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I take back every bad thing I said about Melissa Rycroft, I need to re-emphasize-or just emphasize if not done before-that Gilles is one sexy cool dancer, I need to say again that I love Emmitt Smith still and I think I understand his allure.

It's the All Star version of Dancing With the Stars and it's been great to watch.

It was the evening the dance teams were to perform dances as assigned to them by co-contenders. And goodness there were a whole bunch of new dances, including the Charleston and something called the Bollywood.

Below a video of Marini doing this dance.

Marini is a good dancer, no doubt about it. I hadn't hones in on him so much to win this contest because, well goodness it's the Dancing With the Stars ALL STARS so they compete with the best.
With the exception of Kirstie Alley and Pamela Anderson, let's not forget this.

Speaking of Kirstie….you go girl. Kirstie did a great Charleston, a new dance to this competition. I'd gotten a bit snarky about Melissa Rycroft, whose only claim to fame is being rejected on live TV. And that was all a scam at that. But hey, the girl can dance! Melissa amuses the viewers with those pre-dance vignettes they like to do with the contenders in that she joshes about who she evidently feels to be her biggest foe, Sean Johnson. Sean beat Melissa on the leaderboard by 2.5 points but Melissa looked good.

My favorite, from the beginning of this thing and even up till now, has been Emmitt Smith. Some might call this weird in that Emmitt is certainly not the youngest of the contenders. He's not the prettiest, he's not the lightest, hell he's not even necessarily the best dancer. But I watched Emmitt glide across the floor so fluidly and I pondered just what is his allure. I've figured it out.

Understand that young Apollo Ono is young, slim, handsome and a very good dancer. Gilles is another fellow that's a complete dance package. I still like to watch Emmitt the best of all because….well because he moves so well. I watch Emmitt and I think of my Dad. I think of my uncles or other elder males in my surround, only if they could dance, they would be Emmitt. Cause no, my father could not dance as well as Emmitt nor could any of my uncles. But if any of them had a bit of dance talent they would be like Emmitt, leading his lady, moving with a fluidity made prettier by the muscle and bulk the man packs. He dances with a romanticism and beauty but no one would ever mistake Emmitt (or my Dad!) as a fancy pants type of boy, if you get my drift.

Gilles mesmerizes by the power of his handsomeness while Apollo intrigues with his outstanding athleticism translated into the dance. Emmitt is just a guy like my Dad who learned to dance real well. He's comfortable to watch, heck I'd even dance with Emmitt. You can believe that I'd pass up Gilles and Apollo for the dance but Emmitt? He's like family.

Bristol Palin's been eliminated, as well it was time.

This week the dancers danced over a span of two nights with NO elimination this week.

The dancers also participated in two group dances, pretty affairs, fun to watch.

The dancers got to choose the songs that they shamefully indulge in. So we had Titanic, Disney Songs, all sorts of music and many sorts of dance steps.

This is becoming a most enjoyable sort of Dancing With the Stars.

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