Next Food Network Star 2012-Paula Deen's Everywhere, and Now She's Bringing Her Husband and Kids...More.

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Spoiler alert for episode aired 7/8/12

I don't especially like Paula Deen.

Now the woman is not a bad person but everything about her grates on my nerves.

I suppose the accent of hers is real but it sounds so fake, like an actress would use to imitate a southern accent.

Further, I'm a bit tired of turning on the TV and seeing Paula Deen or her spawn on every show I watch. And I'm not talking just Food Network here folks! She shows up on The Chew more than she is needed.

Now, on the Next Food Network Star, Paula Deen, of course, shows up.

What on earth is your loathe of Paula Deen, Pat Fish?" you might ask.

Nothing major. Except I think she's had her fifteen minutes. I think she's very fake at this point.

A saccharine example would be an appearance Deen made on The Chew, damn I coulda wrote the script myself." id="Player_5204cd23-369e-4416-9bcc-e9f5fa6540d2"  WIDTH="600px" HEIGHT="200px">">" id="Player_5204cd23-369e-4416-9bcc-e9f5fa6540d2" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" name="Player_5204cd23-369e-4416-9bcc-e9f5fa6540d2" allowscriptaccess="always"  type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align="middle" height="200px" width="600px">

Seems Paula has Type 2 Diabetes.

Big whoop.

One out of every three people has Type 2 diabetes.

We take Metformin, we exercise more. Some of us let it go and eventually it kills us.

Stop right there is you think my complaint is about Deen's new cookbook thing that is lighter, with less butter. Or maybe it's one of her sons cause they're all in the act.

It was the big boo-hoo fest on The Chew, as Paula stood before both the TV and viewing audience, the pain of her recent diagnosis plain on her face. For now she cannot have a stick of butter on one cob of corn and life is so unfair.

Yeah I'm being especially snarky but this is not sincere folks. Somewhere Paula Deen's handlers got hold of a textbook with tips on how to turn an ordinary but deserved fame until….well until time to jump the shark, to use a show biz term.

The textbook suggests that to avoid fading from the public eye, perhaps a disease of some sort? Everybody has something wrong with them, find your health thing and make yourself the emblem of it. The money will pour in.

Ok, I'll shut up. Paula's a nice lady and not for a second do I deny her success.

Deen's appearance on The Next Food Network Star makes sense as it's her network, I must suppose.

The last two weeks of this series  have been very interesting.

Viewers are now into discerning the contenders, their flaws, their expertise. The challenges have been very interesting and, if nothing else, it's been a bit of a hoot keeping the three mentors evenly-keeled that the series goes on with a close to equal number of contenders to mentors.

I'm not saying there's cheating, or fixing. But I can't help but believe this is somehow factored in. The Next Food Network Star is as much about Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Giada DiLaurentis and, in turn, The Food Network itself. Not that there's anything wrong with this, but I'm jus' sayin'.

At the beginning of July the contenders were in attendance at some sort of beach party. They were divided into three teams. Each team was to come up with a product and sell it on a food truck.

It was this episode which had Paula Deen but also her new husband, dear Lord, now there's a fellow with NO on-camera personality I slap hand to God that Paula Deen's now so damn famous she makes boring famous! Maybe she'll mention my Blog but probably not, I'm thinking.

Malcolm was sent home. Michelle, one of the more interesting contenders I think, had lots of crab shells in her crab meat. I'm from Maryland. That factoid is of major significance to folks like me.

The next beachy type of show had the contenders all having to do an on-camera presentation. They would make a dish, narrating the details the whole time. The cute thing here is that some sort of mishap was programmed in the scene as the contenders did their presentation.

Martie and Yvon were the top two with Ippy and Martita in the bottom two. Martita was sent home and it was her time.

So far Justin looks like the leader here. He's never been in the bottom few thus far and consistently gets raves from the judges.

Martie's not going to win this thing but Yvon is gaining ground. Michelle just doesn't look like an exotic "New England Cuisine" type of chef. Michelle strikes as more ribs and burgers type. To be an expert at New England cooking, whatever that is but I bet it's got clams in it, she'll have to put on a dress once in a while.

Just a suggestion.

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