Trayvon Martin-Exploited in Death, Not Avenged In Any Way, More True Crime

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Trayvon Martin's Story, Is it the Media's? Is It George Zimmerman's's? Does the Truth Even Matter?
It doesn't much matter the opinion of one Blogger read by two, perhaps three people, a day. But I do write often about True Crime, read it quite a bit, consider myself a bit of a sleuth, however amateurish. So yes, I'll offer some speculation as to what happened the night of February 26, 2012, in a community called The Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida.

My commentary is, of course, speculation only, speculation based somewhat on the various leaks that I think are very believable and on media coverage, much of which was shamelessly outright bogus.

Trayvon was suspended from school, on record as due to the discovery in his backpack of an empty bag of marijuana with traces of the weed still within, along with a device to smoke the product. Leaked from secret school sources was the fact that also discovered in his backpack was a bunch of jewelry that Trayvon claimed belonged to his family.

It isn't against school rules to have jewelry in one's backpack so this was not part of the official record. Newspapers like the Miami Herald, that first reported this story, don't just put this information in their newspapers based on nothing at all. As reported in no less than the Washington Post a Miami-Dade police report was obtained that showed Trayvon was found to be have 12 pieces of women's jewelry, a watch, and a screwdriver, in his backpack. The police found no connection between the jewelry and recent burglaries so nothing came of it. The school could take no action because, again, carrying around jewelry is not against school rules.

Falling back on that old bugaboo of common sense, I don't think jewelry found in a school backpack along with a screwdriver reflects well on the student but Trayvon had this material on his person while in school.

Still and so, Trayvon might have been a bad actor who smoked week and screwdrivered his self into places where he didn't belong to abscond with jewelry that was not his. Doesn't mean he should have been murdered.

So he's staying with his father and his girlfriend, who lives in The Retreat so he had a right to be there.

On the night of 2/26/12 Trayvon ups and decides to take a walk to a 7-11 to pick up a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea. As he is walking back, assumedly to his Dad's girlfriend's house, he is spotted by George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman is a 28 year old man, the neighborhood watch coordinator of The Retreat at Twin Lakes. In fact, Zimmerman was the ONLY member of the neighborhood watch at The Retreat at Twin Lakes. There had been some break ins in the community. In fact police had been called into the community over 400 times since the beginning of 2012. George Zimmerman is said to have made 46 of those calls.

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My daughter shouted at me that this Zimmerman guy had called the police over 300 times. I assume some fine, fine media reporting attributed all of those calls to George Zimmerman. It is logical that Zimmerman would have made quite a few calls to the police as community watch groups are always warned to contact police the very first thing when they spot suspicious behavior. Somebody, or somebodies, in that community was calling the police way more than George Zimmerman so I suspect that Twin Lakes was experiencing some serious criminal attacks, using common sense and my arithmetic.

George Zimmerman spotted Trayvon walking home from the 7-11 and he immediately called the police on his cell. It was a rainy night. And know now that Zimmerman was NOT on any sort of neighborhood patrol. He was going to the drug store as the story's been reported. Zimmerman told the 911 dispatcher that Trayvon was disappearing between buildings as opposed to walking straight along the road, a kind of suspicious activity as one might conclude he wasn't just meandering about to see the scenery in the rain, in the dark, between the town home grouped units. Common sense.

Zimmerman gets out of his car. He tells the dispatcher he was going to follow Trayvon. The dispatcher told him he did not have to do that. The dispatcher did not tell Zimmerman NOT to follow Trayvon as has been widely and erroneously reported. Whatever the case, Zimmerman did tell the dispatcher that he lost track of the suspect and was returning to his Jeep.

At this point all hell breaks loose. Add NBC and ABC's doctored audio and video tapes and up becomes down and the sky is red.

Witness reports that a guy in red (Zimmerman) was on the bottom of a two man scuffle and was screaming for help. A gunshot is heard. Trayvon Martin is dead.

The police arrived. They took witness statements and brought Zimmerman back to the police precinct. Zimmerman had been treated by paramedics at the scene. The police report alleges that Zimmerman was covered with blood and grass stains. The video of Zimmerman at the police stations, as first blurred by ABC, seems to show a fine and undamaged Zimmerman. After the true video is revealed, the man has a HUGE gash on the back of his head. HUGE. The gash appears to be three inches long, about an inch wide, to my undisciplined eyeballs.

What Zimmerman told the police has not been officially released though again, there's been plenty of leaks. Zimmerman's father publicly alleges that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman from behind and was bashing his head on the concrete roadway. Zimmerman was struggling to get up the curbside to get on the grass where the pounding of his head would not be so damaging. Skulls banged into grass tend to fare better than skulls banged into concrete. Hence the grass stains on Zimmerman's jacket, reported in the police report.

Zimmerman's father also reported that during the scuffle Zimmerman's loaded concealed carry was discovered by Trayvon. Zimmerman's father said that at that point Trayvon made some comment to George that he was going to die tonight.

To avoid being a victim of a bullet from his own gun, George Zimmerman obviously wrested his loaded legal concealed carry from his waistband and shot his assailant.

The horrible behavior of NBC with their doctored audio tape is inexcusable. But save losing their broadcast license, I don't suppose they broke any law. ABC helped the lies along with their doctored and misleading video tape.

The truth does not matter to our major media any more, time for us all to accept that fact and doubt every damn thing they report, every damn thing.

And for sure the President of the United States, how pathetic, insinuates himself into the story by saying if he had a son he would look like Trayvon, dear Lord what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Not to mention the fine, fine purveyors of truth, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton getting all involved in this thing for more notoriety and relevancy for their stupid race-baiting selves.

You know what I think? I think Trayvon KNEW that Zimmerman had a loaded gun on him. I don't know how he knew. Trayvon didn't have the bother of attending school that week , maybe he got into discussions with some of the kids on the block. I suspect that Zimmerman had a reputation as a bit of a zealot. But he had a legal right to carry that weapon, he called 911 first time he saw Trayvon acting what he considered suspiciously. Zimmerman and his wife did own a home in that community. We have regular neighborhood watches in my own small community. People don't like the notion of strangers prying their way into their homes, stealing their stuff. People have a right to keep an eyeball out to report suspicious behavior. So far the socialists and communists have not made such a thing illegal, give them time.

I think Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman specifically to get his loaded gun. Trayvon knew Zimmerman was following him. There were reports of a conversation between the two, with Trayvon asking Zimmerman why he was following him.

I don't know if Trayvon intended to shoot Zimmerman. I don't know why he'd want to do that save anger. I do think Trayvon maybe was casing some of the places in Twin Retreat, maybe had his handy dandy screwdriver with him. Trayvon was no sweet baby boy that the media and their silly pictures of a 10 year old would have you believe. I think he believed Zimmerman would not be following him so brazenly if he didn't have some sort of protection on him. I think Trayvon wanted that gun.

There is no other logical reason why Trayvon attacked Zimmerman out of the blue like he did. And make no mistake, Trayvon did attack Zimmerman and did surprise Zimmerman. Witness reports and police notes indicate that's how it came down. George Zimmerman had gashes on his head that weren't there before he left for the drug store that night. George Zimmerman told the 911 dispatcher, they got it on tape, that he was returning to his car, that he'd lost sight of the suspect.

I don't think Trayvon intended to rob Zimmerman. I think Trayvon wanted to surprise attack him and Trayvon wanted his gun. Maybe Trayvon intended to sell the gun, maybe Trayvon wanted a gun for his own self, I don't know why Trayvon wanted Zimmerman's gun but it's why I think he attacked Zimmerman when he could have just let Zimmerman get back in his car and leave Trayvon to continue casing Twin Retreats.

Finally, the police came. They took Zimmerman to the police station. Zimmerman was grilled, details were investigated. I simply do not believe the police would have, boom, let a cold-blooded murderer go. The police believed Zimmerman's story. Witness reports and details backed up that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, that Zimmerman shot in self-defense. I simply do not believe the bevy of police involved in investigating this case all acted as one big stupid racially biased unit to allow a murderer of a young black teenager to go free.

The race baiters, with a little help from the President of the United States, are out and about and rabble rousing. Why? Are they so ashamed of this country that they want to continually portray it as a bigoted racist paradise? Jackson and Sharpton might stand to gain financially from such a portrayal but dear Lord, our own President?

The Trayvon Martin case is a very sad case. Trayvon Martin was not the angel the media portrays him to be. This story fizzles more each day. On some level perhaps the failure of this case to be the racist incident the race baiters want it to be will mark the end of the Jacksons and Sharptons and lying media.

More info on the Trayvon Martin story below.

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