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Goodness so many competitive reality shows came to a conclusion all at once I could hardly keep up. Rather than leave everything up in the air with no conclusions, I decided to post a conclusion post for mid-summer 2012 competitive reality shows as diverse as HGTV's "Design Star", NBC's "Love in the Wild", ABC's "The Bachelorette", Food Network's "Next Food Network Star", and ABC's newest musical competitive reality show-"Duets".


Duets was an intriguing new offering in the musical competitive reality show genre. Four musical stars found four amateur protégés and over the course of the contest, the four protégés performed duets with the various performers.

At some point the American public had a chance to vote and their pick, when the smoke cleared, was a very find young man named J Rome, a really dumb name as I see it.

Which is not to say that J Rome was void of talent. I chose him as the winner right from the start and he won handily.

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Bachelorette Emily

ABC's Bachelorette series had former Bachelor Brad Womack's choice, Emily, as the Bachelorette.

There were many handsome men after Emily's hand. Eventually Emily settled on Jef, with only one F, incredible hair, and a Mormon from a very devout family.

I watched the "After the Final Rose" show as Emily and Jef appeared on TV for the first time as a recognized couple.

I seriously have my doubts.

First, I don't think Emily is looking to settle down with much of anybody. But even if so, a youngish, naïve, religious fellow seems like the last guy she'd choose.

Emily is quite beautiful, let's make no mistake. She's also used to a good life. It's not clear what sort of working career Jef had.

When they greeted each other at the Final Rose show, they didn't look any more comfortable with each other as they should have what with the show then long over. They both claimed to be planning for Jef to move into SEPARATE living arrangements in Emily's current state.

Everything about that coupling is just weird.

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Love in the Wild
NBC's Love in the Wild is a fairly new competitive romance reality show. It combines Survivor with Big Brother and a touch of Bachelor Pad.

Ken and Yanina were the two young lovers who fought spiders and snakes, jumped off of bridges and leaped into gorges, all part of the various challenges that finally ended with these two paired with each other and, despite all odds, still LIKING each other.

They seem like a compatible pair. We'll be keeping ear close to ground to see where this romance goes.

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Next Food Network Star
Food Network's "Next Food Network Star" was a great series.

Justin, he of the magnificent hair, was named the next Food Network Star.

He was my choice, both for his cooking skills, his personality, and his on-screen presence.

We will be posting a review of Justin's Food Network show, just as soon as we watch it.

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Design Star
HGTV's "Design Star" is one of my favorite competitive reality shows. The 2012 series of this show was no disappointment.

Contender Danielle won the coveted title and it would so happen that I watched Danielle's new show, titled "Shopping the Room".

It's a home decorating show. I'm not at all sure I get the concept of "shopping" a room, or how it's anything new on the home decorating scene.

Mostly Danielle, like every interior designer before her, meets with the individual or couple whose home she is re-designing. She then goes on a shopping trip and finds items to base the room/home's decoration on.

It doesn't really work that way. Danielle has to work with carpenters and other contractors to tear out walls, add furniture/appliances….like most home interior designs go.

Danielle then decorates the reconfigured interior, supposedly all based around an item that she found while out shopping.

It's as good a method as any, but it's nothing new or even all that original.

Danielle has a pleasant and calm personality and carries off her tasks well. We'll be keeping an eye on her to see how well her show moves along on HGTV.

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