Survivor Philippines Plows On. $320 For a Plate of Pancakes?

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So let me get this straight. The contenders on Survivor (Anywhere) cannot eat except what they catch in the sea or off of a coconut tree? Because now I've watched three season's of this show and this factoid is not made entirely clear.

Sure I understand the meaning of "survive" but I also know we live in a litigious society and should just one of those contenders drop from hunger they'd be millionaires. Yeah they sign contracts but contracts signed by those who sign away their very lives are usually regarded with skepticism.

Which is why the auction off of foodstuffs for outrageous prices kind of surprises me. Denise bid $320 for a plate of pancakes first thing and my heart went out to those poor people. I'm trying to imagine living a life, day in, day out, with no food save that I caught or picked.


I mean Carter gave up a meal for his own self during the auction episode to bring back beans and rice for the tribe! Next chance they get they boot him off the island!

When the whole time they got this Abi silly girl who they all complain about and evidently cannot stand. But Carter was the biggest threat to win the game, yes I understand that. I also understand, as the ever emotional Lisa (she's going to have a genuine mental breakdown she stays on much longer) reminds us, this show is all about lying, who lies the best, who lies at the exact right time.

Well all of these sorts of competitive reality shows have this sort of template, no? I always smile when one contender sidles up to another and offers to form an "alliance". Every chance the contenders get to speak to the audience through camera solo vignettes the alliance members will tell us how they fooled the other members….it's part of the charm I suppose.

I've no issue, in terms of winning the game and everything, with the tribe booting Carter. I do get that it will be easier to throw Abi overboard the closer this Survivor series goes to jury.

But dag, Carter gave up some fine food to bring home food for the tribe. Booting him seems downright mean.

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