The Voice 2012 Bores On; Contenders Can't Sing and Not Looking Too Good Either

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So there's eight contenders left on The Voice which, I suspect, is only being watched by me and a few others. The remaining contenders are:

Chris Mann -Christina
Lindsey Pavao- Christina
Erin Willett- Blake
Jermaine Paul- Blake
Jamar Rogers -Cee Lo
Juliet Simms- Cee Lo
Katrina Parker- Adam
Tony Lucca -Adam

I was kind of leaning towards Pip to win this thing as he's young and cute and might have garnered a teeny bopper type of vote at the least.

Because frankly folks, the singers on this series are not that good and I whisper, they're not even all that good looking. Now I understand that the ersatz notion behind "The Voice" is that the contender is beloved based only on his or her voice and the blind auditions tend to lend credibility to this nice notion.

Katrina Parker's been hanging on by a thread. Twice she's had to sing against another to remain in contention. Twice she's won, pulled through by Adam. Adam's other contender, Tony Lucca, twice came in on top in the voting by America so he's liked by the viewers.

Christina's two final contenders are Chris Mann, who sang one of my favorite tunes: "When I Ruled the World", and who is an opera singer with a tendency to lose his grip on the note from time to time. But he's got talent and could carry this contest.

Lindsey Pavao was saved once by Christina and my notes indicate she's just average.

As for Blake's contenders, Erin was saved once by Blake. She's performed admirably well during this contest considering she's gone through the illness and death of her father. Jermaine's held his own and should not be ruled out.

Ceelo's Jamar Rogers is a crowd favorite and I'd give him even odds to win this thing. He's twice came in the top and for one of his duels he sang a great big "I Want To Know What Life Is". As for Juliet Simms , she's got a Janis Joplin type of growling voice, she's different, that's for sure. She was voted to the top for one week but I'd be real surprised if she wins this thing.

For now, I see two winners: CeeLo's Jamar Rogers and Christina's Chris Mann.

I shall watch the finish to this series and finally will have a grip on how it works.

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