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America Does Not Like Falsetto

It was a "back to the 80's" night on American Idol 2012. As an added, and pleasant surprise, the remaining eight performed duets. This musical feat became only possible in that the eight remaining contenders on the night of 4/4/12 were evenly divided between males and females.

Elise and Phillip performed "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". Jessica and Joshua sang "I Knew You Were Waiting for Me". Hollie and Deandre sang "I'm So Excited". Hollie sounded especially good in the duet. But the best duet of all was definitely Skylar and Colton who sang what I consider a normally silly song, "Islands in the Stream". This song was right up Skylar's alley and along with Colton she knocked it out of the park.

As for their solo performances, it was, as if often the case, a mixed bag. Deandre did his falsetto thing with Debarge's "I Like It". Which I did NOT like.

Elise sang Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Life Is", a song I do quite like. I thought she did an okay job though Steven Tyler was pretty adamant that it was a very bad rendition by his measure. Elise did not begin to meet her rendition excellence of "Whole Lotta Love" the prior week.

Phillip kept to his rock roots with "That's All" by Genesis, and did a good job at it, though this is not my genre.

Joshua, a contender whose performances tend to wobble from week to week, sang Simply Red''s "If You Don't Love Me By Now", a good choice, performed quite adequately for him.

Jessica, a judge favorite, loves to tackle the big songs and she went with Whitney Houston's "I Want to Know". Jessica's done better but she's got a big voice and she did a good job.

Hollie, my cutie favorite, sang "What a Feeling" and she was absolutely creamed by the judges. Well it was a bit pitchy but it's a big song and Hollie is so cute.

Colton performed a Cyndi Lauper tune, "Time After Time", an interesting choice and he did a good job.

Skylar sang out of her genre for the first time, "The Wind Beneath My Wings". She looked beautiful and I think she did a nice job but Skylar, as always, shines when she does country.

Here's something that can go to the bank as concerns American Idol: way out song genres are not likely to get the votes. American Idol tends to appeal most to middle America and rule number one, forget rap music, just forget it. Rap might be a genre that deserves its time and space but so long as folks in Iowa are calling in the votes a rap singer will most likely never take the title of American Idol. So too that falsetto thing of Deandre though Deandre is a nice enough fellow and enjoyed his talent. The falsetto thing is a niche genre and not likely to be the lilt in an American Idol's voice.

The bottom three last week Elise, Hollie and Deandre. Deandre got his walking papers.

Elise has been in the bottom three now for three weeks. Look for her to be sent packing soon. Hollie, my cutie fave, is not likely to be around much longer either.

For now I see Jessica as the favorite to win with a real challenge by Phillip. Joshua, if he can get a control on his voice, could be a long shot winner.

As promised, we have another Randy Jackson fashion update.  Randy's pin looks like something I'd crochet for a crafty yarn project for my kitchen table.

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