Political Tidbits-That Lying Larry Craig Interview: He Pees Upon Our Feet and Tells Us It's Raining

Time for a few Political Tidbits...those oddball news items that avoid the national radar.

Although Matt Lauer's interview of Larry Craig was nationally televised, who else but moi wanted to puke at the endless lies spewing over the air waves. That includes lies from Craig's grandmotherly wife.

Louisiana elects a Republican Governor, imagine that. New Jersey residents want out of their overtaxed state, a Saudi-run school in Virginia needs shutting down, and don't tell no one, but Al Gore, environmental expert, got a D in Science in college.

And finally, the deliciously, gossipy scoop on the French President and his divorcing wife.

Pic of the Day
Wedding date announced guy wearing goofy Tshirt.  He had nothing better to wear?

Political Tidbits

Massive Outflow of New Jerseyans Predicted

John Corzine is the governor of New Jersey who bought the job fair and square. He’s a Democrat by the way and for an indication of how well he is liked by his constituents, get a load of the following.

TRENTON, N.J., Oct. 17 (UPI) -- About half of New Jersey residents wish they were living somewhere else, with most citing high living costs as the reason, a newspaper poll found.

New Jersey Governor…folks leaving his state

Just over half of those who said they want to move expect to follow through on it, Gannet News Service reported.

I sure do believe the above, yes I do. For I live amongst quite a few of these same former New Jerseyans and few of them have good things to say about their home state.

For Sussex county Delaware is the destination of late of many discontented New Jerseyans, Merrylanders and Philadelphians and folks from its environs. Indeed they often sell their homes and move right down here to the swamps of Delaware where we hunker down and stop any liberals from buying political positions in any way we can.

Come on, if I were Governor of a state where fully 25% of the people INTEND to get out and 50% WISH they could get out….

…I’d be so damn proud.

The average homeowner’s property tax burden in New Jersey has been estimated to be over $6,000 a year.

It’s a liberal thing, folks. Tax them till they leave and there’s no one left but the welfare recipients.

Think New Orleans.

NY Governor Spitzer Takes Free Health Care Away from Children

Of course yon reader likely only heard that bit about Bush denying helpless children free health care, children of parents earning upwards of $60K a year, that is.

But let’s take a peek at New York’s vicious Governor and see what nastiness he’s up to. Spitzer’s a Democrat, by the way.

So even though the American public, even the liberal New York public, has made it very clear that we’re sick of these illegal immigrants and we want the mess straightened out, well that doesn’t matter to the political elites amongst us. Indeed NY’s Governor Spitzer wants to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in his state and never mind what nonsense his constituents think.

Some New York legislators are reacting to the wishes of their constituents, however, and plan to vote against Spitzer’s plan.

TUCKER (voice-over): New York State funds health care to the economically disadvantaged and the uninsured, but now comes word that the governor has cut more than $400,000 worth of state health care in education funding to the district of one of the governor's staunchest opponents of his plan to give illegal aliens driver's licenses.

Almost one quarter of that was for funding for a free medical clinic for children. The cuts were no accident, says Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco.

JAMES TEDISCO (R), NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLYMAN: He wants me to back off my position of keeping this a secure state by not coming out in opposition to giving illegal aliens driver's licenses. And, if I don't, he reaches around me and goes into my assembly district and takes money away from kids who don't have health insurances.

Hard as it is to believe, a Democrat is actually denying health care to children but you’d never read about it in the Lamestream media. Thus it’s up to Bloggers like me, read by two to three people every day, to inform the world.

The Sons of Camels Among Us

The House of Saud consists of a few thousand descendents of camels who now govern Saudi Arabia and let’s not mince words here, Saudi Arabia is responsible for most of the Islamofacist violence today.

Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi and 17 of the 19 hijackers on 9-11 were Saudi. This is a two-faced country governed by slope-brained idiots who deny women driver’s licenses and fund radical schools to teach Muslim children that it’s everyone else’s fault they have no hope or future although the House of Saud quite enjoys its oil money and vacations on the Caribbean to get a respite from the repressive Wahhabi faction of Islam.

The House of Saud is clever like a fox in that they provide a thirsty America plenty of oil and are almost always kind to our President.

But now they fund a school right here in America and like all these Saudi funded schools, hatred and rage are inculcated into young minds. Much like our own unionized public school teachers try the same thing to America’s children’s’ young minds.

It would turn out that such schools teaching violence and hatred are illegal.

From the Washington Times:
An independent government agency that monitors worldwide religious freedom will suggest today that the State Department shut down the 23-year-old Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia on the grounds it is fomenting hate and religious extremism.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which advises Congress, the State Department and the president on religious-freedom issues, has issued a 30-page document saying the Saudi Embassy, which operates the 933-student academy, is violating U.S. law.

I’ve been hearing about this school for six years now. It’s time for it to go.

The Limbaugh Smear Letter

Rush Limbaugh with pic of Smear letter

I just couldn’t pen a post titled “Political Tidbits” without mentioning the recent smear of Rush Limbaugh. But instead of re-inventing the wheel, I refer yon readers to my rant bejeesus, HERE.

Someday those Lords in America’s House of Lords are going to go after a humble Blogger like me. I won’t have the power of a Rush Limbaugh to fight back.

Not one elected Republican Lord stood up and dared to condemn those Democrats for what they did.

Al Gore-Nobel Laureate and Scientific Genius

I’ve never been fooled by Al Gore, the genius amongst us. Here’s a fellow, much like the phony John Kerry who followed him, that has nothing of substance throughout his entire body save being a descendent of elites and given a belief from birth that a lifetime of influence and luxury was part of his rightful due.

For all of Gore's later fascination with science and technology, he often struggled academically in those subjects. The political champion of the natural world received that sophomore D in Natural Sciences 6 (Man's Place in Nature) and then got a C-plus in Natural Sciences 118 his senior year.

Now I know that George W. Bush wasn’t a genius in school either. But then again George W. Bush isn’t trying to foist a complete scam upon all the human beings on the planet that the earth is getting warmer, the warming is caused by humans, and we are all doomed.

All this from a guy who got a D in Science!

Pervert Larry Craig’s Lauer Interview a Bust

From Washington
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig's very first network TV interview since his June arrest for allegedly soliciting sex in an airport men's room had attracted only 5.7 million viewers to NBC's "Matt Lauer Reports" Tuesday night.

So okay, The Wise I was one of those 5.7 million viewers to the hour long lie-fest hosted by Today’s Matt Lauer and lying interviewees, Mr. and Mrs. Lie Like a Rug Larry Craig.

Folks, I can’t ever remember seeing a politicians lie like pervert Larry Craig and his pathetic wife. For one hour these two continually peed upon our feet and told us repeatedly that it was raining.

Poor pervert Craig. Guy goes in to take a crap and in all innocence his foot drifts over to the next stall and touches that occupant’s foot. And of course then some damn toilet paper got caught on the sole of his shoe and he had to bend over to remove it. We all understand this, don’t we? Of course it’s unfortunate that the toilet paper happened to be on his shoe over in that other guy’s stall and Craig didn’t make it all that clear why he didn’t pull his foot back to his own stall. Whatever the case, well we’ve all toilet paper stuck to our shoe haven’t we?

Craig’s wife was even more pathetic. How extremely tragic to have to spend your life married to a pervert who has sex with strangers in public bathrooms…PUBLIC bathrooms folks, the kind your sons use! But to have to go on TV and lie in front of millions of Americans, including your own three children…Mrs. Craig how does it feel to humiliate yourself so completely?

I’ve sat in plenty of bathroom stalls and my foot has never drifted over to the next stall. I’m betting this is true of most of us save the occasional pervert looking to score romance with a stranger, so sweet the thought.

I must suppose that Craig has taken the position that he’s going to lie and keep on lying and just when he thinks he’s done lying, he shall lie again.

Political cartoon depicting congress going after private citizens and Turkey

French President Divorces Wife

I’m a bit fond of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. I especially liked how he dared to shed his shirt during a recent trip here to America and all the pathetic media fluff up about it.

Now it turns out that Mrs. Sarkozy has left her husband and is in love with another man!
PARIS (AFP) - Cecilia Sarkozy admitted Friday to falling in love with another man but insisted she and French President Nicolas Sarkozy had "tried everything" to avoid the divorce which has gripped the nation.

Yes, I know it happens all the time but to have this happen right when the fellow is serving as head of a state, well it’s damn rare. Usually these players play a game of pretend for the length of the elected term.

I say, hey…it’s way better than playing that game Hillary and Bill play, pretending to be all in love and devoted to each other.

As if we are fooled …

”Four Dead in Ohio”

Somebody needs to tell the pathetic Crosby, Stills Nash and Young that the 60’s are long gone.

Indeed my own wise self often donned floppy hats, granny dresses and put flowers in my hair. In fact, my favorite song was oncit “Four Dead in Ohio”. I’d put that song on very loud and dance around the room, sweet pretty young and hopelessly na├»ve lass that I was, thrusting my fists in the air and feeling the blood of the rebel pound through my body.


So this quartet is forming some kind of comeback tour and, of course, in order to generate ticket sales, we now have political pundit Crosby now an expert on the Iraq war and other political matters that he knows nothing about.

Jimmy Carter-Re-Visited

I came across the picture below and this causes me to post my usual rant about James Carter the loser, the link to my fabulous rant about the man and, of course, the political cartoon that inspired me.

I must once again, unashamedly and unabashedly, post the link to my Blog post that is a beautiful finely crafted rant against Jimmy Carter. It includes details about his presidency from one who lived through it.

The alignment is a bit off, please forgive, from conversion to new Blog format. Still there are some great pics in the post as well.

I want my granddaughter to know the truth because the union school teachers tend to re-write history.

The comments on this post are amazing. Jimmy Carter seems to have people working full time to defend him. For I've never written a post about him that someone didn't come in and defend him. Sure enough, someone did here as well.

Then scroll down to read the comment from a Midwestern Grandpa.

We're not so dumb as we look Mr. Carter. We remember you very well.


Political cartoon about Jimmy Carter giving houses but for his own high interest rate?

For the Undecided

I was sent this link by a colleague and hey, I like it.

For the undecided amongst us, forget watching boring debates or reading politicians’ lies…go to the link below and take the test. When finished, who you should vote for will be revealed to you.

I think this test should be administered to the dead who often vote Democratic. Maybe if they had a chance to take this test the pubbies would get some action from that dead vote.

I should vote for Duncan Hunter, according to the test.



With each entry into Political Tidbits a little bit of history is recorded. So okay, maybe the two to three people a day who read this Blog would not be considered historians of note but I say a review of the past as recorded by the folks...which would be me, can reveal a lot about the culture of an era.

With a mind to my future generations who should read this online journal, I submit the following as posts of note.

Before Senator Larry Craig got arrested for playing footsie in a public bathroom there was a fellow named Foley. And while Craig's indiscretions were worthy of his ouster, the truth is that homosexual Foley did nothing wrong yet he's gone as well.

Barack Obama and his big ears might be long gone after the 2008 election. While this up and coming black Democrat is in the news let's have a laugh at his "ear" problem.

Here's some surprising pics of former President Gerald Ford, discovered by this Blogger after his death in 2007.


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