Few Good Voices on The Voice 2012; Lots of Celebrity Squabbles

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The Voice 2012 Offers Mediocre Talent

It's no American Idol, folks, write that down.

That goes in terms of format and singing talent because as I've continually asserted, if the contenders could REALLY sing, they'd be on American Idol.

At any rate, I suffered through the battle rounds, an interesting concept but boring I thought. How this works, the coach selects two of his contenders out of twelve that he or she selected at the so-called "blind auditions". The two selected sing the same song, at the same time, a song as selected by the coach. The coach/mentor then chooses the contender he or she liked best by the "battle".

I thought this kind of boring but it was okay as a background show, one that could allow for such as posting on a Blog while listening with one ear.

At some point each coach ends up with 6 contenders out of the original 12 survivors of the blind auditions. Now comes the rounds where America votes. On each performance night, two of the coach's teams perform for America. The mentor selects the songs they sing. America votes.

The top three for each mentor are pronounced safe. The bottom three must perform again, choosing their own song this time I believe. The mentor chooses one to save and two are then sent home. The first two performance shows had the  mentors' contenders vying for America's votes.

As of this writing each mentor has four contenders in the running. Their pics are below.

BLAKE's Team:
Jermain, Rae Lynn and Erin came in the top 3. Blake saved Jordis.

Rae Lynn, as her name might imply, is the "Skylar" of The Voice. She's not near as good but she's ok.

Jordis came in the bottom three. She sang "Alone" by Heart, not an easy song but one of my faves. Her voice really is not strong enough to carry it but she did deserve the save that Blake sent her way.

Erin lost her father right before her performance. She gave a great performance, for her father she said.

Jermaine came in the top three. He sang "Living on a Prayer". I didn't think he was good at all.

Christina's Team:
The top three on Christina's team were Jesse, Lindsy, and Chris

Christina saved Ashley, who was in the bottom three.

Chris is an opera singer, so he claims. He sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water". He hit some really bad notes but still, he came in the top three.

I thought Lindsey to be completely average. She too came in Christina's top three.

Ashley is 17 years old, she sang a Lynn Morrisette song. She pales compared to American Idol's Jessica.

Jesse sang "What a Wonderful World", a crooner of a tune but he did a great job of it.

Adam's Team:
The top three voted in by America on Adam's team were Tony Lucca, Mathai and Pip. Adam saved Katrina.

Mathai definitely has the most unique voice, by which not necessarily the best voice. But if this show is to live up to what its name implies, Mathai should be in line to take the prize.

Pip is a young one, 19. He sang "When You Were Young". I liked his performance, he's cute. The judges didn't seem to like him but he did come in the top three.

Tony Lucca was so lackluster I have no notes on him at all.

Katrina is an okay singer but she wasn't out of place in that bottom three. She definitely deserved to be saved but I don't see her winning this thing.

Cee Lo's Team:
The top three voted in by America on Cee Lo's team consisted of Juliet, Jamar, and James. Cee Lo saved Chessa.

James had a very boyish voice, not big league at all. I don't think he'll be around long and, indeed, am surprised he made it through to the top 3.

Juliet sang and odd song for a female-"Roxanne". She has a low growly voice and she could hang in there quite a while, might make to the top three.

Jamar sang a song so forgettable that all of memory was the fact that he had people walking around on stilts as he sang. Blake complained about this and it was really silly.

Cheesa sang a song by Thelma Houston and she was okay.

So if it seems like I have no enthusiasm this would be because I don't.

For now I'd choose Christina's Jesse or Adam's Pip that seem most likely to win this thing, with Cee Lo's Julieta dark horse that could pull it out.

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