America's Got Talent 12-We've Got Talent Across the Fruited Plains; A Rundown

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America's Got Talent has rounded up an amazing array of talent and I don't refer to the ordinary singer type.

Per the show's web site, the list of those remaining to enter the semi-finals is below. I will add my commentary for what it's worth. I'm not at all sure why that total equals 17. I know that coming up is a so-called "wild-card" show which gives some acts sent home another chance. Also there is a Youtube competition so the final total of those entering the semi-finals is not at all clear to me.

But hey, I'm a Blogger, not a statistician.

All That-Male Cloggers-kind of interesting to watch but not a million dollar act.

All Wheel Sports-trampolines, bikes, more-combines all sorts of acrobats and gymnastics. I didn't much like as I don't like these sorts of acts. There are too many others with more intriguing talents for this act to win.

Garibaldi/CMYK-create paintings live on stage with music and dance-speaking of intriguing talent, this is an amazing act that has Garibaldi, as I assume is his name, creating spectacular pictures as the music plays and the dancers dance. His paintings, which he does, yes, do as the actions goes on about him, are socially relevant and beautiful. Can this guy win? I don't know. But he'll definitely not walk away from this without an entertainment gig somewhere.

Donovan and Rebecca-a duo of perfectly sculpted human beings work the silk ropes to the admiration of all watching. While the sculpture of the washboard abs is astonishing, this act is not likely to win, as I see it.

Edon-a young boy plays the piano fluidly. Probably not a winning act on AGT but this young man has a future carved out for him from this exposure.

Eric Dittelman-If this act wins I will be surprised. However, this act SHOULD win. It's just that, well, a MIND READER? And yet that's what this fellow does and it's utterly amazing. Every time he performs I ponder, can he really read minds? And if not, because who can, how does he do it? Definitely will get to the top five is my guess for now.

Jacob Williams-Comedian, very very good. Can he win? Most definitely. Will he? Well if he could make us laugh AND read minds, for sure. As of now I see him hanging around for a while but not likely to win.

Joe Castillo-this fellow does "sand stories" and he's good. His act involves music and song as he creates pictures from sand. He's good. Maybe not the winner but he will for sure have a job after all this is over.

Lightwire Theater the big phase in talent is dance choreography which involves using light in some fashion . Similar acts have wowed AGT in the past and with each year the technology gets more sophisticated.

Olate DOGS-Pet acts often amuse the viewers but comes the time to push them further the steam runs out. But THIS dog act is absolutely magnificent. I cannot imagine how they got those dogs to do the things they do as they dance, roll over, climb the equipment. This act has been voted through by the viewers and I think it worthy of the top five. However, I dunno, dogs don't live very long lives and I'm not convinced that giving such an act a million dollars with the limited life span of the act is a good idea.

Shanice and Maurice Hays-This is a father-daughter singing duo and therein lies its charm. Were this team not so closely related I doubt it would have even made AGT's quarter-finals. Not that the two don't sing well, they do. But the act is based more on their precious relationship (including the sweet songs they sing that make the lyrics more moving) than their musical talent.

The Scott Brothers-The web site describes this act as cartoon style optical illusionists. I regret I have not seen the performance but I have heard Howard Stern wax on and on about their talent.

The Untouchables-This is a -children's dance act. They have no hope of winning, not even of making the top five. Oh they're good, they work hard, but a children's dance act is just not going to pull this out. Maybe if they dance while wearing glow-in-the-dark lights?

Tim Hockenberry-Tim is a singer/pianist. He's got talent. Probably not enough to win but there's talent there. He'll go on to a better future, no more Karaoke for Tim.

Tom Cotter-Here is another comedian on this year's series and he too brings the laughs. I believe that one of these two comedians will be in the top three, not ready to place my bet.

Turf-Now here's a fellow who's either double-jointed or he's perfected impossible contortions despite the pain. He does a great job though I don't think he will win this contest, his unique talent and perserverance will no doubt serve him well in an future in entertainment. Turf does performance dancing, street-corner type stuff, though from here on I suspect Turf will be on a stage somewhere.

William Close-Turns anything into a musical instrument. Here's an act that illustrates, again, how talented Americans are and how they work hard and practice said talents to an exquisite perfection. I don't know how he does it but it's amazing to hear Close, literally, play the room.

So beyond the Youtube entrants, this is the lowdown on the remaining semi-final contenders and wild card candidates. America's Got Talent has been an astounding success and most of it is due to the improbable and unique talents Americans bring to the table. We've had a guy who could take horrific kicks in the gonads (what on earth would cause one to do this sort of thing for fame?), the necessary guy being shot out of a cannon, double-jointed street performers, mind-readers, magicians, comedians and sometimes, a musical duo, pianist or solo act.

AGT is closing down until after the Olympics. It will begin airing the semi-final round and now that much of America has come to know the acts, it will be an interesting end of talent refreshment for this very hot summer of 2012.

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