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Jessica Crowned Queen of All by American idol 2012 Judges

Goodness what's their obsession with Jessica Sanchez?

It was home town week featuring songs from 2010 or later. There were some great performances.

Randy: I love the arrangement. What you did tonight is you set the bar really high. Dude, that was superb. The control. The scatting. You did an a amazing job. You sleighed the biggest fish of the night.

J-Lo: That was really beautiful. You were really digging. You have an amazing opportunity to take America on a ride. You can show us something we've never seen!

Steven: When you sing I forget where I am. You slay it every time.

Above the gratuitous comments by the judges re Jessica's performance of some dreary song by Jazmine Sullivan, "Stuttering".


The following elimination night, their beloved Jessica landed in the very bottom.

And like the RINOS of the GOP Blue Blood elites, the judges saved Jessica and didn't even make her finish her song!

Randy lambasted us like the boobs in Delaware who voted for Christine O'Donnell over the traitor Mike Castle. He told us "we " need to vote for the very best.

All of America voted Jessica Sanchez out but these judges are waaaaay smarter than us.

It's not that I think Jessica is a bad contender and, indeed, I considered her a real challenge to win this thing.

Now, all bet are off the table. First off, Americans might get a bit of an attitude at how those judges flipped them the bird for N OT voting for Jessica. Remember, it's not that they voted her OFF, it's just that they voted for other singers that they liked better.

What's Randy saying here? That we have to vote for who HE says we should vote for?

The three bottom contenders consisted of Jessica, Elise and Joshua. Elise is no surprise at all. She's been in the bottom three three times now and is not likely to hang in much longer. She's okay but seriously , she's not going to win this thing, give it up.

As for Joshua, well that's a bit of a surprise. Though Joshua too has been in the bottom three, I think he's a very good singer but his performances are spotty.
Steven: You can sell a song like a work of art.

J-Lo: So dynamic. So much energy. You're the umph!

Randy: Unbelievable performance. You've got the vocals, you've got the performance. I he really gotsta have it!
Once again, with the prognosticator skills of Dick Morris, those judges evidently got it all wrong. America didn't fall in love with Joshua's rendition of "Runaway Baby" by Bruno Mars.

There are a couple of other standouts in this group of contenders and phooey on Randy, phooey on J-Lo, and a great big phooey on that perverted creep Steven Tyler.

Skyler gave a great performance of a Kelly Pickler song. Hollie is a cutie I quite adore. She sang "Perfect" by Pink and I was so impressed that I am going to download the song for my Ipod. And let's not forget Colton who played the piano and has been doing great of late.

So who the hell are those judges to demand we vote for who THEY like? The idea is that It's American Idol, America votes, our choices are respected.

I think the judges might have irreparably hurt Jessica with their snotty attitude and frankly, I hope so.

Because I'm an American and I don't like people telling me what I should and shouldn't like. And for now, I can't stand the young stuck-up Jessica.

I'm still rooting for Hollie though I know the odds are against her. I think Skylar is one great, energetic and very likeable performer. I never paid Colton much mind but he's been doing a great job and has earned my second look.

Jessica, tell those judges they did you no favor last week.

Let's see what America thinks this week coming up.

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