pope, all with great press fanfare.

Which is still not to say that I believe that the McCanns are guilty of killing Maddie as there's some things that need clarification for me. The primary one being how on earth they could have hidden a decomposing body so long.

According to the various reports coming from the investigation, reports which change almost daily by the way, Maddie's hair was found in the trunk of the car the McCanns rented some 25 days after the child was reported missing. The McCanns, then still in Portugal, moved to an apartment of sorts away from the hotel type of place they'd been in when Maddie disappeared. The rental car was used in moving the McCanns' effects and the police were ready to move in and check that car right after the McCanns turned it in to the rental agency.

From Timesonline:
But a source close to the investigation told The Times that forensics experts had found a surprising amount of Madeleine's hair in the hired Renault Scenic, which detectives now suspect was used to transport her corpse.

I find it very hard to believe that someone could keep a dead body so long and yet how did Maddie's hair get in the trunk of that rental car? A defense lawyer would probably argue that some of Maddie's DNA would be naturally be expected to be found around her family. But an abundance of Maddie's hair, more than would be there as a result of normal familial interaction, was in that trunk. Further, why in the trunk of a car? Odd.

At first I thought the act of casting aspersions on the parents was a desperate act of inept Portuguese police. Every day, however, more information comes out. AND it seems that the British investigators are involved with this case as much, if not more, than the Portuguese police. I'd think the British police would exonerate their own citizens if investigation so warranted. Instead almost on an hourly basis we get more damning information on the McCanns.

Oh, and there's been reports that the McCanns both admitted that they'd given Maddie some kind of drug to calm her down. Wow. That factoid really gives me serious pause.

Norman Hsu-a A True Crime and a Political Crime

For my money, the saga of Norman Hsu has been the most intriguing news story of the past week. The Madeleine McCann story gave it some competition but for a mind-boggling combination of politics, corruption, unauthorized flight and a possible suicide on an Amtrak train, none can hold a candle to the mysterious Norman Hsu.

I have, as expected, figured out Hsu's story. Not that the sources listed below contacted this humble Blogger read by two to three people every day, nonetheless, it isn't rocket science to figure it out.

I discover the strange company known as Components, Ltd first mentioned in this story in the NY Times .

Moving on, a Wall Street Journal Blog with more readers than I begins the story of Mr. Hsu and his strange travels. The Wall Street Journal online continues this thread and gives some more information on the train odyssey of Hsu.

Of course various political campaigns have been affected by the enigmatic Mr. Hsu and we learn from Judicial Watch that the Clinton campaign had been warned about the shadowy financial dealings of Mr. Hsu. In a moment of magnanimity, Hillary's campaign announces it will "return" a whopping$850,000 to charity.

Finally, the most revealing and intriguing of all, the Wall Street Journal online reveals Hsu's financial dealings with a has-been used-up ex-hippie.

New documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal may help point to an answer: A company controlled by Mr. Hsu recently received $40 million from a Madison Avenue investment fund run by Joel Rosenman, who was one of the creators of the Woodstock rock festival in 1969. That money, Mr. Rosenman told investors this week, is missing.

Folks, heads should roll over this Mr. Hsu and right now I'm not sure they will. But you can believe that Mr. Hsu is nothing but a puppet. That's correct. He's a puppet and his strings are prodded, pulled and poked by none other than, read my lips, Red China.

Indeed it is against the law for candidates running for an office in this country to accept contributions for foreign countries.


Of all the nonsensical campaign finance reforms, this stipulation is one of the few that are important. We do not want foreign governments controlling candidates they helped elect via financial contributions.

By the way, I am amused to no end by these political campaigns' assertions that they will give newly discovered nasty money to "charity". First, if I rob a bank, can I just give the money to charity and walk away scot free? Second, why isn't some proof required of these promises of charitable contributions?

I mean, hey, anybody can SAY they're going to do something. In fact, I'm going to say something right now...


Well hey, I can say it too, right? It's not like we ever see any proof of these donations. And Madame Hillary's got a good $850,000 to return, goodness, why aren't us dummies out here in la-la land carrying this country on our backs given some proof of this return?

Now about this loser Norman Hsu. This is a man without many brains who has never made a buck in his life. I've been doing all this reading about this guy and I think I've figured out the scam.

A company known as Components, Ltd shows up repeatedly in almost all stories about Mr. Hsu. I suspect that Components, Ltd is registered in Hong Kong, Hsu's native country, although I've no proof of that. Hong Kong has very liberal financial policies in terms of reporting and such. Businesses all over the planet use Hong Kong as a halfway house to gather money from capitalistic pursuits.

Mr. Hsu has a modus operandi and one only read a few of the articles to figure out the pattern. Generally Hsu meets up with someone of some influence. In the latest case Hsu got involved with the promoter of the famous 60's Woodstock festival. I'm thinking somebody introduced Hsu to Mr. Rosenman. Somebody introduced Mr. Hsu to all of the persons of influence this fellow has managed to hook up with over the years.

Then this person of influence reaches out to his or her surround of friends, family and business colleagues with details of a business proposal of Mr. Hsu. Hsu doesn't know any of these people for God's sake. There has to be one central person recruited to present the "investment plan" of Mr. Hsu.

Hsu's alleged prior "investments" include the re-cycling of latex gloves up to Hsu's plan for Rosenman which involved brokering designer clothes from Chinese manufacturers to American buyers.

Heh. Hey, Hsu's investment opportunities are quite unique and creative.

Hsu, satirical

Of course the investments mean nothing. The central contact person who's out gathering all these funds is charged with telling a believable story about riches to come.

Hsu takes the money from the many "investors" and using a telephone book or some such, contributes to various political campaigns. Hsu will present a huge check to, say, Hillary's campaign not that this fine presidential contender would do such a thing, along with a list of small donors who contributed the funds that make up the total of the big check.

Campaign contributions are limited to $2,000 for individuals as I recall. So the fine Norman Hsu just can't waltz into a political headquarters and present a check for more than that amount if it's HIS money alone. This is how Hsu gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from postal workers living in modest bungalows.

The people who originally invested the money in a Hsu business venture are generally repaid via that strange Components Ltd company. Although there were some swindled investors in that latex glove scheme of Hsu's and this is why there was a warrant was out for Hsu's arrest.

So who is putting the money in the Components Ltd company? Further, why all the subterfuge?

I don't know the answer to the first question above but hey, I'll take a guess and suggest a foreign government fills that company's coffers, that country's initials being Red China. As for the second question, it's how the foreign government "launders" the money that will end up in a loyal presidential contender's campaign bank.

It's a very complicated system but it's worked well for years. The Clintons have become adept at this system, in fact. The only cost for all those contributions from Hsu is a few military secrets hidden behind a Fax machine of a government contractor in California.

The Chinese have a lovely and admirable tradition of requiring its operatives to fall on their swords should they be caught in a potentially embarrassing position. Norman Hsu tried to commit suicide on that Amtrak train but somebody on the train, I'm thinking someone from the CIA but that's just a guess, got suspicious about Hsu's behavior on the train and soon Hsu was pulled out of his bunk on the Amtrak and taken to a hospital in Colorado. Where he is still alive and that's what might bring down this house of cards.

They urinate upon our feet, tell us it's raining, then laugh as we eagerly believe them.

Somebody is trying to get Hsu to talk and if God is in his heaven, there's gonna be some serious talking.

Because if Hillary Clinton has to return $850,000 just from Hsu's most recent business venture, think of how much money has found it's way into the Clinton campaign banks over the past eight plus years.

Both of them should go straight to jail. I doubt it will happen but I'm willing to hope that this blatant treason will finally be stopped. Hill and Bill, as I dream on, will be forever banned as the traitors they are.

Timothy Hennis to be Court Marshaled

Kathryn Eastburn and her two daughters, Kara Sue and Erin Nicole, should be alive today. But they are all dead and investigators were pretty sure that Army Master Sgt. Timothy Hennis killed them all by slashing their throats. Kathryn Eastburn was raped. A third child was left in a crib for three days without food and water before the bodies were discovered.

Hennis was tried for the crimes in 1986 but the state Supreme court overturned the verdict and demanded that Hennis get a new trial. He was acquitted at the second trial.

Covered on this Blog HERE and HERE , the Eastburn case was revisited in view of new DNA technology. The DNA shows a match to Hennis.

But ah, what about that double jeopardy thing? No problem. Hennis retired from the army and once those DNA tests were known, he was called back into active status.


Timothy Hennis robbed three people of their lives while he went on to enjoy his fine life complete with a military retirement.

A court martial has been ordered for Timothy Hennis and guess what? HE WILL BE TRIED BY THE MILITARY! This time they have positive DNA evidence.

God was looking out for the souls of Kathryn, Kara and Erin.

From the News Observer:
Master Sgt. Tim Hennis will go to trial a third time in the slayings, in which a woman and two of her children were found with their throats slashed in their Fayetteville home.

"The case is now on the court's docket," Fort Bragg spokesman Col. Bill Buckner said Friday. "The military judge will dictate the scheduling of the arraignment, the motions dates and the actual trial itself."

Why Was This Guy on the Loose?

Sometimes yon ladies and gems, you gotta put these people in jail forever. Sometimes the clues are there, clear as mud.

From the Baltimore Sun:
Richard MarksA Dundalk man charged with an attempted sex offense after he was found hiding in a boy's bedroom this week has an arrest record of burglaries involving sex offenses against boys going back three decades and was accused of a similar crime in the same neighborhood 16 years ago, according to police and court records.

This fine fellow broke into a boy’s bedroom in his own home, made him strip and perform a sex act on him. Marks was caught for that crime and in 1991 sentenced to 25 years in jail. He was released from jail just this past April and guess what?

On September 13 a homeowner living near Marks noticed a strong smell coming from the bedroom of his son and daughter. He saw two human hands hanging out of a nearby closet. The homeowner chased and tackled the fine Mr. Marks. Police found a backpack Marks had brought with him to the home. Inside they found petroleum jelly, women’s underwear and chemical soaked rags.

Goodness he hadn’t even been out of jail six months and he’s out attacking children in their own bed AGAIN!

Not only that, there’s been charges against Marks, some involving molestation, almost all involving breaking and entering, back to 1971.

The system failed again.

Detecting Wine Fraud-Good Work if You Can Get It

From the Telegraph:
A crack team of Italian military police is ready to combat wine fraud after qualifying as professional sommeliers.

Some 150 police from a special unit in Rome have now completed the 18-month training course.

"It is not so that we can drink better wine," insisted Col Pasquale Muggeo, who heads the squad.

"We did the course because we needed that expertise to be able to understand the ways in which wine fraudsters operate."

He added: "To my knowledge, there is no other unit in Europe with the same sort of qualifications as us on wine."

They’re adding stuff to wine to make it taste better. Somebody had to stop it.

Now the world is a better place.

Raped His Daughter and Posted Video on Internet

She was only fourteen when he raped her. Then he added to the child’s torment by posting the video of his brave deed on the Internet.

He’ll be coming home to face the music soon enough. Let’s hope they don’t let him out of jail within the year.

HONG KONG — An American man accused of raping his daughter and posting the videos on the Internet has agreed to be extradited from Hong Kong to the United States, his lawyer said Monday.

Kenneth John Freeman, a former reserve sheriff's deputy on the U.S. Marshals 15 most-wanted list, has been challenging the extradition request since he was arrested while traveling in Hong Kong in May.

Children Missing for Three Years Found

Daniel Porter had issues with his estranged wife. But he loved his children so he told his wife and he begged to have just one more visit with them.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Authorities believe they have found the remains of two Kansas City-area children missing since June 2004.

Tina Porter told The Kansas City Star that Independence police came to her home Sunday and told her that they were "99 percent sure" that her children's remains had been found.

Sam and Lindsey Porter were 7 and 8 years when they went to visit their father, never to return. Daniel Porter was sentenced to 25 years in jail for the kidnapping. He has not revealed where his children’s bodies were.

The bones were discovered in a wooded area where Daniel Porter used to hunt. Now those angels can be properly laid to peace. I’m pretty sure Daniel Porter won’t get out of jail any time soon. Unfortunately, you never know.

Porter father and missing two children

Leaving With a Laugh

Wayne and Kathy Boniface came home to find a burglar busy stealing stuff in their house. Wayne grabbed the guy and in the scuffle, all of the burglar’s clothes came off. The thief got away but was, alas, naked.

From the Clarionledger:
DULUTH, Minn. — A man who allegedly tried to burglarize a home lost his clothes in a scuffle with the 69-year-old homeowner and then tried to streak away before he was arrested. ….When police asked Boniface if he could identify the suspect, he said: “Oh, yeah. I believe he’s the only guy running nude in Duluth.”

He was caught 20 minutes later.
Assuming a wife who admitted shooting her sleeping husband than leaving him to die alone as a bullet in his back denies him movement to a phone for help can be believed, does a fellow who is a bit on the testy side with his wife and asks her to wear wigs and platform heels during sex deserve to die when this wife decides?

Matthew Winkler's three daughters are forever denied a father. Mary Winkler admits she shot him. Soon Mary Winkler might be a free woman. Soon Mary Winkler might get her daughters back.

It's a jury's verdict as bad as the OJ verdict

Matthew Winkler was murdered on 3/22/2006. In this first post on the crime we ask her motive and speculate on Mary Winkler's actions.

The world learns how horrifically the sleeping Matthew Winkler lost his life. This is the first post to note these details.

It's six months after Matthew Winkler's murder. The defense spin begins. We note it all in this post.

It's April of 2007 and Mary Winkler's trial begins. Details in this post.


In this post we rant over the small amount of time Mary Winkler might serve for her crime.

A post with even more on that terrible Winkler verdict.

Here's a post with a video of jurors from the Winkler jury. They seem like nice people but as I note on the post, there's flaws in their logic.

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