America's Got Talent 2012 Top Six Prepare for Showdown

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I have no idea how America's Got Talent finally got down to the top 6 acts.

Let me say right now that 2012 was a great run for this competitive reality show.  There were many good and unique acts.  Many of them will no doubt go on to bigger and better things.

The final six are a mixed log, let's take a look, maybe some predictions.  According to the guide this show will announce its winner later this week.

Above is an act that is intriguing, entertaining and very different.  Garibaldi and his team of CMYK's (which I think is a reference to color as these are the first letters of colored ink that goes into a computer printer) dance and frolic and at the end, an interesting, even amazing, picture is produced. 

I would not pay to go see this act thought if they were playing on the Rohoboth Boardwalk I'd probably sop and watch.

In yet another artful act, we have Joe Castillo who makes amazing art from sand.
Is he going to win the million dollar prize?  I don't think so.  But he's talented and his future is bright.  Again, I'd not pay to see Joe's act.  But I'd stop and watch if he was doing his schtick anywhere in my current surround.

Man there were so many group dance acts on AGT this year that the mind reeled.  There were cloggers and rap dancers and solo acts.  Finally there's one dance act in the top six.
Again, I don't see this troupe as the million dollar winner and frankly I doubt I'd even stop and watch them perform for free.
Which is not to say they are not a group of dedicated kids to their craft.  And if my granddaughter were part of this group I'd for sure be touting their talent.
For now, I predict this act will be at the bottom of the finalists at number 6.
Praises to them nonetheless.


Tom Cotter is a comedian and right there he becomes one of my favorites.  His wit is sharp, quick, and did I say funny?

Tom goes to great lengths to avoid any political affiliation or even any humorous commentary on political things.

I say get an up and coming comic and next year do all kinds of political comic acts making fun of the DEMOCRATS!

This would be a sure winner.

I find it difficult to describe the talent of William Close. As best as I can describe William is a musician with a specialty of, ah, "odd" instruments.
His biggest skill is taking a building itself and making it into a musical instruments.
He "strings"something like piano or harp wires from ceiling to stage.  He then plays a song on this unusual "instrument" and it's pretty.
Close will someday be a hit at birthday parties and wedding receptions across the fruited plains.  For now I don't see him winning this contest.

The Olate Dogs are, duh, an animal act.  By me I predict either this act or the comedian will win.  I'm going with this terrific dog act as the winning million dollar act as it's a cute and precious show.
Summing up...order of finish as I predict:  Olate Dogs, Tom Cotter, Garibaldi and the CYMK's, Joe Castillo, William Close and at the bottom, The Untouchables.

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