November 2009

Week Ending Sunday 11/22/09

Don’t go thinking that little trick of suspending Operation North Pole by the U.S. postal service was due to budgetary and/or logistical reasons. It was a political action and if such shenanigans aren’t True Crimes they ought to be.

Featured also in this True Crime post, two political correctness actions by investigators that might have caused even more rape and murder for the stunning depth of investigations tainted by fear of offending a perp.

The pathetic deaths of Shanaya Davis and Elizabeth Olten, more sad and puzzling details released.

Stupid Criminal and Under the Radar…a death in Chicago…very questionable. All in this True Crime post.
Here’s a fiction story ready for Thanksgiving Turkey titled, appropriately, “The Case of the Missing Turkey”.

It had been in her oven for sure until a half hour before serving. Then her turkey turned up missing. She did the only thing she could do under the circumstances. She stole her neighbor’s turkey.

Which action landed her in jail and other hilarity that is a tale to repeat each Thanksgiving holiday.


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Week Ending Sunday 11/15/09
Here’s two movie reviews, raves both of them. They are so different but provide entertainment and thought. We look at the drama of dogs in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”. It’s totally not believable but it’s a good watch.

“Juno” brings a special pang to the heart of this reviewer as I once found myself in a very similar situation to Juno. But I would never have made the same choice as the quirky Juno. Read the rave review and the personal story that had me and mine going such a different route.
It’s time for a True Crime post and some updates on the Balloon Boy, Dave Letterman, Murdering Muslims and William Jefferson, DEMOCRAT, Louisiana.

New this week we have sexual perversion stories buried in jars on a remote farm, a fine fellow who murders his senile father on a public beach with a bevy of witnesses.

Some stupid criminals and much more.


November 2009

Week Ending Sunday 11/8/09




Week Ending Sunday 11/8/09

We’ll leave the biggest True Crime this past week of an Islamonut murdering 12 of our country’s finest to other reporters. But we do have another horrific crime done in the name of this fine religion that will bring tears to your eyes and rage to your heart. For these people even murder their own children by running them over in a car.

Also, what’s the real story of baby Shannon and where’s the other missing kid from 1987?

It was THREE hours that those airline pilots were out of touch and where’s the outrage?

Updates on Rodney King and Al Sharpton that will surprise, Italians find American CIA guilty and those very dangerous U.N. windows that cause so many deaths.

Much more in this True Crime post.


Week Ending Sunday 11/1/09

Couple of updates on some old crimes in this True Crime post, one really old but desperately in need of a revisit.

I speak of Gary Condit, that congress critter who lied endlessly about his relationship with Chandra Levy and his activities in the days leading up to her disappearance.

Chandra Levy’s body was found. Now some pathetic immigrant has been charged with Chandra’s murder. Is yet another injustice in the making here?

Two mystery crimes grab the headlines-one a 9 year old murdered by a 15 year old and another involving a 15 year old rape victim whose torment was witnessed by many fine folks who couldn’t bother to call 911.

The horrific human who led the murderous torture rampage on Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom finally gets sentenced.

Stupid criminals, much more.


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