American Idol 2012 Catch Up As Top Ten Begins Going Down

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Top Ten Inches Down to Top Five
It was Billy Joel night on American Idol 2012 episode aired 3/21/12.  There were ten contenders left and it's time to look them over with critical eye.  There were some interesting developments during the episode aired to begin culling down the Top Ten. 

Let us begin by mentioning Randy's bizarre pin.  It's made of those Lego things that light up.  It shows Randy wearing green eyeglasses and this kind of "jewelry" is all the rage as I am to understand.

Heh.  Maybe I'm lacking taste but I think they're ugly and look like something I'd wear only if my granddaughter made it for me.

Deandre begn the night with a rendition of "Only the good Die Young".  This is one of Joel's more popular songs and Deandre did okay.Deandre was one of the bottom three.  He's not an American Idol and I doubt he'll be around much more than a few weeks no matter that the Obama girls like him.

Erika sang "NY State of Mind" and I thought she was pretty good.  Erika underwent some sort of dramatic makeover as Tommy Hilfinger was on the show that has nothing to do with him and he was giving out makeovers.  Erika dyed her blonde hair black and as someone suggested on a live thread I was on that night, she looked like Mrs. Kardashian.

All of this effort, even her decent performance, was for naught, however, as Erika was voted off.  She'd been in the bottom three the first two episodes so it was only a matter of time.  Erika wasn't the next American Idol that's all there was to it.

I still say Joshua Ledet is one to watch out for although he has been in the bottom three.  But the guys's got talent and a great set of pipes and I'll throw this out there, it's about time for a black male to win this competition.  It's not how American Idol works, I know that, but humankind in general will look for variety if given a chance.  Joshua sang "She's Got a Way" and he performed okay.  This was definitely not his genre and frankly that song was way too white for Joshua.

Speaking of out of a genre, Skylar sang "Shameless", a Joel Song I've never heard before but somehow Skylar found some countryish rendition of it and it was different and interesting.

Phillip Phillips, whose parents came up with an easy way to remember his name, sang "Moving Out" and I thought he did a terrible job.  Pay me no mind, however, as the judges loved Phillips, as they seem to love him while I don't know why.

Elise sang a song titled "Vienna" which I never heard of.  She had a husky tone to her voice that some might like but I didn't.  Elise had been saved by the judges early on in this contest and she was in the bottom three last time.  I don't think she'll be around too long.

Cute Hollie, one of my favorite, sang "Honesty", one of the more famous Joel tunes.  The judges remarked that the rendition sometimes got pitchy and this was true.  But it was seldom and her astounding high notes and vibrato eclipsed those few times, at least as I saw it.  I see Hollie in the top five at the least, maybe in the top three.  She's young, sweet, and has a great voice.
Heejun sang "My Life" and goodness, he made Steven Tyler mad.  I didn't even think Tyler could get mad but he did not like Heejun's rather mocking performance.  I don't know what Heejun was doing but he ripped off his shirt and was wearing some sort of shirt that was supposed to be funny.

Heejun does not expect to be around much longer as he said himself.  And, indeed, he was in the bottom three and if he hangs around much longer it would only because of his comedic ability amusing America in a show that at times takes itself a bit too seriously.

Ah, Jessica...the one all of America expects to win this thing.  She sang "Everybody Has a Dream" and she did a great job of it.  If I had to predict a winner I'd pick Jessica but I really think she's too young and not especially exceptional.  Skylar, for example, has a great voice and way more personality.  It's not that Jessica's unlikeable, not at all.  There's just some air about her that seems to throw out a snobbery that I can't quite define.

Colton of the raccoon hair got a really lucky break on Billy Joel night.  Colton plays the keyboard and to great effect he played and sang "The Piano Man".  It was Colton's night to shine and he did.

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