True Crime-Stoned to Death By a Gang of Thugs; Drawing of Gun Gets 2nd Grader Suspended

In this True Crime post we have two adolescent girls sent home for "looking" naked. A younger child, second grader, is suspended for drawing a gun. Evidently the Moonbats won't even tolerate the image of a gun.

Also, a grandfather stoned to death by a gang of thugs and a drunk found in a parked car swears a leprechaun let him in.

RANDOM TIDBITS On Babies and Pregnancy

Women aged 18 to 24 have the highest rates of smoking during pregnancy (about 16 to 17 percent.)
The number of cesarean deliveries has skyrocketed by more than 40 percent between 1996 and 2004 to 29 percent of births, the highest rate ever reported in the United States.
The number of twins born in the United States continues to rise. About 32 pairs of twins are born for every 1,000 births.
Political cartoon about Hillary's campaign and babies

The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. It is twice Great Britain's rate and 15 times the rate in Japan.
Most Popular Baby Day

It's still Tuesday, which boasted more than 13,000 births on average in 2003. That's about 16 percent more babies than on any other day of the week. Saturday is the slowest day, with an average of about 7,500 births (in part because
doctors don't schedule c-sections weekends).

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A New Perspective on REAL Persecution

Just remember every time you see Al Sharpton or his partner in crime Jesse Jackson out and about drumming up unfair racism under every rock that there are places in this world where females are routinely treated like less than livestock.

Take the case of Nazanin Fatehi of Iran. She and her niece were attacked by some fine Muslim men, who do quite enjoy beating their women regularly, who tried to rape these two girls. Nazanin was 17 at the time and her niece was 15. Evidently there's a problem in that part of the world with fine Muslim men raping women because Nazanin had a knife hidden under her burka.

She fought back by stabbing one of the men who tried to rape her and for her effort to defend both herself and her niece, Fatehi was sentenced to death by hanging. Yes! This in the land of the beloved media cutie pie, Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad! Notice how no one in the American media asked this wonderful Iranian leader about this case and far be I to bring the matter up but where the hell were the feminazis regarding this matter?

On January 3, 2006, Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi was sentenced to death for murder by court in Iran after she stabbed one of three men who attempted to rape her and her 15-year-old niece in a park in Karaj (a suburb of Tehran) in March 2005. She was seventeen years old at the time. Iran is signatory to international treaties, which forbid them to execute anyone under the age of 18; however they continue to do so.

One brave Iranian woman, pictured below, embarked on an international effort to help this young girl whose first name they both share.

Iranian woman escapes female rape catch-22 clause

Following pressure from the International community, on June 1st 2006, the Head of Judiciary Ayatollah Shahroudi announced a stay of execution and the call for a complete new retrial.

During the new trial on January 10, 2007, the five judges presiding over the case found inconsistencies with the testimonies of the male witnesses and unanimously ruled out premeditated murder and determined that the act was a case of self-defense. As a result Nazanin Fatehi was exonerated from the charge of murder. While two judges wanted her to be freed unconditionally, three of the judges ruled that disproportionate force was used and requested her to pay "diyeh" (blood money) to compensate the family of the deceased. Fatehi's lawyers Shadi Sadr and Mr. Mostafaei vehemently oppose this payment and have since appealed, but in order for there not to be any delays or additional time served, Nazanin was given the option to pay a set bail of 400,000,000 Rials (approx US$43,000).

So this fine Muslim country locked up this 17 year old for two years, go to hell, and even though, under the brunt of international pressure, they still demanded that the family of Nazanin Fatehi pay $43,000 to get Nazanin out of jail for the crime of killing her would-be rapist.

Once again, where the hell are the feminazis over this horrific treatment of women? No wait. I suppose they're too busy struggling to get marital rights for lesbians, but I digress. Further, why didn't this country's beloved media asked that cutie pie who wants to blow Israel off the map although Columbia university invited his handsome self to speak, Ahmadinejhad, about this case?

Fine Muslim men, defending their women.

Another Delicious Story of a Homeowner Killing a Burglar

It's stories like this that make my day.

An armed man was shot and killed early this morning after he and another man broke into a residence in East Liberty, police said. Shawn Davis, 18, of Duquesne, died of a shotgun blast to the head inside an apartment at 300 North Negley Avenue. He was shot at 3:15 a.m. and pronounced dead at the scene 10 minutes later. Police said he and his accomplice, Rashawn Gibson, 20, of Garfield, tried to rob the occupants of the apartment.

Oh yes please...let them take away our guns! Because goodness knows the fine Shawn and Rashawn will still have guns and they can methodically kill each member of your family in your home.

Vote for a liberal and help Shawn and Rashawn earn a living.

Speaking of Guns, the Libs Mean Business This Time

The fine Shawn and Rashawn notwithstanding, the Dennis Township School is drop dead serious in their efforts to eradicate guns and damn if they didn't catch that second-grader drawing pictures of guns.

In this case the kid only got one day suspension but I daresay the township should have locked the kid up for a couple of years.
DENNIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. - A second-grader's drawing of a stick figure shooting a gun earned him a one-day school suspension.

Kyle Walker, 7, was suspended last week for violating Dennis Township Primary School's zero-tolerance policy on guns, the boy's mother, Shirley McDevitt, told The Press of Atlantic City.

What Was Their Logic?

Pic of girls in school colors kicked out of game for looking naked

The girls pictured above dressed that way for the school's homecoming game. They did not wear those outfits to school. Further, the fellows at the school regularly paint their torsos in the school colors as indicated above but it is evidently okay for the guys to do this.

From Fox:
BRADENTON - Monica Cummings and her best friend Jessyca Altenbach couldn't wait to wear their school pride for their big homecoming game.

The two decided a splash of school spirit was the only way to go, so they put on bikini tops and shorts and painted their bodies with a fresh coat of their school colors. They say they had seen the boys do it weeks before.

Now I know that males do not have breasts and females do. But I don't see anything so awful about how those girls are attired.

The school maintains that swimsuits are not allowed as part of their dress code but I must wonder, if the fellows in that school had their torsos painted like the females in the picture they likely wore cutoffs or shorts of some kind at the bottom. But doesn't that attire count as swimsuits for males?

This is certainly no big deal in the grand scheme of things and I'm not sure I wouldn't have issues with my daughters going to a football game in that get-up. But the way adolescents dress today, and with the event being a homecoming, it seems like unfair overkill to me.

If the school wants to avoid setting a precedent then ban that type of getup for EVERYBODY...males and females.

Some Louisiana Democratic Crime

Goodness far be I to suggest that New Orleans might have some corruption problems with its elected officials. But William Jefferson is under indictment for having a freezer full of cash and of course we all keep our cash in the freezer.

Now we discover that state Senator Derrick Shepherd helped himself to some dirty money by acting as a fine money launderer for the crooks so prevalent in Louisiana.

An FBI agent testified in open court Monday that state Sen. Derrick Shepherd helped a twice-convicted felon launder nearly $141,000 in fraudulently generated bond fees last year, keeping close to half the money as part of the arrangement.

You gotta laugh, folks.

As I write the cable news networks are filled with stories of the California fires. Along with the constant coverage we are to understand that while California evacuees were relocated to a stadium, there was nowhere near the confusion of Katrina.


Well the state of Mississippi suffered mightily from Katrina but nope, all we hear is poor Louisiana, dear Lord, that poor state and the poor city of New Orleans. This while Louisiana's government protectors are all busy getting indicted so hey, could it be that Louisiana needs to rethink who they elect?

What do Mississippi and California have in common that might account for those states' ability to handily survive disasters? I'm thinking...Republican Governors? Lord let's not forget Kathleen Blanco, the Democrat Governor of wait...Katrina was all Bush's fault, right?

As an aside, Bobby Jindal, a REPUBLICAN, was just elected Governor of Louisiana. They're learning, Lord, they're learning.

I Say Grant the Woman Her Death Wish

Here's an interesting story that's fallen under my normally astute radar. Seems Jeanette Sliwinski got it into her head that she wanted to die. So she drove her car at a speed of 87 mph into a little car carrying three young promising musicians.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Prosecutors say Sliwinski, 25, drove her Ford Mustang at 87 m.p.h. into a Honda Civic stopped at an intersection on July 14, killing the men, who were on their lunch break.

She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. The former trade-show model faces life in prison if convicted of three counts of first-degree murder.


What right did this woman have to take three innocents along with her? Which is a rhetorical question only as Sliwinski is still alive while three young men who should be jamming and singing and enjoying their lives are very dead.

This bitch's case is currently being tried and it would be a hoot had three innocent young men not died so needlessly. Sliwinski's psychiatrist is testifying against her former patient, declaring that Sliwinski had addiction problems. Well hell's bells, this shrink needs to protect her own reputation in that her patient went and killed three innocent people and didn't have the brains to kill her own self.

Other shrinks for the defense are declaring that Sliwinski was insane at the time of the accident and hey, I'll go along that the bitch really was trying to kill herself and that by fluke, she only killed three innocents.

I think the bitch ought to get the death penalty. Yes I do.

Anyone who gets it into their head to kill themselves will think again about involving innocent people. Then again, maybe not. After all we must assumed that the suicidal want to, dead.

At any rate, let the state do what Sliwinski wanted. I don't even know why the bitch doesn't just admit her guilt and ask for the death penalty, if she was so sincere about wanting to die.

I'm just sayin' ...

Give This Kid a Police Badge

I often wonder why schools don't teach children the importance of resisting anything being done to them that makes them uncomfortable. I'm thinking maybe some lessons on what touching is wrong and what touching is right, the main criteria being...does it make you uncomfortable...would be more beneficial than lessons on Heather having two mommies.

I'm just sayin' ...

From WTOPnews:
HYBLA VALLEY, Va. - An Alexandria man has been charged with molesting a 9-year-old girl in a Fairfax County Wal-Mart.
Police say the incident took place shortly after 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 20 at the store at 7910 Richmond Highway.

Fairfax County police say Jaime Francisco Calacan Jr., 36, of Alexandria told the girl that he was a police officer and that he had to check her pockets for stolen merchandise, but while doing so, he molested her.

This kid kicked this fine fellow in the groin and police managed to capture him before he could get away.

More Knife Crimes...Can Knife Control Be Far Behind?

Darn if I didn't just finish another fine tongue-in-cheek post about knives and possible knife control. This all in the same manner as gun control because goodness knows that if it weren't for guns there would be no violence within the human race.

Except for knives, so I speculated. Or hammers. Hey, sometimes people kill each other with baseball bats so by all means let's put government control on baseball bats.

Then I chance upon this article about a fellow going about town and randomly stabbing people!

We still don't know the reasons behind his alleged actions, but we do know he's off the streets. Police at 51 Division have arrested a suspect, 24-year-old Farid Maronisi, after three random people were stabbed in the downtown core.

I would softly point out this fellow's rather odd name. What kind of name is Farid?

Stupid criminal alert for special

Caught In Car With No Pants, Claims Leprechaun Unlocked Door

Just a funny little tidbit to end this week in True Crime.

CINCINNATI -- A man was caught Tuesday morning inside a car with his pants down.

Police said Kim Leblanc broke into a parked car overnight on Central Parkway, and the owner found him asleep inside and called police.

Officers said Leblanc was not wearing any pants when they arrived.

Leblanc had been doing drugs, it's not clear what happened to his pants and he claims a leprechaun unlocked the car for him.

Broke into car said leprechaun let him in

Lisa Montgomery-Killed a Mother-to-Be and Stole Her Baby from Her Womb
She met her prey at a meeting for dog breed aficionados. Bobbie Jo Stinnet was 8 months pregnant. She was strangled and her baby was taken from her womb.

Because for sure this most unusual crime, replete with twists, turns, curves and bends involving dog shows, internet chat boards, strange cousins, dead dogs, and fake pregnancies, will be the true crime trial of the decade.

Because if Lisa Montgomery is not crazy then she certainly behaved as if she were.

This post begins the story of Bobbie Jo Stinnet and Lisa Montgomery.

Right after this crime which shook the nation, this Blog became a focal point of discussion about this amazing case. At some point Bobbie Jo's AND Lisa Montgomery's husband actually posted to this blog. This link to a post with many intriguing comments about this crime.

We continue on HERE following this case.

In Late September 2007 the Montgomery case goes to trial. Intriguing updates here.

More Montgomery trial updates HERE.

Defense Claims Lisa's Childhood Sexual Abuse Made Her Insane.

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