Dancing With the Stars 2012-Four Left, Victor Anybody's Guess; Guest Writer Michelle's Difficult Choice

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So Dancing With the Stars 2012 is down to four celebrity dancers and they are pretty much equal in terms of talent and entertainment skills.

While I think Katherine Jenkins will win this, it does seem almost sinful that one person should have so much talent. Jenkins sings and is beautiful besides, where's the justice?

Donald Driver might have had a shot at the title in prior years but this year the talent was quite high.

Latin Hearthrob William Levy is certainly not to be counted out. And Maria Menounos did get the first perfect score this season though now Levy also has a 30.

If the final order were to be by the score to date, the order would be: fourth-Menounos, third-Driver, second-Levy and winner Jenkins.

However there's only a four point score difference between Levy and Jenkins and there is also only a four point score difference between Drive and Menounos. Like they say when I put on my political hat, the differences are within the statistical boundary of error.

DWS does have some magical formula that combines the judges' scores with the phone in votes of America. I'm not familiar with how this works. My gut is that the votes by America, especially with this intriguing final four, will be how the final order comes down.

America can be fickle. In this show, personality is almost as important as the dance talent. Donald Driver has a bit of sparkle about him that could endear him to more than Menounos, who is called, unkindly, on various forums about this show, a bit of a camera hog.

This past week, when two contenders were sent home, there was not only the normal one dance but something new to this series. They called it a "triple", the creation involving adding another dancer to the professional and celebrity duo. There was no restriction as to the sex of the third dancer. If the celebrity dancer were male, for example, his third dancer could be male or female. Same with female celebrity dancers, ie their third dancer could be male or female.

William Levy danced a Paso Doble with a second guy. This strategy could backfire if the other male dancer is sexier or flashier than Levy.

Below, a composite of the dances on the evening of 5/7/12.

Roshon and Melissa were eliminated this past elimination night. With Melissa Gilbert it was only a matter of time. Goodness this woman had so much physically going on that it's a wonder she could stand up. At one point I think she even had a broken foot!

America did love Little House on the Prarie and Melissa was kept around maybe longer than she deserved. But she was an enjoyable and very likeable addition to this reality series. Here's hoping Melissa goes on to renewed success because of her taking the chance and dancing for America.

Roshon too was a likeable young man. He was quite the good dancer as well but lookit, America's looking at either sexy Katherine or William. They are two perfect candidates to win this thing and sorry, it wasn't a year for a young Disney dancer. Still I liked him and wish him well.

Soon the DWS spring 2012 competition will be done but for now we can ruminate and speculate and enjoy the pretty dancing that so oddly entertains us across the fruited plains.

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Drivel: Guia

I have a Drivel in my head, almost ready to be written, but this one was more insistent. After much soul-searching and conversation, we have decided to find Guia (pronounced with a hard g as in gift, gee-ah) another home.

She'll be two years old in twelve days, and we've had her since she was about five months old, but she has never been comfortable around Harry and it seems to be getting worse. If he moves, she jumps away from him and barks. If he makes noise in another room, she barks. If he twitches a finger, she prepares to bark.

It's not a "hi, come pet me" bark, either, it's the one for strangers . . . "MOM! There's a strange man in the kitchen!"

When it's just me, she's fine, and she's okay at my mom's house. Harry has never been horrible to
her - he treats both dogs the same and Hunter adores Harry. He even had surgery so he could stay home for a couple of weeks, but that didn't help, either. (Well, he didn't actually have the surgery for that reason, but you'd think that his being immobile for several days would help her understand he belongs in the house.)

We've tried quite a few "remedies." Having Harry do the feeding and the letting out. Having Harry give the dogs treats all the time, even carrying treats around with him. Having Harry try to give her extra attention, and even changing the way he talks to her. No luck. She's not having anything to do with that strange man.

Well, sort of. If he's lying down, she's fine. Early in the morning, if he sits in the Green Room and watches a movie, she'll sometimes be in there with him. But if he moves, or gets up, the honeymoon is over.

For me, it's disrupting my sleep. Harry gets up early and does his stuff. He's quiet about it, but he does make some noise. Whenever he does, Guia barks at him and Hunter joins in. (I think sometimes Hunter starts it, just because.) So my mornings are often wake up, sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up.

For Harry, it's disappointing. He wants to be friends, but she'll hear none of that.

Letting her go was a surprisingly hard decision.

Today I visited the local pet adoption center. It's connected with the Humane Society but it operates a bit differently. We sign our animal up, they take pictures and put her on the Web site. They screen the folks who might want to adopt her. We keep her until they find a place, so there's no small metal cages or a parade of strangers poking fingers at her. And, most importantly, no chance of her being put to sleep because she doesn't find a home.

When someone is found who might work out - and we're saying she needs a single mom or lone woman's household - a meeting is arranged. I don't know anything about that part yet. So far, I've just had Guia's picture taken and filled out the paperwork.

During pictures, the woman kept saying Guia was "breathtakingly beautiful." She does look pretty darn good. The people who saw her (about four of them) all seemed to think she'd be pretty easy to place.

I was okay with the whole process until I signed her away to them. Where I signed my name, it said "Guardian's Signature."

I don't feel much like her guardian at the moment. But I can't make Harry live through twelve more years (or so) of being barked at every time he moves. You know, I've had him for over twenty-eight years . . . and Guia for just short of two . . . there really isn't any other choice I can make.

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