Bachelorette Emily Takes Final Three to Curacao, Shocking Elimination; Soon We Meet Emily's Family

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Spoiler alert for episode aired 7/9/12.

So the whole Bachelorette crew heads off to Curacao and the three remaining fellows-Sean,Jef, and Arie, along with Emily, go on a jaunt that would have Emily going down to the final two.

I was shocked at the outcome of last night's Rose Ceremony. I predicted Sean would win this thing and he didn't even make the final two.

But I still got opinions and I'm still willing to type them out.

First, I really think Emily could stop with the dramatics. Which is not to say that emotion is a bad thing and even in the case of this somewhat melodramatic, slightly over-done show, it's sometimes appropriate.

Dear Lord this woman cried over sending one of the guys home, she cried for almost the entire episode, folks it was a bit much, really.

I'm quite sure the concept of eliminating contenders is not new to Emily. She herself was once a young woman looking to hook up with an eligible Bachelor. She'd been to many rose ceremonies where emotionally involved females got thrown over the side. She knew that one of the more emotionally difficult jobs of the Bachelor(ette) was to be in a position of hurting someone's feelings.

Of course it's admirable that Emily doesn't take hurting someone lightly but there's a limit producers. Last night's episode had Emily crying in some form or fashion for almost twenty minutes of the show. I wanted to throw something at my TV, tell her to grow up.

Sean-Sent Packing by Emily, to many tears

As for the two remaining contenders, I am at a loss.

I don't particularly like Arie. When Emily queried him about his day, what time does he get up, that sort of thing, Arie said he awakes around 9 am and spends many evenings with his friends.

Arie is a race car driver and doesn't work 9-5 hours, I understand that. And Emily was married to a race car driver so she must know the drill.

But Arie does not appeal to me, there's just something I don't like much about him.

Emily adores kissing him and yeah, kissing is nice. But to try and base a life-long relationship on it?

As for Jef, now he's an interesting guy. First, he says the stupidest stuff, but he means well.

Below a video of Jef reading some kind of letter to Emily. I don't think of word of all the praises he rains down on Emily is true.

  I like Jef, do not be confused. He comes from a very religious family, Mormons. His parents evidently have real issues with this televised dating thing as they were not on hand to meet Emily and Jef even mentioned how skeptical his parents were over this whole thing.

.  A very interesting thing about this date was that Fantasy Suite. I've always thought the fantasy suite thing was in bad taste. It's never quite said out loud, but it is imputed that the occupants of said fantasy suite spend the night together doing everything spending the night together entails. It's not that I'm a prude to condemn pre-marital sex. I do think a woman, or a man, who can spend three different nights with three separate sex partners, as being a bit slutty. I rise to caution here that I'm not entirely convinced that there's always sex going on in those fantasy suites." height="250" id="Player_cfe67ead-457d-4c93-92bc-8dbcfcb7a481" width="300">">" id="Player_cfe67ead-457d-4c93-92bc-8dbcfcb7a481" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" name="Player_cfe67ead-457d-4c93-92bc-8dbcfcb7a481" allowscriptaccess="always"  type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align="middle" height="250px" width="300px">

The producers kind of want viewers to THINK there's sex going on, and often there probably is, but I am not so sure it's as often as the producers would have us believe. Were I , say, a final three on a handsome Bachelor's list, I'd never spend a night with him if I thought for a second that just the prior night he'd enjoyed a night in the same suite with, say, Betty Lou.

 Emily made a big deal about NOT spending the night with any of the final three in that fantasy suite. She didn't want to set a bad example for her daughter and hey, I can see Emily's daughter someday watching that show and the thought of her watching her mother spend three nights with three different men does kind of seem really wrong.

 Jef, to his credit, was the one who eschewed the fantasy suite, mentioning that he understood that Ricki would someday watch the show and it would not do to have her see her mother and some guy head off to spend the night together. In fact, Emily even put on a fake rant, complaining that SHE wanted to be the one turning Jef down. I had to smile. This is how woman think and I won't hold it against Emily.

 At any rate, there appears to be a surprise ending shaping up. Vignettes of future episodes have Emily saying to Chris Harrison something to the effect that there's nothing else she can do. Harrison responds that she is deceiving the remaining two in some fashion. These vignettes of future episodes are met to lure the viewer in to watch the episode previewed. Which I shall do, of course.

For now, and as rumors across the Internet have it, the speculation is that Emily will not necessarily refuse either guy, per Brad Womack, but she will tell the two she's not ready to pick one just yet but she would like to continue dating them AFTER the show is over. That whole scenario seems so improbable to me but I offer the rumors as is my wont.

Check back on this Blog for more opinions and snark.

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