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Ending My Feud With WGMD for Lent
 This anecdote, such as it is, is part of a Lenten exercise. For I am to sacrifice something during this Lenten season as my recognizing of the pain Christ suffered as he died for our sins.

The "sacrifice", as I understand it from the various sermons in my church, can't be something that doesn't cause some "pain", some...well...sacrifice. Thus you do not give up hot dogs for Lent if you already hate hot dogs.

Indeed the concept of giving up something is a bit misleading. Though it is perfectly okay to give up something cherished for Lent as part of taking on some of the pain, however miniscule, of Christ's suffering, giving up something is not all you can do to, eh, "qualify".

"Forgiving somebody who has hurt you, forgiving them while wanting nothing back from them, this is a form of sacrifice appropriate for Lent," as I paraphrase my priest's sermon at the beginning of Lent.

There were other options presented and so I broadened my concept of Lenten sacrifice.

It's been over five years now that I've held a deep-seated grudge against an on-air personality of WGMD, a very deep-seated grudge. For Lent, I am going to, as fairly and politely as possible, tell my story and I shall publicly forgive. I expect nothing back from the person in question, who I shall name.

It isn't so much that he and I had a falling out, of sorts. That is not the reason I harbored such dislike for the fellow. I carried a resentment with me for yea many years because I did humbly apologize to him and he never acknowledged my apology, not even to accept it.

Although my original intent at the time of the incident was to do nothing but good. In fact, the day I chanced to phone up the WGMD personality I was full of good spirit, so happy to be part of his radio show, to be in agreement with him, to welcome him, as it were, to Sussex county, as he was new to the air waves at the time.

The subject was, oddly, paper bags.

Bill Colley was new to WGMD and perhaps this is why he was so defensive, I don't know. He was certainly new to me but hey, I liked him, thought he was going to do well, wanted to join him on air, me as the caller, he as the host, both of us in agreement as was my intent.

Bill Colley said that he'd been told by a friend that paper bags were clogging up the landfills.

Oh my goodness, I was absolutely sure that Colley had misspoke. Paper bags compost quite easily. PLASTIC bags, however, were real clogs of the landfills across the fruited plains.

Let me say that I too was somewhat new to Sussex County Delaware at the time, having moved here about a year or so prior. I was absolutely delighted to have discovered this local talk radio station, WGMD. We'd never had such a thing in Anne Arundel county Maryland.

There'd been all sorts of personalities filling that 3-5 pm slot and I was so glad that WGMD finally hired a permanent replacement for the slot. I'd never called up a radio station in my life before that day but after hearing Bill Colley I decided to give it a try.

I dunno, I probably blew it. Today I do call up WGMD now and again but not all that often. I am, however, much better at it. I know to get my thoughts together before making that dial. For sure I know to turn down my radio, nothing will cast you as a boob than trying to talk on air with your radio on in the background. I also know that it's not considered polite to make the radio host look bad.

I probably said it wrong during that call. I mentioned that I was a Backyard Wildlife Habitat Steward, which I am but which probably means nothing to most people. I was so joyous because I thought that this new Bill Colley fellow would be happy to hear from an "expert" such as myself.

I forget what the subject was that day but it was probably something about landfills or such. To this day I believe that Colley made a mistake or misunderstood his friend. Paper bags do not clog landfills. Anybody ever spilled something on a paper bag knows how quickly they disintegrate. Plastic bags, again, are real landfill problems.

I really thought I was helping. I really thought he would be happy that I called. I really thought he'd stop and ask just what a Backyard Wildlife Habitat Steward does, maybe interview me. I was excited.

It happened so fast I didn't know what hit me. Colley ripped me loudly and rudely on the air. He told me I had a lot of nerve trying to make him look bad. I forget what I said, or even I said anything. I know that he and other callers continued to lambaste me on the air even after he'd hung up on me. I know my husband happened to be driving down the road and he heard it all.

My husband thinks I'm 100% right on this and he never takes my side.

Honestly I didn't mean anything bad. But once you get hung up on, what are your choices?

Except, perhaps, maybe you have a Blog, read by one or two people, and finally you get to tell your story.

I wrote an email to Dan Gaffney, WGMD's program director. Dan Gaffney wrote me an email back. There began an email exchange to rival the ages. Dan, for his part, was likely trying to make things right. He'd evidently just hired this Colley guy and didn't want to fire him so soon. I just kept explaining my point of view over and over until Gaffney got kind of silly about it and I was in no mood. Gaffney did apologize profusely for my hurt feelings but I wanted some kind of recognition that I'd done nothing wrong. I even, in desperation, wrote an email to Bill Colley, apologizing for any gaffe I'd committed, that I didn't mean it.

While Dan Gaffney emailed me over and over to distraction, Bill Colley NEVER had the common courtesy to answer my email. THAT is the source of my grievance with WGMD and in particular, Bill Colley. Because I felt like I did the decent thing though I still do not think I'd done anything wrong. But I was, really, truly, I was so very sorry I'd made him mad, that I'd somehow made him feel stupid or whatever he thought I did. I really was. I really was so very sorry. And with such sorrow expressed in a profound apology, he couldn't even bother to answer me? I felt like he was the smallest, tiniest little man on the planet.

I stopped listening to WGMD that day and continued to stop listening to it for almost three years. I listened to Rush Limbaugh over the Internet and never listened to WGMD for any other reason.

Now over the years I've had occasional run-ins...issues with WGMD...all based on that ill-advised phone call so long ago.

My husband listens to WGMD all day. At times I heard the content, couldn't avoid it. Over the years I had some scrapes with the station, one involving my choir director, one on a Blog. I am sure my "issues" with the station sparked my grievance than any sort of real problem.

In addition, well I am somewhat active in politics in this county as the passage of time would see happen. Bill Colley even joined my church for a while.

I absolutely despised the man. If he showed up at a political function that I was at, I got up and walked out. I changed my mass times so I wouldn't have to see him.

I felt like I put myself out there , made myself so vulnerable. And he couldn't answer my letter of apology? Yes, I've been bitter about it for over five years now.

I didn't get into shouting matches with the man, I didn't send him nasty missives, I seldom even talked about him. You judge people on their actions and I believe a man who doesn't respond to a heartfelt apology, even if he never wanted to speak to me again he could have put on an act….I believe a man who can't even do that to be someone I don't want to be around.

I've talked to Bill Colley on the air a couple of times this past year, tentatively, anonymously. I'm betting he doesn't remember me, doesn't know who I am, probably forgot all about that day. I'm pretty sure that Dan Gaffney knows me as our email exchange lasted many hours. But Gaffney really did feel bad about it so my grievance was not with him. Although I kind felt like he should fire that awful Colley guy, maybe.

I don't know if Colley knew it was me calling those few times I got bored and decided to call. Once I actually called him in the middle of the night, in the middle of a hurricane. I really felt sorry for him, having to man the radio mike in the middle of a storm. I admired him a bit for it. But I'm sure he didn't know it was me. I don't think Bill Colley even knows I exist, even to this day.

Anyway, today I grant full forgiveness to Bill Colley. I don't care if he never reads this, I hope he doesn't. Understand here that I STILL think he was horribly wrong not to acknowledge my heartfelt apology.

I will not leave should he be in the room, I might even introduce myself. He can come back to my church and I'll show him around even.

Maybe I'll even listen to WGMD again. I have begun to do so during the early morning Gaffney show as I have the clock radio to wake me up. I call Gaffney oncit in a while. I kind of think Gaffney knows who I am but it's really not important.

I still think I'm in the right with Colley. But I forgive him, I'll accept that he was new to the job and sensitive to looking bad, that maybe I didn't consider how I sounded and came across.

I made another Lenten sacrifice, neither of them great feats I admit. But I feel like both were a sacrifice for me and I ask God to bless me, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Local GOP Passes Resolution for the Impeachment of Barack OBama
This summary posted by, coincidentally, by Bill Colley

. Brigadier General Phil Drew is the former Commander of the 65th Air Division. Prior he used to shoot down Russian made aircraft over the skies of North Vietnam. A mutual friend, Glen Urquhart, today announced for a State Senate seat in Delaware. Just before the formal portion of the program started, the General told me he proposed an Impeachment Resolution during a Monday meeting of the local Republican Party. An excerpted portion reads as follows:

May I suggest the basis of this said resolution should contain:

1. Several quotes from the President where he has outlined his views of the Constitution such as: “it is a document and listing of negative liberties” and “it is old and outdated and “if congress will not act, I will” and etc.

2. Several examples of unconstitutional activities of this President such as the blatant disregard of our Constitution in the Government take over of General Motors & Chrysler; the bail out of Wall Street, the take over of the entire private sector student loan program, not enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act, making recess appointments when there is no Senate Recess and of course the crown jewel of Obama policy, the unconstitutional Obamacare.

3. Conclude with the President’s latest overreach then feeble attempt to walk back his assault our religious liberty.

The resulting conclusion to said resolution should be inclusion in the RNC convention and platform for a call for action by the United States House of Representatives to draft articles of impeachment for the President of the United States.
Man, anybody thinks the national GOP gonna put this resolution to impeach Obama in its platform, I gotta bridge to sell you cheap.  Dag, even here in Sussex County, where the GOP has a little bite, you better be careful what resolutions you go making, witness the sheriff flap.

I was there when this resolution was presented.  I agree with it completely.  Obama's broken his pledge to uphold the constitution plenty of times, the most recent being his in-your-face "recess" appointments.  The fine fellow who made this proposal better watch his back.  The Sussex GOP liable to throw him outta there.

Local Author Tells His Story

I always like to promote local writers when possible, and Orlando Camp's book and the story behind it deserve a big nod.

His book is "The Milford 11" and it's Camp's story about how he and ten other students tried to desegrate Milford High School.

tate Rep. Harvey Kenton (R-Milford); State Rep. Dave Wilson (R-Cedar Creek Hundred); Orlando Camp, author of The Milford Eleven; and State Rep. Jack Peterman (R-Milford) at the Public Archives Building holding copies of Mr. Camp's book.

 "Fifty years ago, I could not have stood at this podium.  I would not have been allowed in this building," said Orlando J. Camp, who delivered the featured remarks at a recent event (2/2) at the Delaware Public Archives marking the start of African-American History Month.

 Mr. Camp, the author of new book "The Milford Eleven," was one of eleven 10th grade students that were involved in an abortive effort to desegregate Milford High School in 1954.

The attempted integration was in reaction to the unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision handed down earlier the same year (Brown v. the Board of Education) that found racially-segregated schools to be unconstitutional.

Good luck to Mr. Camp on his book and bravo to his heroism in the era when his action took great courage.

Don Ayotte Challenging Joan Deaver for Councilmatic Position in 3rd Sussex County District

I know this because, well Don's told everyone.  But....TADA!!!  The Wise I is Don's campaign Treasurer.  Already it's been a real riot with me having to sign and run and learn.

Folks, it's time for Joan Deaver, the lady who wanted to change the phrase "Easter Break" to "Spring Recess", to get outta there.  She's the only Democrat on the Sussex County Council and that's one too damn many.

Visit Don's web site, and read what the Cape Gazette had to say about him.

Consider coming to Don's announcement of his candidacy....information below.

Don Ayotte to announce his candidacy for Sussex County’s 3rd Councilmanic District at:

Th Manor House-ocated at Sussex East on Rt.9, 1.3 miles east of the Intersection at Five Points in Lewes on March 10th  at 1:00pm.

Buffet provided with 50/50 raffle

No admission fee and donations will b accepted.

Come and be a part of helping Don get elected, eat good food and do some friendly networking

So Here's What Happens When the Democrats Are in Charge

Indeed, from the Caesar Rodney Institute, just a couple of interesting bits of info.  Like taxpayer paid employees getting paid TRIPLE their normal salary in overtime.

But It Gets Better

 I'm going on a hunch here that Hertrich Car dealership gave a big contribution to the Delaware Democrat party.  And anybody who thinks Deldot is not the instrument of the Democrat devil, I got ANOTHER bridge to sell you, cheap.

From the News Journal:

When Car Dealer Frederick W. Hertrich III wanted to expand operations along Del. 1 just north of Milford in 2003, he encountered numerous government roadblocks.

The state planning office strongly opposed a commercial rezoning needed to develop the 23-acre plot.

DelDOT had formal policies against new commercial entrances directly onto that section of highway.

And a planned interchange at Thompsonville Road threatened to cut through the heart of the proposed new dealership.

After Hertrich's son had a chance meeting with Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, however, the car dealer's path began to clear.

"He said his dad was having problems because [DelDOT] didn't want him to build. He was having entrance problems," Minner said. "I told him, 'It's a shame this can't be worked out.' "

Records show that it soon was.

Working at Minner's behest, high-level DelDOT staffers set out in 2003 to "push along" the project on land just north of Milford.

Defying state planners, they supported a commercial rezoning of the property. They did not require the traffic-impact study normally required for a large commercial rezoning. They abandoned previously developed plans for an interchange at Thompsonville Road in favor of a more costly design suggested

At every step, DelDOT's deal with the Hertrich project was characterized by private negotiations, public policy overrides and poorly documented concessions and agreements.

Folks, we have got to get two partys back in power in Delaware.  Left to their own devices the Democrats make Hugo Chavez look like a piker.

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