The Best Dancer Won Dancing With the Stars All Stars 2012-A Look Back At This Series

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Let us begin by the big admission that we did quite enjoy the concept of Dancing With the Stars-  -All Star Edition. We must wonder when they will have another one. This is the DWS 14th season after all and Kelly Monoco won the first season. Will we have to wait another fourteen years for another Dancing With the Stars All Stars?

I kind of rooted for Emmitt Smith right from the start. It wasn't that Emmitt was the best dancer of the men, goodness Gilles Marini took that honor. But I felt that Emmitt was the most "human" of the contenders. He isn't fat by any means but he's not skinny either. He's a heterosexual, which is not to cast aspersions upon non-heterosexuals but the average guy just doesn't have the inborn skill to be a great dancer. Emmitt comes to about as close to a perfect dancer as a heterosexual male can get.

Yes I know that Gilles is a heterosexual, of course. But I'd never meet a Gilles Marini type at any wedding I'd attend any time soon. There might be an Emmitt Smith around, however.

I'd made a snarky allusion to the final winner, Melissa Rycroft, at the beginning of my track of this series. I didn't view her as "famous" enough to win this thing, what with Shawn Jackson and Kelly Monoco nipping at her heels.

Rycroft's claim to fame is being rejected by her Bachelor love on live TV and I think that's a bit damning, hardly any claim to fame. Rycroft did appear on another season of DWS. She performed okay but at some point hurt herself and had to drop out after being judges by a practice video and receiving low scores.

She was, however and obviously, a very good dancer, I could see that after a few episodes and I retracted my snark. I had serious doubts that she'd go on to win but she deserved it, yes she did. Every one of her dances pushed the limits and left me amazed.

It was a most enjoyable season and soon we'll be watching another season of Dancing With the Stars.

Keep and eye out for future DWS All Stars.

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