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Not a Good Year for Cruise Ships

Earlier there was the infamous brave Captain as covered on this Blog, who accidentally fell into the life boat and was unable to remain on the sinking ship as Captains are supposed to do.

Now we have group of tourists who were robbed while on a land jaunt off of a Carnival Cruise. Details have been slow in coming but it would seem that the tourists were robbed at gunpoint.

Mexico, wow what a fine place, full of drugs and thieves and criminals. Not that anybody cares, but I shall never visit Mexico ever and I think most Americans, and cruise lines, should consider same.

Mexico needs to decide if it wants to be a tourist destination and be governed accordingly, or it should just give up all facades of civilization and become the lawless place it really is.

As I understand it via later stories, Carnival cruise lines reimbursed the 22 victims of the robbery and I also understand that many cruise lines will be changing their itineraries to exclude the fine country of Mexico.

Mother Leaves One Year Old to Die in Bathtub Because She Hated Him Since Birth

We pray this precious child of Jesus is now in His arms and receiving the love he never got during his one tiny year of life on this earth.

This woman's lawyers allege she is suffering from postpartum depression. Postpartum depression after a WHOLE YEAR?

Although there is something odd about this woman's story. Beginning with the fact that authorities say the child was killed by blunt force trauma while the mother says she just left the child in the bathtub and he drowned on his own.

The woman did exhibit strange behavior, driving around with the body of the child in her car. She also said she tried to kill her own self twice by jumping off of a roof of a garage but both times people were passing by.

It looks to me like this woman bludgeoned her son, realized he was dead, and set up this whole scenario...hating her son, postpartum depression. She has another child, a 4 year old daughter.

Sweet child of God, he never had a chance.

Man In Wheel Chair Stuck in Sand After Trying to Rob Convenience Store

This story would be kind of funny if it weren't so pathetic.

It's not clear why John Champion is in a wheelchair but it is clear that he tried to rob a convenience store using a knife as a weapon. The cashier fought back and ended up stabbing Champion three times in his leg.

In his attempt to escape Champion got his motorized wheelchair stuck in the sand. When police caught up with this wheelchair scoundrel he was hopelessly mired in the sand and drinking a beer.

Obama Administration Getting Tough on Guitar Makers, We Can Sleep In Peace

For some very convoluted reasons, in august 2011 a team from the Department of Homeland Security as well as from the Department of Fish and Wildlife (why have only ONE bureaucracy when you can have TWO do the job?)raided two Gibson guitar factories. As vaguely explained, the company was charged with using raw, unprocessed Indian rosewood .

Seems the wood must be a some agreed upon thickness or some such, with work put into the wood by the local populace. Gibson guitar was violating a law called the Lacey Act.

Yet another bureaucracy known as the EIA-the Environmental Investigation Agency-is part of the mix as well as, well why have TWO bureaucracies when you can have THREE?

Whatever laws Gibson guitar may have made, as of the date of this writing, 2/29/2012, there have been NO charges filed by the American government or has Gibson guitars had the materials taken by one of the several hundred bureaucracies involved returned to it.

Let's see, that's now six plus months that this company has been raided by every bureaucrat in Washington DC and still there has been no charges filed, their property has not been returned, and the company has no idea what it is charged with or how to defend itself.

Meanest Woman Who Ran Her Stepdaughter to Death Gives Birth In Prison

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- An Alabama woman is under guard at a hospital after she gave birth following her arrest in the death of her 9-year-old stepdaughter, who authorities say was forced to run for three hours as punishment for lying about eating a candy bar.

Dear Lord how could any human being not know that forcing someone to run for three straight hours is deadly?

Folks this awful thing only happened on 2/17/12. Even more horrifying, Savannah's biological grandmother was also arrested, she was also part of this torture.

Savannah, 9 years old, ate a candy bar. When confronted by her 27 year old very pregnant stepmother, Savannah did what most kids do-she lied about it.

As punishment, her very intelligent stepmother forced her to run around the yard for three straight hours without stop, as it is alleged. Jessica Hardin, the epitome of evil stepmothers, was arrested and charged with Savannah's death. Jessica recently gave birth in prison. The baby was taken and given to a relative, along with this woman's 3 year old child. Jessica Hardin should never be allowed around children.

Imagine poor little Savannah, running around that yard, exhausted, in serious pain-let us remember Savannah DIED that day-likely begging her stepmother to please let her stop, please let her have a drink. THREE HOURS!

And it's not like the woman with no heart didn't know of Savannah's distress. She had to be monitoring the child else Savannah would have done the logical given her biological distress, which would be to REST/maybe get a drink.

According to the autopsy reports Jessica was severely dehydrated, but of course since the child DIED. Which means that evil woman had to be hearing pleas for liquids/rest and ...well evil is and Jessica Hardin is now in jail and Savannah is now safe in the arms of Jesus.

Man Stabbed for Taking Bag of Harmonicas instead of Tacos

This story is as funny for the horrible writing as it is for the story.

It is the BLOG of the newspaper instead of the news area but still, in telling the story, the Blogger rambles all over the place.

Still, it is a True Crime and kind of funny. Nobody died for the silliness. The car driver had a bag of harmonicas in his car, the passenger had a bag of tacos. Upon leaving the vehicle, the passenger picked up the bag of harmonicas, thereby angering the driver, who stabbed the passenger.

I suspect there's some serious drugs or drink involved in this story.

A bag of harmonicas?

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