Celebrity Apprentice 2012-Final Five Blow It Away

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I must say this Celebrity Apprentice 2012 has left me filled with surprise. This when prior years had me so accurately predicting the winners, ie John Rich and Joan Rivers, etc.

The finalists after the most recent episode as of this writing, 5/6/12, are Arsenio Hall, Clay Aikin and Aubrey O'Day. Arsenio was on the winning team 9 times but I show he was only Project Manager for one task-the Walgreen challenge. Aubrey was only on the winning team six times but she was Project Manager two times, creating the Macy's living ad for Trump's fragrance and the Good Sam challenge. Clay been on the winning team eight times but I only show him being Project Manager one time, on a lost challenge for the Trump fragrance challenge.

I know these things are not determined by these sort of statistics but I'll be darn if John Rich didn't mention these statistics when he interviewed Aikin. In either case the statistics are close enough that any of these contenders could win.

It will all be up to The Donald so let's talk about this.

Most of these competitive reality shows have a formula and it works fairly well. They begin with some sort of smallish task just to warm up the viewers to the contenders. A viewer tuning in for the first time thus gets to meet the contenders left at that time. A challenge that lasts a full hour has probably been proven to be a bit long for the average TV viewer but still the show has an hour to fill. Survivor has its "reward challenge", Top Chef has its "quickfire", Big Brother has a "Power of Veto" challenge.

The elimination challenge then concentrates on the task that will have one of the contenders leaving for falling at the bottom of the group.

Celebrity Apprentice does not have the beginning of the show mini-challenge and I think this is to its detriment. Such as angst, solo camera musings and raucous interaction are part and parcel of these sorts of shows but on CA its too much, it wears the viewer thin. I've been complaining all season about that horror called The Board Room.

It's not the boardroom isn't an interesting concept. Having all the contenders gather in their groups and hearing their gripes about each other is part of the show and its important. The Donald is, by the nature of the show, the star of this part of the show and he hams it up by querying the contenders over and over and come on, at times I want to reach through the TV set and slap him.

While I'm complaining about The Donald, he needs to stop telling the results of his show early on Monday morning as there are many of us out here in la la land have it on our DVR and have not watched it yet. I'm not one of that contingent who screams not to reveal some three weeks after the show but I'm talking the next morning folks. I've taken to just turning the channel off of Fox and Friends when The Donald is doing his guest commentary so Trump is, by causing me to take this action, effectively hurting himself in his job as Fox consultant. It's not like revealing the name of the contender eliminated just the prior night is part of his commentary for God's sake. I know he wants to promote his show but he could talk about it maybe, then be coy about who got sent home, urging listeners to check into his web site, that he wants to respect those who haven't watched it yet.

I'm jus' sayin'.

As of this writing it's all a guess to me who shall win this thing. I don't think Aubrey O'Day deserves the win, goodness, she's a bit of a dingbat as I see it. I'd earlier predicted that Lisa would win this but the "judges", the top two prior year winners, said she was too emotional. Which she was, goodness, if Lisa wasn't crying she was b itching about everything. She was very snarky but the consensus was that she was a very hard worker and contributed greatly to every task.

I don't know when bitchiness got someone kicked off the show however, as Joan Rivers turned bitchiness into an actual art during her appearance and she won the task. But Lisa got fired this past episode so we know she'll not win the title.

I'd go with Arsenio being the winner as he's been steady and calm most times, has been on many winning teams and has a nice way about him. I don't see Clay Aikin winning as, well , I dunno, Clay is hardly any dynamo. I predict the final two will be Aubrey and Arsenio, with Arsenio taking the prize.

I've been wrong before. Shit happens.  The finale of Celebrity Apprentice is schedule this Sunday, May 13, NBC, at 9pm.

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